Runners Encourage Others to 'Think Deep' During Quarantine

Nicholas Rich (pictured left) and Cyrus Hannah (pictured right) race at 2019 Flo Golden South.

Two Sarasota track and field athletes have turned to a creative outlet to encourage their peers to be productive during the Coronavirus quarantine. 

Cyrus Hannah (junior) and Nicholas Rich (sophomore) anticipate the day they get to go back to the reality of school and sports on April 15th. That day is a hopeful return in this time of uncertainty. 

So, Cyrus and Nicholas are using this time to explore other creative outlets as they process the craziness of the past week and weeks to come. Their podcast, "The Think Deep Podcast" is a conversational medium where the two brainstorm things they can do to relax, recover, and get things done -- beyond running -- during this period of quarantine. 

Take a look at our show notes from listening to their latest episode, "Coronavirus Brings New Opportunities." 

3:00 - 5:50 : Importance of journaling, and rearranging your life during quarantine

5:50 - 8:10 : Discussion on life in quarantine

8:11 - 12:30 : Running as an outlet 

12:31 - 21:50 : Highs and lows from the past week

21:51 - 34:45 : Coronavirus quarantine as a time for opportunity