FACA XC State Rankings #2

Now that cross country season is officially underway and we've had a couple of weeks of racing, let's see how the top teams and individuals from around the state looking with the new FACA XC State Rankings!


1A Girls Rankings

By Sue O'Malley Father Lopez Catholic School                  

Team Rankings:  First Two Weeks of Racing Season

Commentary: It has been an exciting start to the 2018 season! Coming out strong in their quest to the state meet and embracing the challenges and conquer their dreams. Five new teams are in the mix as we enter weeks 3 and 4 of the season. Best wishes to all the teams to continue chasing down their dreams!

Rank. (Previous Rank) School = Comments

1. (1) Circle Christian = Defending Champions! Have the #2, #5, #9 and #11 ranked runners. They opened their season at the Hurricane Invitational with a team title. The team took Labor Day weekend off to train. They are scheduled to compete at the Ocala Horse Park Invitational this upcoming weekend.

2. (4) Oak Hall = With the addition of Lauren Jones transferring from Chiefland High School the Eagles will make a run at the podium on November 10th. The Eagles opened up their season at the Hurricane Invitational on August 25th finishing 2nd behind Circle Christian. Their team average is 21:28. The Eagles are scheduled to compete on Saturday at the Horse Park Invitational.

3. (11) Canterbury School in Fort Myers = Takes a big jump! Jessica Edwards had a big run of 19:35 and teammate Ellie Eisle ran 20:53 at the DDD Sommer Invitational. The Cougars opened up the season with a win at the Leigh Lightning Invitational on August 25th and finished 5th as a team at the DDD Sommer Invitational this past weekend. The team average is 21:38. Not sure where the Cougars will prowl the next two weeks.

4. (6) Father Lopez Catholic High School = The Green Wave finished 3rd at the prestigious Jim Ryun Invitational on August 25th with a strong 1-2 punch of Freshman Mary Peck and Claire McDonnell. The team competed this past weekend at the Winter Springs Invitational finishing 4th as a team and was led by Claire McDonnell's gusty run of 19:49 and Mary Peck who came close to breaking 20:00 for the first time. The Green Wave Team average is 21:43.5. The Green Wave will head to Ocala Horse Park and Embry Riddle the next two weekends.

5. (3) Maclay School = Maclay lost their #1 and #4 runners this season but that is not stopping this team from pursuing a podium spot. Coach Droze is a master coach for sure. He probably graduated at Hogwarts with all the magic he can perform with his teams. The team average is 22:38. The Roudy Rauders will compete at the St. Paul II Panther Invitational and the Prefontaine Forest Run the next two weekends.

6. (5)  Holy Trinity Academy = Holy Trinity's top 2 runners have yet to open up thrift season but when they toe the starting line this weekend at watch out! Carly McNatt will start her journey towards a state title! The Tigers placed 5th this past weekend at the Viera XC Meet. The Tigers team average is 22:45.9. The Tigers will compete at Seffner Christian and Embry Riddle Invitational the next two weekends.

7. (7) Out of Door Academy = This team added some Thunder at the Canes Cross Country Classic this Labor day weekend. The Thunder finished 2nd with a team average is 22:51. The Thunder will compete at Seffner Chrisitan and the B3R Sports Invitational the next two weeks!

8. (9) Bishop Snyder = Can't count this team out with Gianna Forte leading the way! These Cardinals will be pecking their way all season long! Their team average is 22:28.8.The Cardinals will compete at Ocala Horse Park and Bainbridge Bearcat Invitational the next two weekends.

9. (NR) Cardinal Mooney High School = The Cougars starting their season strong! They have a team average of 23:09. They opened their season at The Lemon Bay Invitational on August 25th and competed this past weekend at the Canes Cross Classic this past weekend. Not sure where the Cougars will compete the next two weeks.

 10. (NR) Jupiter Christian = Mia Taylor and Kemper Reback are the 1-2 punch for this team. Both runners are ranked in the top 15 in the state. The team has an average of 22:49. The team competed at the Fleet Feet Invitational on August 25th placing 7th and finished 6th this past weekend at the Park Vista Cobra County CC Invitational. Not sure where the team will compete next.

 11. (NR) Southwest Florida Christian Academy = New team in the mix this season. This team has a team average of 23:15.8. The Kings placed 10th in both of their Invitational the past two weekends. They competed at the Lemon Bay Invitational and DDD Sommer Invitational. Not sure will the crown will go next.

12.  (NR) Community Christian School (Tallahassee) = The Chargers finished 3rd at the Lemon Bay Invitational on August 25th and 9th at the Big Bend Invitational this past weekend. The team average is 23:34 The Chargers will compete at St. John Paul II Panther Invitational and the Bainbridge Bearcat Invitational the next two weekends

13. (NR) Tampa HEAT = Tampa placed 4th at the George Whitmer's Classic this weekend with their 4th place finish. This team will be led by senior Emma McLaughlin. The team average is 23:39. The HEAT will compete on September 15th at the Wiregrass Ranch Invitational.

14. (14) The King's Academy = Mia Rodriguez 19:14 at Park Vista Cobra County XC Invitational to lead the rankings will help this team move up in the rankings as the season moves forward. The team average is 23:12. The Lions finished 8th at the Fleet Feet Invitational on August 25th. Not sure who will be the Lions next prey.

15. (10) St. Joseph Academy = This young team will continue to grow under new head coach Danny Weed and get faster as the season continues on. The team average is 23:45.. Coach Danny has only been with the team for two months and has progressed really nice with his young squad. The team competed at the Spikes and Spurs and the Deland Invitational the past two weekends. The flashes will compete at Astronaut and Embry Riddle the next two weeks.

Other teams to watch out for: PK Yonge, Community School of Naples, Shorecrest Prep and The Geneva School

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Here are the individual rankings after two meets!  Circle Christian has 4 runners in the top 15. Father Lopez has surprised the rankings with 3 runners in the top 15!  Who is their coach? Canterbury School in Fort Myers along with Jupiter Christian have two runners in the top 15. The next two weeks should be some terrific races with some of these top individuals going head to head in the meets on tap.

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Grade -- School = Comments

 1. (6) Mia Rodriguez, 9-The King's Academy = Moves into the number one spot with a very impressive time of 19:14 at the Park Vista Cobra County XC Invitational. Mia finished 4th at this meet. Mia started off her season at the Fleet Feet Invitational finishing 8th with a time of 21:11.

2. (1) Sinkenesh Parker, 10 -- Circle Christian = Pre-season ranked #1! Very strong track season. Sinkenesh won the Hurricane Invitational on August 25th. She was off this past Labor Day weekend. Watch for this young lady to run fast next weekend at the Horse Park Invitational.

3. (5) Gianna Forte, 12-Bishop Snyder = Ran a very impressive time of 19:22 at the Pre-Season Cecil Classic Friday night. This could be her year! Gianna took SAT test on the August 25th and did not race this past weekend. Gianna will be leading her team at the Horse Park Invitational this coming Saturday.

4. (4) Jessica Edwards, 10 - Canterbury School (Fort Myers) = Jessica's track speed is definitely proving to be her greatest asset thus far. Jessica ran a 19:34 and finished 2nd at the DDD Sommer Invitational on Saturday 9/1. Jessica opened up her season with a 2nd place also at the Leigh Lightning Invitational on August 25th. Not sure where Jessica and her team will run this upcoming weekend.

 5. (2) Brooke Mcewen, 11 -- Circle Christian = Brooke had a very strong and impressive race at the Hurricane Invitational on August 25th. Brooke finished 2nd to her teammate Sinkenesh at this meet to help Circle Christian to the team title. Brooke ran a strong 19:38.3 at the Hurricane Invitational.

6. (9) Claire McDonnell, 11 - Father Lopez = Claire moves up three spots. Claire finished 10th last season at the state meet.

7. (13) Lauren Jones, 7 - Oak Hall = A huge jump for this young lady 6 spots! Lauren is now running for the dynasty school of Oak Hall. She transferred in from Chiefland High School. She is the Eagles number 1 runner thus far and will definitely make a huge impact for the Eagles who graduated Grace Blair. Lauren finished 3rd at the Hurricane Meet on August 25th and is scheduled to race at the Horse park Invitational this Saturday. Lauren ran a 20:00.8 at the Hurricane Invitational.

8. (NR) Mary Peck, 9 -- FLCHS = This young lady never ran before starting with the Green wave team this past summer. She is definitely creating some waves this season. Mary finished 4th at the Pre Cecil Meet, 4th at the Jim Ryun Invitational on August 25th and finished 5th at the Winter Springs Invitational this past weekend with a new personal best of 20:11.

9. (NR) Mulunesh Parker, 11 - Circle Christian = Mulnuesh unleashed a great performance at the Hurricane Invitational with a time of 20:33. Mulunesh finished 4th at the Hurricane Invitational. This young lady adds tremendous depth to the centurion team.

10. (NR) Mia Taylor, 8 - Jupiter Christian = Mia ran her season's best this far this past weekend at the Park Vista Cobra XC Invitational. Mia placed 11th and ran a 20:39.0. Mia opened her season at Fleet feet with a time of 21:43. Not sure what meet Mia and her team will be competing in the next two weeks.

11. (NR) Archike Parker, 10 - Circle Christian = Archike finished 5th at the Hurricane Invitational on August 25th. She is the 4th CC runner to be ranked in the top 15. Archike is off to an impressive start to this season.

12. (NR) Ellie Eisele, 8 - Canterbury School (Fort Myers) = Ellie ran a season's best of 20:53.9 at the DDD Sommer Invitational this past Saturday. Ellie placed 16th in the field. Ellie placed 4th at the Leigh Lightning Invitational on Saturday August 25th.

13. (NR) Kempar Reback, 12 - Jupiter Christian = Kemper placed 12th at the Park Vista cobra County XC Invitational this past weekend to run a season's best time of 20:54. Kemper had placed 6th at the Fleet Feet Meet the weekend of August 25th.

14. (14) Elizabeth Wetcome, 12 - Evangelical Christian School = This young lady placed 15th last season at the state meet with a time of 19:46.3. Elizabeth opened her season with a 17th place finish at the DD Sommer Invitational this weekend with a 20:54.7. Her team will be competing at the Fort Myers Invitational this weekend.

15. (NR) Zosia Yurkiewecz, 12 -- FLCHS = This young lady has great potential. Now putting it together to help her green wave team to the podium would be a great finish to her high school career. Zosia opened her season with a 20:55 at Pre Cecil Meet on August 25th.

Other individuals to watch out for: Emma McLaughlin 12 (Tampa Bay Heat), Annelisa Swiersz 10 (Southwest Florida Christian Academy HS), Katie Beam 8 (First Baptist Academy), Amber Lopez 10 (St. John Paul Academy)

2A Girls Rankings

By: Ryan Raposo, Gulliver Prep / St. Thomas University, ryanraposo@gmail.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary: With two official weeks in the books there have been some noticeable shake-ups in the rankings. This is due to some teams picking up some solid new runners, while other teams have shown some big progressions during the offseason. While the top tier looks to be very similar, the most interesting developments for the early season fall between 9th and 13th places (for which there is a three-way tie) on the list. If there is any information I have not reported, or there are results which are missing (three teams on this list have apparently not raced yet), please inform me and/or help me get those results online. Here we go!

Rank. (Previous Rank) Team, Region # -- Comments

1. (1) Pine Crest, R4 #1 -- Taking the path less traveled, PC has opted to start their season on a couple of difficult Miami courses, first at the STU Invite at Larry & Penny, and now this week at the King of the Hill at Tropical Park. Without their returning #2 (M. Yared), their first race was impressive with a 19:57 team average to open the season which included an amazing performance by Tsion Yared (more below).

2. (2) Bolles, R1 #1 -- They open up at Spikes and Spurs, which is traditionally a faster course, followed by the Big Bend Invite at ARP. Their team averages and spread were 19:59 / 32s and 20:09 / 22s respectively. While there are always many things to be impressed about with this squad, the current highlights are going to be the amazing pack work, and the triad of 8th graders all running around 20:00 currently.

3. (3) Montverde Academy, R2 #1 -- Two weeks ago they finished as runner-up at Jim Ryun, but without their stud #2 (K. Cardwell). But once you put her back in the mix, their 20:03 avg and victory at Lecanto, which looks like a speedy course; it appears to have them right in the mix with two big podium teams. The only thing keeping them behind, again, is having a weaker back half of their varsity.

4. (4) Rockledge, R4 #2 -- The early shocker team has had a bumpy ride the past two weeks. They opened with a 20:37 avg, then dropped to 21:42 at Trinity Prep (seemingly very slow), then rebounded to 20:18 at Viera. Although they've been picking up the Ws, it's hard to know currently where they stand against the traditional powerhouse teams because of the inconsistency; however, it's still very early in the season.

5. (6) Citrus Park Christian, R3 #1 -- A strong second place finish at Lecanto, only 10 points behind Montverde Academy, and they did so with only five finishers. Their current weakness is similar to MA in having a weaker fifth runner, causing there to be a larger spread and fall behind some of the top teams. They're currently at a 20:21 team average which is right on the heels of Rockledge to whom they're also very comparable.

6. (7) St. Brendan, R4 #3 -- A tricky couple of first race results as they blasted open at STU (pretty hard first mile) and landed with a 21:40 average, which was followed by a very uncharacteristically fast DDD race with a 20:47 average. However, in both races they ran tight 1:06 and 1:09 spreads, which shows very strong pack work which will help them moving forward. Let's see if their next race helps better define if they can crack the top 5.

7. (5) Trinity Prep, R2 #2 -- They finished third at their home invite (without their #3 [L. Albright]), which appears to be a slower course when compared to others. This was easily seen as their team average dropped from 22:30 to 21:08 in a week's time when they won the Winter Springs Invite. Funny enough each of those teams beat one another and their own home invitationals. Their Achilles heel is the current 55 second gap from their #4 to their #5.

8. (9) Satellite, R4 #4 -- They won the Holy Trinity Invitational, but with a team average of 22:19 which is 46s slower than their jamboree team average; seemingly a slower day / course. In those races they ran spreads of 2:38 and 2:35 which shows consistency in their efforts and moves them up one place in the rankings.

9. (NR) Titusville, R4 #5 -- They had an underwhelming performance at Spikes & Spurs which they followed up with an impressive third place finish at Viera, with an average of 21:09. Thanks to their new 2-3 combo, the Jazsczak sisters, the only thing currently holding them back is the drop off from their fourth and fifth runners.

10. (23) Bishop Verot, R3 #2 -- Don't be fooled by their performance at DDD where most of their top girls didn't race, their 21:58 team performance at Lemon Bay are the results to be looking at. Running with a tight pack in the 21s, they just need to shore up their #5 to stay in the top ten; a jump of 13 places in the rankings!

11. (8) West Florida, R1 #2 -- Ran a 22:28 at the Pace Patriot Invite, but without last year's #2 (M. Mott) and #5 runners (A. Portugal). Their performance was greatly hurt by a large drop off of over 3 minutes from their #4 to their #5, but if their other girls are returning, they'll bounce right back up into the top ten where they started.

12. (10) Academy of Holy Names, R3 #3 -- Idle. Have yet to run a varsity race this season.

Three-way race for 13th: As only 6 teams can make it out of each Region to qualify to State, the following three Miami teams all of which are in District 16, are fighting for this final spot.

13a. (NR) Carrollton, R4 #6 -- Currently performing the best of the three, they opened up with a 22:01 avg at STU with a 45s spread and followed that up with a 22:28 avg at Youth Fair with a 1:08 spread. Their advantage is a tight pack and they're still awaiting the return from their #2 runner from last season.

13b. (11) Ransom Everglades, R4 #7 -- Although they only ran a 22:58 at Youth Fair, finishing behind both Carrollton and Gulliver, two very important factors must be taken into consideration. First, their #1 did not race, and second, their #3 had a bad day. Their database avg is 22:12 which puts them right in the hunt.

13c. (NR) Gulliver Prep, R4 #8 -- They opened their season with a 22:12 team avg, but that includes a large stagger off of their strong #1 in Natalie Varela. Only 3 points behind Carrollton last week, this squad is very young with freshmen making up their 2-3-4-5-6. There is a lot of potential for this novice group.

14. (13) Tavares, R2 #3 -- Ran a 22:11 avg at DeLand, and picked up a new #4 runner, but they are hurting with a 2:19 gap from between their fourth and fifth runners which will hurt them from moving upward.

15. (12) Episcopal, R1 #3 -- Ran a 22:55 avg at Spikes N Spurs without a full squad and followed that up with a 22:19 at Ridgeview Bob Hans. They have to bring up their fourth and fifth runners to move up in the rankings.

16. (18) Lake Highland Prep, R2 #4 -- Ran a 22:24 avg for their first team race of the official season at Winter Springs, but they have a large (but not as bad) 1:27 gap between their fourth and fifth runners like Tavares.

17. (16) Frostproof, R3 #4 -- Have not yet run a full team race this season.

18. (17) Berkeley Prep, R3 #5 -- Have not yet run a varsity race this season.

19. (NR) Citrus, R2 #5 -- 22:30 avg at Lecanto with freshmen making up their 1-3-4-5 slots.

20. (21) Nature Coast, R2 #6 -- 22:50 avg and finishing one place behind Citrus at Lecanto.

21. (15) Bishop Kenny, R1 #4 -- 23:41 at Spikes N Spurs and 22:53 at Big Bend.

22a. (22) McKeel Academy, R3 #6 -- 24:06 avg at Jim Ryun and 24:00 avg at George Whitmire (without their #4 and #5) with an 8th grader as their #1.

22b. (NR) Clearwater Central Catholic, R3 #7 -- 23:55 avg at Lemon Bay and 23:35 at Green Devil, with a freshman as their #1.

23. (14) South Walton, R1 #5 -- 24:01 at Pace Patriot without their #1 and a new freshman in the top 5.

24. (NR) Wakulla, R1 #6 -- 24:18 at Big Bend with a new freshman as their #1.

Dropped from the rankings:

(19) Cardinal Gibbons, R4 #9 -- Ran a 22:32 avg at STU

(20) Florida High, R1 #7 -- Ran 25:16 avg at Big Bend

(24) Crystal River, R2 #13

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: There are a ton of studs in this group. It's going to be interesting to see how this all shakes out, so for now I'm ranking based off of last year's XC and track state finishes and SB/PR performances. The 'other individuals to watch out for' section is rather large as well and I'm sure many of them will surprise us early on. Good luck this season, ladies!

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Grade -- Team = Times & Comments

1. (1) Tsion Yared, 11 -- Pine Crest = smashing the L&P course record by 16 seconds at the STU Invitational and giving us a new state leading time of 18:01

2. (2) Rebecca Clark, 12 -- The Villages = 18:06 for the win at fast and competitive Lecanto Invitational

3. (3) Mahdere Yared, 10 -- Pine Crest = IDLE

4. (4) Lily Henne, 9 -- Montverde Academy = 18:34 to finish 4th at fast and competitive Lecanto Invitational

5. (8) Kendyl Cardwell, 10 -- Montverde Academy = 18:51 to finish 6th at fast and competitive Lecanto Invitational

6. (15) Jacqueline Abanses, 10 -- Citrus Park Christian = 18:59 to finish 7th at fast and competitive Lecanto Invitational

7. (5) Emily Faulhaber, 11 -- Pine Crest = 19:13 to finish 3rd at the STU Invitational at L&P

8. (6) Nicole Matysik, 12 -- Key West = Cruising for the 21:30 win at her extremely difficult home course

9. (7) Maya Beleznay, 11 -- Pine Crest = IDLE

10. (BOLO) Eleanor Tymorek, 10 -- Saint Andrew's = 19:00 to finish 3rd at Park Vista at speedy South County Regional Park

11. (BOLO) Billie Castillo, 11 -- Titusville = 19:09 to win the fast Viera Invitational

12. (10) Natalie Varela, 11 -- Gulliver Prep = 19:24 to win the Dade County Youth Win at L&P

13. (BOLO) Emily Vargas, 11 -- Avon Park = 19:20 runner-up finish at the George Whitmire Classic

14. (9) Audrey McAnally, 11 -- Trinity Prep = 19:39 to finish 4th at Winter Springs

15. (11) Maeve O'Riordan, 12 -- Bolles = 19:36 to finish 3rd at the Spikes and Spurs Classic

Other individuals to watch out for:

(NR) Margaret Ward, 12 -- Rockledge = 19:34 to finish 3rd at fast Viera

(14) Lydia Friedman, 11 -- Citrus Park Christian = 19:50 to finish 10th at fast and competitive Lecanto

(BOLO) Ella Mickler, 8 -- Bolles = 19:56 to finish 6th at Big Bend at ARP

(NR) Hayley Barrett, 12 -- Rockledge = 19:57 to finish 5th at fast Viera

From previous ranking, either IDLE or have not yet broken 20:00:

(12) Alexandra Cisneros, 12 -- Lake Highland Prep

(13) Marisa Ashley, 10 -- Arnold

(BOLO) Layne Rivera, 10 -- Bolles

(BOLO) Jillian Candelino, 8 -- Bolles

(BOLO) Megan Hughes, 11 -- Academy of Holy Names

(BOLO) Noemi Kerjean, 11 -- St. Brendan

(BOLO) Helena Kummings, 11 -- Bolles

(BOLO) Patasha Bryan, 10 -- South Walton

(BOLO) Cristal Gomez, 9 -- Frostproof

(BOLO) Ryleigh Sperry, 9 -- Montverde Academy

(BOLO) Sydney Avery, 12 -- Berkeley Prep

(BOLO) Gabriella Rybinski, 10 -- Frostproof

(BOLO) Alaina Pisello, 10 -- Trinity Prep

(BOLO) Catherine Kunz, 10 -- Bolles

(BOLO) Maxine Montoya, 10 -- Bolles

(BOLO) Amanda Schwartz, 10 -- Pine Crest

(BOLO) Savannah Schwab, 12 -- Tavares

(BOLO) Elizabeth Csikai, 8 -- Bolles

(BOLO) Leila Bata, 7 -- Bolles

3A Girls Rankings

By: Steve Farnsworth, Lecanto HS, farnsworthfarm@yahoo.com               

Team Rankings:

Commentary:  Lots of poll movement in the first two weeks of the season.  Transfers and incoming freshman hotshots are now known, and it's clear now which teams worked hard over the summer and were ready to run, and which teams took it easy.  The rankings are now based solely on 2018 times and performances since August 21st, as there were numerous anomalous and unrepeated times from fast and/or short courses in the jamborees that would skew the rankings.  This poll lists the top six teams in each region, plus the next best team as a wild card.  Teams that are top-25, but were bumped out by being in a tough region are listed under honorable mention.  Team averages are given for reference only and are not the only basis for rankings, and do not follow them completely -- course conditions, head to head competition, and team depth is also considered.  Times from known or suspected fast courses have had time added to them, while known slow courses had time deducted.  Teams that have not run in 2018 have been eliminated from the rankings.

Rank, (Previous Rank), Team, Region, Team Average/Comments

1. (2) Chiles, 1,  19:34.  The Timberwolves won the Big Bend Invite over Bolles and appear to have solved their depth issues by picking up the Churchill sisters from Lincoln and adding a top freshman.

2. (1) Creekside, 1,  20:32 (+20).  The Knights were second at Spurs and Spikes behind Bolles, but their top runner has not raced yet in 2018.

3. (4) Osceola (Seminole), 3,  21:17 (-20).  The Warriors won the Jim Ryun Invite and then the Venice Invite without their top runner.

4. (7) Naples, 3, 20:36 (+30).  The Eagles won the DDD Sommer Invite on an apparently fast course.

5. (3) Niceville, 1,  21:25.  The Eagles took fourth at the Big Bend Invite, but didn't give Lillian Holtery much support.

6. (6) Ft. Myers, 3,  21:03 (+30).  The Green Wave won Lemon Bay, but dropped to third in the DDD Invite.

7. (NR) Cape Coral, 3,  20:58 (+30).  The Seahawks ran a strong fourth at the DDD Sommer Invite, and have apparently replaced their graduation losses.

8. (15) Viera, 4,  21:34.  The Hawks have run two very fast courses this year, but their win at the average Fleet Feet course probably represents their true potential.

9. (NR) St. Augustine, 1,  21:33 (+20).  The Yellowjackets break into the rankings using a tight team pack.

10. (17) Harmony, 2,  21:32 (+20).  The Longhorns used superior team depth to knock off Sunlake and take second in the George Whitmire Classic.

11. (8) Ponte Vedra, 1,  21:48 (+20).  The Sharks took fourth at Spurs and Spikes, but were a sluggish sixth at Ridgeview Bob Hans.

12. (13) Sunlake, 2,  21:45 (+20).  The Seahawks were third at the George Whitmire Classic on a fast course.

13. (9) Leon, 1,  22:15.  The Lions placed fifth at the Big Bend Invite.

14. (25) South Fork, 4,  22:15.  The Bulldogs took second at Fleet Feet and fifth at Park Vista.

15. (10) Charlotte, 3,  21:49 (+30).  The Tarpons placed sixth at the DDD Sommer Invite.

16. (5) Ft. Walton Beach, 1,  22:27.  The Vikings were a disappointing sixth at the Big Bend Invite and have only stayed in the rankings as a wild card.

17. (20) Land O'Lakes, 2,  22:40.  The Gators are being held back by weak 3-5 runners.

18. (24) Matanzas, 2,  22:20 (+30).  The Pirates were eighth on the fast DeLand Invite course.

19. (12) Ocala Vanguard, 2,  22:33 (+20).  The Knights placed a lackluster tenth at Spurs and Spikes.

20. (NR) Gulf Coast, 3,  22:36 (+20).  The Sharks score well when their top five run, but not so well if one of them misses a meet.

21. (NR) Gainesville, 2,  22:37 (+20).  The Hurricanes got a big lift when Ani Veltcheva joined the team.

22. (22) West Shore, 4,  22:29 (+30).  The Wildcats were third at Holy Trinity and fourth at the Viera Invite.

23. (NR) Dwyer, 4,  22:52 (+20).  The Panthers placed eighth at Park Vista on the fast Spanish River course.

24. (21) Miami Northwestern, 4,  23:35 (-20).  The Bulls placed seventh at the Miami-Dade Youth Fair meet.

25. (NR) Dillard, 4,  23:29.  The Panthers took fifth at the Fleet Feet Invite. 

Honorable Mention:

Bartram Trail, 1,  22:07 (+20).   The Bears were third at Ridgeview Bob Hans and are very much in the hunt for a Region 1 berth.

Estero, 3,  22:23 (+30).  The Wildcats ran surprisingly well at their own meet, and are definitely in the Region 3 race.

Palmetto Ridge, 3,  22:51.  The Bears didn't get the lift the other Region 3 teams got from running on a fast Estero course, but they are Region 3 contenders

Nease, 1,  22:29 (+20).  The Panthers were second at Jekyll Island, and have a shot in Region 1.

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: The last two weeks' times and the course adjustments are being used in the same way as in the team rankings.  Two-week season bests are listed, but are not the sole factor in rankings - head to head competition, and consistency in times is also considered. 

Rank, (Previous Rank) Name, Grade, Team, 3 Week SB / Comments

1. (4) Natalie Abernathy, 12, Land O'Lakes, 18:21.  Finished second behind Rebecca Clark on the hilly Lecanto Invite course.

2. (3) Valerie Lastra, 11, Mater Academy, 18:54 (-20).  Placed second at the STU Invite behind Tsion Yared on the always slow L&PT course.

3. (13) Lillian Holtery, 10, Niceville, 18:52.  Won the Big Bend Invite on the Apalachee Regional Park course.

4. (8) Parker Valby, 11, East Lake, 19:17 (-20).  Finished third at Jim Ryun Invite on the always tough Holloway Park course.

5. (NR) Cheyenne Young, 12, Cape Coral, 18:28 (+30).  Won DDD Sommer Invite on a very fast Estero course.

6. (2) Emily Culley, 12, Chiles, 19:08.  Finished second at the Big Bend Invite.

7. (1) Claire Openshaw, 11, Creekside, NT.  Has not run yet in 2018 and her status is unknown.

8. (6) Caitlyn Wilkey, 11, Chiles, 19:11.   Finished third at Big Bend Invite at ARP.

9. (11) Isabella Coogan, 12, Port Charlotte, 19:11.  Won Venice Invite but is not getting much support from her new team.

10. (NR) Liina Winborn, 11, Sunlake, 19:02 (+20). Captured George Whitmire Classic title on a fast course.

11. (NR) Abby Schrobilgen, 9, Chiles, 19:25.  Took fourth in Big Bend Invite in strong freshman debut.

12. (16) Estefania Acosta, 12, Land O'Lakes, 19:31.  Worked her way up to claim eighth at the Lecanto Invite.

13. (NR) Emma Cavendish, 11, Dwyer, 19:15 (+20).  Off to a fast start in her first year of high school XC.

14. (NR) Alyson Churchill, 11, Chiles, 19:36.  2016 state XC champ could be a title contender again if she can avoid injury.

15. (5) Taylor Stone, 10, Osceola (Seminole), 20.06 (-20).  Placed fourth at Jim Ryun in only race this year.

16. (22) Hannah Spooneybarger, 12, Gulf Breeze, 19:29 (+20).  Won Pace Patriot Invite on a fast course.

17. (12) Elizabeth Iliff, 10, Creekside, 19:30 (+20).  Finished second at Spurs and Spikes on a fast course.

18. (7) Kambry Smith, 10, Ft. Walton Beach, 20:00.  Finished seventh at Big Bend Invite in a slower than expected time.

19. (NR) Isabella Babilonia, 10, Viera, 19:30 (+30).  Took second at Viera Invitational on a fast course.

20. (NR) Andrea Ballastero, 9, Osceola (Seminole) 20.02.  Freshman was second at Venice Invitational.

21. (NR) Meadow Millett, 10, Mitchell, 20:03.  Placed eleventh at Lecanto Invitational.

22. (NR) Ani Veltcheva, 9, Gainesville, 19:43 (+20).  Won Ridgeview Bob Hans Invite on a fast course.

23. (NR) Morgan Vickaryous, 10, Naples, 19:46 (+20). Took third at DDD Sommer Invite on an apparent fast course.

24. (NR) Kelsey Miskimins, 12, Cape Coral, 19:53 (+20). Finished fourth at DDD Sommer Invite.

25. (19) Blake Petrick, 10, Creekside, 19:59 (+20).  Finished sixth at Spurs and Spikes on a fast course.

On the Bubble:

Hannah Martin, 11, South Fork, 19:59 (+20).  Finished seventh at Park Vista.

Moriah Ross, 11, Viera, 20:00 (+20).  Placed sixth at Viera Invite.

Josephine Gregory, 11, Pace, 20:00 (+20).  Took second at Pace Patriot Invite.

4A Girls Rankings

by Paul Opitz, Sarasota Riverview HS, paul.opitz65@gmail.com                            

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Here are the team state rankings!

Rank. (Previous Rank) Team -- Comments

1. (1) Winter Park = going to see them compete at the horse ranch on the 8th against Winter Springs and Wiregrass Ranch

2. (3) Lake Brantley = won Deland Invite, with great racing from Stevens, Hyde and Powel, still waiting on return of Jenkins

3. (2) Winter Springs = 2nd at their own invite.  Led by three sub 20 girls, Czurak, Bahr is back and freshman Caroline  Wells

4. (4) G Holmes Braddock = won the Miami Dade youth fair led by their new runners Rebecca Bergnes and  Lisa Adjouadi

5. (7) Newsome = 3rd at Lecanto led by Keleigh Scallon, Emma Solis and strong pack of the next 5 under 21:14. Coach Greene has these ladies going.

6. (NR) George Jenkins = Won George Whitmire Invite led by the return of Alicia Ruiz I guess coach knows best

7. (6) OLOL = won Mount Dora Invite, which i think is one of the toughest courses in the state

8. (5) HB Plant = N/R

9. (8) Steinbrenner = N/R

10. (10) Wharton = 4th at Lecanto led by Nicole Oterio and Nia Rivers

11. (9) Lake Minneola = 5th at Lecanto, led by Ellie Kunze and super fast Cadi Rowe

12. (NR) Spanish River = won Park Vista Invite

13. (NR) Buchholz = 6th at Lecanto Invite, coach Norris would be proud

14. (NR) Lakewood Ranch = 2nd at the Venice Invite, led by Emma Paliota, sorry about the spelling, and Ava Klein, Riley Bradshaw, Anna Stock and the return of Mason Ingellia

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Here are the individual state rankings!

Rank. Name, Grade -- School = Comments

1. (1) Alyssa Hendrix, 11 -- Riverview = 3rd at Lecanto  18:24, 2nd at Jin Ryun 18:50

2. (2) Ashley Klingenberg, 11 -- Lake Brantley = wins Spikes and Spurs  19;06. wins Deland Invite 19:04

3.  (8) Cadi Rowe, 12 -- Lake Minneola = 18:36

4. (4) Rylee Pustilink, 11 -- Spanish River = 18:29

5. (5) Pia Beaulieu, 10 -- Boca Raton = 18:57

6. (6) Jordan Shapiro, 11 -- Miami Palmetto = 2nd at Miami Dade youth  19:28

7. (NR) Alicia Ruiz, 10 -- George Jenkins = 3rd  at George Whitmere  19:35, she's back

8. (11) Mackenzie Czurak, 11 -- Winter Springs = wins her own  invite  19:20

9. (BOLO) Keleigh Scallon, 10 -- Newsome = 9th at Lecanto   19:36

10. (7) Rebecca Bergnes, 11 -- G Holmes Braddock = 3rd at Miami Dade 19:37

11. (NR) Caroline Wells, 9 -- Winter Springs = 3rd at Winter Springs Invite 19:37

12. (BOLO) Elayna Bahr, 11 -- Winter Springs = 2nd at Winter Springs Invite 19:31

13. (NR) Caroline Lehman, 9 -- Manatee = wins Canes Classic  9:18, there is your surprise freshman, every year there is someone. thanks Rae for the heads up, just kidding. could be school record for her 1st race, GREAT JOB

14. (NR) Lisa Adjouadi, 11 -- G Holmes Braddock = 4th at Miami Dade  19:51

15. (NR) Jordan Stevans, 12 -- Lake Brantley = 2nd at Deland Invite 19:06

16. (15) Chloe Hyde, 12 -- Lake Brantley = 3rd at Deland  Invite  19:40

Other individuals to watch out for:

(3) Mya Bodrato 10 - Lake Mary. (13) Sarah Magee, (14) Alexandra Straumann 12-Steinbrenner. (9) Oliva Manno  11-HB Plant, Emma Solis-Newsome, Isabella Jester 12 sarasota, (10) Jennifer Coddington 12, Emma Noel 10-Winter Park, Alexandra Del Re-Jupiter, Anna Senter 11-George Jenkins


1A Boys Rankings

by 1A Pollster, Ghost Writer HS -- ryanraposo@gmail.com                         

Team Rankings:

Commentary: Well, the season is only 2 weeks old, but Mt. Dora Christian still has a stranglehold on the #1 ranking with an average of 17:34, almost a minute ahead of #2. There has been quite a shake-up for #2-#10, however. Be mindful the season is still very young and a LOT can happen.

Rank. (Previous Rank) Team -- Comments

1. (1) Mount Dora Christian -- won their own home invite, one of the most difficult courses of the state, top 5 average of 18:37

2. (4) The King's Academy (West Palm Beach) -- surprisingly strong showing last weekend. With a top 5 average of 18:21

3. (9) Oak Hall -- young team coming on strong with an average of 18:25. Led by young star Austin Montini who may contend for overall individual title.

4. (BOLO) Seffner Christian -- BIG MOVE ! (I was tipped off 2 weeks ago) - Top 5 average of 18:24

5. (3) Providence -- re-loading nicely after loss of #1 Will Brady - top 5 average of 18:27

6. (NR) Marco Island -- another big mover with a surprising top 5 of 18:29
7. (NR) Circle Christian -- solid group with top 5 average of 18:42
8. (BOLO) Maclay -- Perennial powerhouse steadily improving led by Junious Brown

9. (10) Bishop Snyder -- no front runners yet, but solid 34 second split and top 5 average of 19:01

10. (11) St Joseph's -- re-loading after loss of #1 - but new coach "one of the all-time greats" Danny Weed

Others to watch:

(2) Palmer Trinity (Miami) -- IDLE

(5) Marathon -- Results?

(6) Father Lopez

(7) Northside Christian

(8) Blountstown

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Not deviating much from the "straight times" just yet, but will take courses more under consideration as the season wears on…

Rank (Previous Rank) - Name, Grade -- School - Comments

1. (1) Gabriel Curtis, 12 - Mount Dora -- 2nd beat time of 16:38, but leaving him at #1

2. (NR) Joseph Anderson, 11 - South Florida HEAT - speedy 16:33 last weekend

3. (3) Austin Montini, 10 - Oak Hall -- 16:45

4. (4) Junious Brown IV, 11 - Maclay -- solid 17:00 at steamy Big Bend

5. (NR) Cameron Dunn, 11 - King's Academy - 17:07

6. (NR) Xander Peacock, 11 - Blountstown - 17:09

7. (NR) Ethan Tank, 10 - Southwest Florida Christian - 17:10

8. (2) Jackson Pruim, 12 - Mount Dora -- 17:11

9. (9) Jonathan Pitchford, 10 - Marathon -- 17:13

10. (NR) Julian Rashid, 12 - Florida Christian School - 17:16

2A Boys Rankings

By: Carlos Maymi, St. Brendan / St. Thomas University, cmaymi@stu.edu

Team Rankings:

Rank. (Previous Rank) Team- Comments

1. (1) Bolles HS- With a commanding win over a top 5 State Finisher Creek side to open the season at the spikes and spurs classic, without their top runner. This team doesn't seem to have missed a step from last year.

2. (3) Satellite High School- With a perfect 1-5 at Holy Trinity and impressive early season runs at the Wickham Park Jamboree. Based off of Butler Teams in the past with strong finishes to the season, this is a team that will only get better. Another team like Bolles separating from the pack behind.   

3. (2) Bishop Kenny- With a head to head win against over the number 4 team Astronaut Bishop Kenny is putting on a pack running clinic for the rest of the state to see. Should be fun to see this pack running faster throughout the year.

4. (11) Astronaut- With an amazing run at Wickham this team may have been disrespected a little bit when I originally had them ranked as 12th. Not the best run at spikes and spurs, but this is a young team with only one senior in the top 5. Bumps are going to happen, but they have shown they have the ability to run with anyone.

5. (5) Lake Highland Prep- Narrowly losing to Astronaut at Spikes and Spurs by 6 points. But with an impressive run to open the season I believe we will continue to see good performances out of this squad.

6. (6) Key West- Cant take much away from this first race, but with the return of Allen and Pedroza a decent group behind them could break into the top 5.

7. (NR) Lakes Wales- Winner of the Whitmore Classic, and a clear second place at the Jim Ryan Inv. With another strong 1-2 with Denton and Updike. This team that can continue to see success.

8. (NR) Fernandina Beach

9. (8) Ransom Everglades School-

10. (NR) Pine Crest

11. (NR) Titusville

12. (NR) Cocoa Beach

13. (NR) Rockledge

14. (NR) Bishop Moore

15. (4) South Walton

Individual Rankings:

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Team

1. (1) Charles Hicks, Bolles

2. (6) Benjamin Foltz, Bolles

3. (14) Gabriel Montague, Satellite

4. (2) Chase Rivera, Bolles

5. (4) Troy Smith, Rockledge

6. (3) Robert Pedroza, Key West

7. (10) Jacob Hensley, Citrus

8. (NR) Andreson Denton, Lake Wales

9. (8) Alexander Hastings, Bolles

10. (NR) Justin Wilson, Satellite

11. (NR) Gaven O'brien, Astronaut

12. (5) Owen Allen, Key West

13. (NR) Josh Stern- Satellite HS

14. (12) John Sorensen, Fernandina Beach

15. (NR) Matthew Cummings, Cocoa Beach

3A Boys Rankings

by Carl Egbert, Gulf Coast HS, eberc@collierschools.com

Team Rankings:

Commentary: With two weeks officially in the books we have some movement from my initial rankings. Belen continues to flex its muscles, Gulf Coast rolled out its varsity team and Bartram Trail looks really good.

Rank . (Finish at 2017 3A State Meet) School, Region -- Comments

1. (1) Belen Jesuit, 3A-R4 -- Wins @ Fleet Fleet and MDC Youth Fair

2. (4) Bartram Trail, 3A-R1 -- 2nd @ Spikes n Spurs and Win @ Bob Hans

3. (2) Creekside, 3A-R1 -- 3rd @ Spikes n Spurs

4. (3) Ponte Vedra, 3A-R1 -- 5th @ Spikes n Spurs and 7th @ Bob Hans

5. (10) Nease, 3A-R1 -- 6th @ Spikes n Spurs

6. (15) Gulf Coast, 3A-R3 -- Convincing win @ Estero

7. (NR) St. Augustine, 3A-R1 -- 10th @ Spikes n Spurs and 2nd @ Bob Hans

8. (14) Chiles, 3A-R1 -- Win @ Cougar Invite and 2nd @ Big Bend

9. (9) Niceville, 3A-R1 -- Win @ Big Bend

10. (7) Seabreeze, 3A-R2 -- 9th @ Spikes n Spurs and 2nd @ DeLand Invite

11. (10) Fort Myers, 3A-R3 -- 2nd @ Lemon Bay and 3rd @ Estero

12. (NR) Vanguard, 3A-R2 -- 7th @ Spikes n Spurs

13. (11) Fort Walton, 3A-R1 -- 4th @ Big Bend

14. (NR) Leon, 3A-R1 -- 2nd @ Cougar Invite and 5th @ Big Bend

15. (13) Estero, 3A-R3 -- 2nd @ Lehigh Invite and 2nd @ Estero 3D

Others to watch out for:

Naples and Lecanto

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Lots of quality racing the first 2 weeks.

Rank (Finish at State Meet) Name, Grade, School, Comments

1. (1) Hugh Brittenham, 12, Estero, 2 Quality wins to begin the year

2. (3) Aidan O'Gorman, 12, New Smyrna Beach, 16:05 for 2nd @ DeLand

3. (2) Sebastian Kenne, 12, Stanton Prep, IDLE

4. (9) Adam Magoulas, 9, Belen Jesuit, Quality wins @ Fleet Feet and MDC Youth Fair

5. (NR) Reinhardt Harrison 9, Nease, 16:17 for 3rd @ Spikes n Spurs

6. (6) Jake Turner, 11, Armwood, Quality win @ Jim Ryun Invite

7. (NR) Lewis Benitez-Chaparro, Vanguard, 16:42 @ Spikes n Spurs

8. (4) Ethan Geiger, 11, Robinson, IDLE

9. (5) Matt Ortiz, 12, Chiles, IDLE

10. (NR) Jake Turner, 11, Armwood, Looks to keep ball rolling after monster spring

11. (NR) Shane Brownrigg, 12,  Seabreeze, 16:44 @ Spikes n Spurs

12. (10) Sebastian Roa, 12, Belen Jesuit, 16:48 @ MDC Youth Fair

13. (NR) Justin Tackling, 11,16:46 @ Spikes n Spurs

14. (NR) Nick Kamen, 12, Gulf Coast, 16:24 @ Estero 3D Invite

15. (15) Diego Gomez, 10, Belen Jesuit, 16:54 @ MDC Youth Fair

Others to watch:

Nick Morrison, Harmony, Brady Gibson, Naples,

4A Boys Rankings

by 4A Pollster - 4apollster@gmail.com                                 

Team Rankings: Round Two - The Fun Continues

Commentary: Used as much head-to-head as possible. Some teams have yet to race or race at full strength. Numbers 1 and 2 are a toss-up and should meet each other at the B3R race in Punta Gorda on 9/15 - that's gonna be a barn-burner for sure. Please send your comments or input to 4apollster@gmail.com.

Rank. (Previous Rank) School, Region # = Results/Comments

T-1. (1) Sarasota HS, R2 = 17:16 / 1st @ Lemon Bay minus Hartvigsen

T-1. (2) Steinbrenner HS, R2 = 17:05 / 1st Place @ Lecanto

3. (3) Oviedo HS, R1 = 17:04 / 1st Place @ Deland & 2nd @ Trinity Prep minus Vicioso

4.  (7) Newsome, R2 = 17:17 / 1st @ E. Hills & 2nd @ Lecanto

5. (5) Windermere, R1 = 17:33 / Wins @ Lake Louisa & Jim Ryun

6. (6) Columbus, R4 = 17:40 / 1st @ STU & 2nd @ DCYF

7.  (11) Spanish River, R3 = 17:16 / Wins at Coral Springs & Park Vista

8.  (15) Coral Park, R4 = 17:42 / 2nd @ STU & 3rd @ DCYF

9.  (10) Wharton, R2 = 17:45 / 3rd @ Lecanto

10. (8) St. Thomas Aquinas, R3 = No Results

11. (9) Plant, R2 = JV Only / 1st Place w/ 15 points @ Rogers Park

12. (NR) Fleming Island, R1 = 17:32 / 3rd @ Cecil Field & 4th @ Spikes & Spurs

13. (NR) Bucholz, R1 = 17:50 / 4th @ Lecanto

14. (NR) Olympia, R1 = 17:53 / 2nd @ Lake Louisa

15. (NR) West Orange, R1 = 17:46 / 2nd @ Jekyll Island, 1st @ Trinity Prep & 3rd @ Lake Louisa

Other teams to watch out for:

(4) Lake Mary, R1 = 17:58 / 14th Spikes & Spurs

(13) Dr. Phillips, R1 = 18:03 / 3rd @ Deland

(NR) Deland, R1 = 17:56 / 4th @ Deland

(NR) Mandarin, R1 = 18:06 / 3rd @ Bob Hans

(NR) Martin County, R3 = 18:00 / 2nd @ Park Vista

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Used what little head-to-head available so far. Some previously ranked individuals have yet to race and will likely return to the rankings, but you gotta keep the returning champion at #1 even without a race.

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Grade -- School = Results/Comments

1. (1) Ben Hartvigsen, 12 -- Sarasota HS = No Race

2. (2) Isaias De La Puente, 12 -- Forrest Hill HS = 16:31 (1st @ Park Vista)

3. (4) Jonathan Reid, 12 - Lakewood Ranch HS = 16:21 (1st @ Venice)

4. (11) Brady Zimmerman, 12 - George Jenkins HS = 16:22 (1st @ Lake Louisa)

5. (7) Angel Vicioso, 12, - Oviedo HS = 16:59 (1st @ Deland)

6. (5) Kayamo Galloway, 11 - Oviedo HS = 16:35 (3rd @ Deland)

7. (NR) Yonas Sauers, 11 - Alonso HS = 16:32 (2nd @ Lecanto)

8. (8) Davis Bly, 12 - Steinbrenner HS = 16:35 (3rd @ Lecanto)

9. (9) Zachary Cloud, 11 - St. Cloud HS = 17:04 (1st @ Winter Springs)

10. (NR) Caden Monk, 12 - Bucholz HS = 16:27 (5th @ Spikes & Spurs)

11. (NR) Nick Miller 12 West Orange HS - 16:39 (2nd @ Lake Louisa)

12. (13) Mamush Galloway, 11 - Oviedo HS = 16:50 (5th @ Deland)

13. (14) Onix Ortiz Vazquez, 11 - Windermere HS - 16:54 (3rd @ Lake Louisa)

14. (NR) Dominic Acosta, 11 - Newsome HS = 16:47 (4th @ Lecanto)

15. (NR) Zac Vincenni, 11- Spanish River HS = 16:42 (4th @ Park Vista)

Other individuals to watch:

(3) Nehemiah Rivers, 12 - Wharton HS = 17:04 (7th @ Lecanto)

(12) Aidan Breslin, 11 - St. Thomas Aquinas HS = No Race

Kameron Wallizada, 10 - Fleming Island HS = 16:39 (8th @ Spikes & Spurs)

Trent Shackleford, 12 - Lake Brantley HS = 16:42 (4th @ Deland)

Billy Buntin, 12 - Martin County HS = 16:44 (5th @ Park Vista)

Will Noonan, 12 - Spanish River HS = 16:48 (6th @ Park Vista)

Jake Lockhart, 12 - Lake Mary HS = 16:51 (15th @ Spikes & Spurs)

Michael Fiore, 10 - Ft. Lauderdale = 16:52 (1st @ STU Invitational)

Deiondre Williams, 11 - Homestead HS = 16:56 (4th @ Dade Co. Youth Fair)

Important Reminder:

- Please remember that all of these rankings are done by volunteer coaches and are meant to increase the overall enjoyment of the sport for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans. They are just for fun and should not have a lot of weight put on them. But if you have issues (such as a missed athlete or team), please email the individual pollster for your classification & gender.

- Please direct any major concerns to Flrunners Power User / FACA Rankings Representative: Ryan Raposo @ ryanraposo@gmail.com