Videographers Wanted: Join the FLRunners Team!

At FLRunners we are looking to add more race video into our coverage. We're looking for folks that have access to an HD video camera (even your basic hand-held HD camcorder will do), and are willing to get out to meets in their area to capture the races.  Of course, the job also requires some simple editing, plus the ability to upload the videos to our website within a strict time frame.  

Interested? Email Adair Lyden at

Skills Required:

◦ Experience with a video camera, ability to do freehand and tripod video of races

◦ Internet access to post videos, and a computer for processing them

◦ Knowledge of cross country and track & field

◦ Access to simple video editing software (we can help with this)

For videographers with other skills (such as writing articles and conducting athlete interviews) there may be more opportunities within the FloSports family of networks!

We Want Videographers in These Areas:

◦ South Florida: West Palm to Miami

◦ Southwest Florida: Tampa to Fort Myers

◦ Panhandle