All Access: Trayvon Bromell's Olympic Training Log

Trayvon Bromell is one of the top young sprinters in the world and has his eyes set on a gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Bromell's Coach Mike Ford gave us an exclusive look at the training log for his star athlete during his time in Brazil on the eve of the first round of the 100m dash. The former Gibbs High School standout will also compete as a member of the 4x100m relay, and could possibly anchor the foursome!

Training Log (August 5th - August 14th)

August 5: Relay Practice / Opening Ceremony

August 6: Relay Practice

August 7: Rest Day

August 8: Pool Workout and weight session

August 9: Full warm up, hurdle mobility and running drills and 5x75m build ups every 25m. Working different phases of the 100m

August 10: Full warm up, hurdle mobility and running drills, block starts on the competition track, 2x10m, 2x30m and 1x40m

August 11: Treatment only 

August 12: Pre meet shake out, light stretch, running drills and 5x60m strides in the grass 

August 13: First round of the 100m

August 14: Semi and final of the 100m

"The main goal this week was to keep his legs fresh for this week. Big things we focused on were body position during the 100m phases, running technique and mechanics. In the pool we did running drills and 4x15sec running in place and 2x25sec. During the blocks session, we focused on reacting to the gun, having good block clearance, and pushing the first 7 steps out of the blocks. He is feeling good and mentally ready going into tomorrow." - Coach Michael Ford