To The Class of 2020: Letter From The Editor

*The FHSAA canceled the remainder of the 2020 outdoor track and field season on April 21*

Dear class of 2020,

I know you will soar beyond the goals you had set for yourself this track season.

The maturity and grace you all have shown this past month has been inspiring. All over the state I have seen so many of you immediately turn your focus to reflect on the lessons learned and onto what's to come.

I know you're heartbroken. I know it's not easy. I know at every turn you are battling emotions from all different angles. Yet, you still choose to see the positive.

It's this attitude that will take you much farther than any talent on the track or the field would.

You making the split second decision to focus on the positive, despite being heartbroken, will translate to success in sports and in life.

Here's the thing. I think I speak for your coaches, teachers, family, and friends when I say that we are all so incredibly proud of you, and we didn't need a final track season to know just how bright your future is.

We don't need you to PR, win a championship, make headlines, or take down school records to know that you will become strong leaders through this experience. Your growth, maturity, and gratitude is all that's necessary.

So seniors, I know this was not how you wanted to end your final track season. Remembering what "could have been" is like putting salt to a wound. I get it.

But, I encourage you to embrace that hurt. Feel the disappointment and then make the decision to choose how you will react. After all, it's not what happens, but your reaction to it that matters.

I encourage you to focus on the positive of the past four years, to remember the wonderful memories made with your friends and family during this journey.

I encourage you to take this time to thank your coaches and your family for all of their support over the years.

I encourage you to be proud of yourself.

Be proud of what you have accomplished in this season of life -- off the track. Acknowledge just how much you have grown in just a short amount of time through adversity.

Know that you will soar beyond what you expect for yourself.

Here's to you class of 2020. The future looks bright. 
Florida MileSplit Editor - Adair Lyden