Scouting Report: Windermere HS Boys XC

The Windermere HS boys cross country team is the fourth ranked boys team in the state this preseason. Coach Brian Boylan give us the scouting report on this year's team. 

What takeaways did you learn last season that you are looking to apply to the 2018 season?

States was a real wake-up call for our team. Qualifying in our first year, with no senior class, was a great accomplishment but our 17th place finish left a bad taste in our mouth.

What is the best way to describe your coaching philosophy when working with these high school athletes?

Set Goals as a whole, cross country runners are a disciplined crew. It is important to set attainable goals and periodically revisit and adjust goals as they are met. Staying healthy, you can't improve if you are not healthy, being conservative with younger athletes is important. However, many times injuries occur not because of too much running, but because they did not prepare properly in the summer or winter. It's important to incorporate a proper training progression.

Be flexible. It is essential to have a plan, but never avoid making adjustments in a workout that was written days, weeks, or months in advance. Keep it Fun.

What has summer training been like?

We began our summer conditioning program in late June. The early part of the summer was spent building up our base mileage. As the school year and early season approached, we slowly began to incorporate more interval and tempo training.

Any impactful freshman or transfers to join the team this season?

Carter Rowe. He is a junior transfer with a PR of 17:22

Which athlete(s) on your team do you think will be the biggest surprise and why?

I am expecting to see a great season from sophomore Mason Taylor. Coming off of a good track season, he put in a lot of miles this summer. His hard work has him entering this season in his best shape ever and is poised to drop some really fast times. His season goal is 16:20.

What will be the biggest challenge your team will face this year?

Our region has some of the best teams in the state. Other than staying healthy, performing well at this meet is key our success in the 2018 season.

From your perspective, what would define success for your team this season? What do you think it will take for your team to achieve that?

A successful season would include a district championship, a regional championship, and a top five finish at the state meet.

What are some of the meets the team is looking forward to this year?

Jim Ryun Invitational, FSU Pre-State Invitational, and Florida Horse Park Invitational.