Florida XC, T&F Alumni Lead Pandemic Frontlines

Miguel Rovira

Miguel Rovira is at the point in his residency where he's transitioning to an anesthesiologist in training. He's also doing his part to help out the doctors who are taking care of COVID-19 patients during the pandemic.

Rovira is a second year Anesthesiology resident at the UF Shands hospital. This year has been a general training year, which has allowed him to be exposed to all kinds of fields such as in-patient medicine, pediatrics and emergency medicine among other fields. During the COVID pandemic, he has worked in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit. 

"It's been a season of adjustments, a season of uncertainty," he said. "Looking back, you can see the progression from 'okay is this like H1N1 where we just have to be on standby, and then it became very real to us come the beginning of March when we realized that we were going to have this big change in lifestyle. Not just healthcare people, but normal citizens of the public."

Rovira said that his hospital was well prepared for the situation in terms of making sure everyone had the proper personal protective equipment and making sure the patients and providers were protected. He said the pandemic has also changed the way that the staff deals with their other patients as well. 

While he has not dealt with a COVID-19 patient directly, Rovira's department has played an important role in assisting the doctors with helping patients. One of the things that they've done is turn a conference room into a place where they make masks for the staff to have as backup.

"Our department converted one of our conference rooms into a mask factory where we were recycling OR (operating room) sterile equipment, particularly the wrapping to use the sterile equipment and using it to make N-95 level masks and distributing it amongst our department so that we can have backup in addition to the factory produced stuff," he said.