An Amazing 2018 Made Possible by You

This year you accomplished something special and witnessed others do the same.

You watched your teammates, your athletes, your friends have a breakthrough. In 2018 you watched personal bests, school records, state records, national records be broken. You witnessed struggle, triumph, but more importantly progress beyond measure.

You -- we -- witnessed history in 2018.

The Florida cross country and track community created history this year and with your support, FLRunners was there to capture all of the memories.

Because of you, the FLRunners database grew by nearly half a million performances this year! These were your personal bests, your wins, your records. This was your history.

In 2018 alone we were able to watch you create history and capture these countless moments with over 171,605 photos and 3503 videos.

Not only did you, the Florida cross country and track community, accomplish something great on the course and the track this year, but also here on FLRunners.

You are putting the community on the map in more ways than one and you continue to help elevate the coverage of our sport to the next level.

As your editor, it has been incredible to watch all of you -- coaches, athletes, and parents -- succeed. The celebration, the tears, the countless hugs at the finish line have been more memorable than any race I have ever competed in. To watch history and have the opportunity to be part of it is truly an honor.

I grew up with you, the FLRunners community, and in 2018 you made it the best year yet in more ways than one. Thank you for your support this year and for years to come.

Records are meant to be broken and this is only the beginning, bring it on 2019!

We couldn't have accomplished this together without your support, join the
FLRunners community here.