FLYRA Middle School State Championship Info Hub

We are a day away from the 2019 FLYRA Middle School State Championship. Here is everything you need to know to prepare for the event from the meet schedule, heat sheets, down to middle school meet records. 

Location: IMG Stadium

Meet Schedule

Heat Sheets


  • $5 per non-competitor on Saturday

Middle School Records


What qualifies as unsportsmanlike behavior?
Absolutely no acts of poor sportsmanship will be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to: profanity; fighting; aggressive and intentional physical contact; being rude to any meet official, athlete, coach, or fan; and throwing of a relay baton.

Respectable celebration is perfectly acceptable. Any celebration should not be excessive and should not last more than 30 seconds. It must not interfere or impede any athlete or official, and should not even border on taunting. The definition of what is unsportsmanlike will be solely at the discretion of meet officials. At the official's discretion athletes and teams may be disqualified from the current (or just completed) event or even ejected from the meet causing forfeit of all remaining events.

The behavior of coaches and parents shall be considered the same as that of the athlete themselves. So any unsportsmanlike behavior by these adults may require the same consequences outlined above.

What if I need to race while my field event is going on?

Athletes must sign-out with the head official of that event. Officials will give athletes a 12-minute window to complete their other event and return for the rest of their attempts. Officials will show reasonable flexibility with extending the time window, relative to what track event they are leaving to compete in. For vertical jumps, however, once the bar is raised to the next height it will not be lowered again and the athlete will forfeit the remaining attempts at that height.

What are the uniform rules?

We are not here to be the fashion police. So try to wear team colors or jerseys, but we're not going to be crazy picky about it. We could care less what color undergarment or tights you have on. If you're on a relay team then the jerseys should try to match. If your shorts don't match... I don't care. If you have multiple jersey styles for kids in non relay events, I don't care.

What about jewelry?

Bottom line is don't be stupid. Don't wear anything that dangles or can cut people. If an official stays take it off, take it off. But basically don't wear anything that dangles or is sharp. But headbands, livestrong type bracelets, watches, etc are fine.

What if my athlete has to scratch an event? Will they be disqualified?

No. If the athlete doesn't show up, they forfeit that race and that race only. No crazy rules like you must start or anything like that. You will not forfeit the other events.