WATCH: FACA Track and Field Clinic Coverage

Coaches all over the state gathered for the FACA track and field clinic this past weekend to learn, grow, and collaborate with other coaches to master their craft. 

We were on site for all of it -- from coaches panels, award ceremonies, to an FHSAA rule update. 

Videos are uploading in live time: View them here.

We will have multiple articles coming out over the next few days when it comes to what was spoken out at the FACA clinic in terms of FHSAA updates and requests for the FHSAA track and field advisory committee. 

Here are the top story lines from the weekend: 

FACA Chair, Dan Dearing, put together a strong lineup of championship coaches and athletes to speak at the clinic. Names such as: Brooks Johnson, Carmen Jackson, Alex Armenteros, Moushaumi Robinson, Mike Rivera, Gary Droze, Doug Butler, David Halliday, Dave Anderson, Glenn McAtee, Bryan Jackson, Brian Fitzgerald, University of coaching staff: Adrian Mann, Nic Peterson, and Mellanee Welty, just to name a few.

Here are the top issues discussed at the FACA Recommendations Discussion: 

  • State final 4x4 run as a timed-final, rather than the current prelim and final procedure. 
  • Potential coaching boxes at state final to be near athletes competing and athletes being awarded. 
  • Allowing above-the-knee amputee athletes to compete in state finals. 
  • Adding Heptathlon/Decathlon to State Final 

Ed Thompson, FHSAA track and field representative, was present for a Q&A to inform coaches on FHSAA procedure and policy changes. 

There will be more to come on each one of these top storylines.