Claire Moritz Follows In Father's Footsteps At Georgia Tech

Claire Moritz is headed to Georgia Tech this Fall to compete at the same program that her Dad, John Moritz, ran for 25 years ago. Claire will be coached by Alan Drosky, who coached John Moritz to an ACC steeplechase title. I talked to Claire to find out how she feels about going into a program where a great example of their success is in her own home.

Tell me a little bit about yourself and why you chose Georgia Tech.

I'm one of four girls and have grown up in a big Catholic family. I chose Georgia Tech because it's a great school and I love the location and campus. When I visited, the girls really made me feel welcome and I could see myself fitting in there.

Your Dad had a successful career at Georgia Tech which included the ACC steeplechase title in the early 90's, do you feel like following in his footsteps puts some pressure on you going into this program?

A little bit, but I think I'll be focusing too much with my own running to compare myself to my Dad. 

It looks like you'll have the same coach as well, does this put you at ease, make you nervous, excited?

It definitely puts me more at ease and helps me to trust the program. Coach Drosky has been doing this for a long time so it's reassuring that he knows what he's doing. 

Have you received any advice from your dad about Georgia Tech whether it's about academics, athletics, or the campus?

Of course, as any parent would say, he has told me to make sure I go to class. Athletics wise, he said how difficult running in college is and that I have to really want it to be successful.

Now you recently finished your high school track career at the FHSAA State Finals, can you give me a recap of how your races went?

On Friday night I ran the 3200m and placed 6th. My time wasn't great but it was a hot day so I'm happy with how I did overall. Then Saturday was the 1600m and I ran 5:09 which was a personal record for me. I was very excited about that because a personal record in the mile is something I've been working towards all season. 

Tell me some goals or expectations you've set for yourself heading into college this Fall.

Although I've had many years of running so far, it's hard to expect what running in college will be like. An expectation I have always set for myself in everything I do is to do my best and give it my all. I hope to apply that to my academics and my running next year at Georgia Tech. 

Claire says she's very excited to be a part of the Georgia Tech family for the next four years. She will be majoring in biochemistry with plans to be on a pre-med track. 

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