LCAC: Rojas, Smith Win Easily As Estero Sweeps Individual Honors

LCC: Rojas, Smith Win Easily As Estero Sweeps

The Lee County Athletic Conference, held for the first time ever at Dunbar HS went great last night.  The weather was hot to say the least which would indicate slow times to come right? Incorrect the times were as blazing as it was hot out. To no one’s surprise the girls race was all Kacy Smith from start to finish.  She went through the Mile Marker in 5:33 a 9 second lead on Rachel Petrik of Ft. Myers and her teammate Bethany Jenkins.  As they rounded by again for Mile 2, which she crossed in 11:39, Kacy had close to 200 meters on the field (in what appeared to be effortless form).  She would increase that lead to a 45 second win in 18:12.  Estero’s girls would also have 4 or the top 5 spots, 7 of the top 25 and all 10 of their girls in the top 40.  This would lead them to a 27 to 54 win over Ft. Myers.  A side story in the race is that Petrik made a slight wrong turn and still managed to get back on course and get second place.

The boys’ individual race played out pretty close to how it should have via flrunners virtual meet.  Aaron Rojas hasn’t lost to a Lee County runner all year, so why should this day be any different.  At the 1 Mile there was a large pack coming in between 4:58 and 5:01 it was (Rojas, Brown, Shearman, Ormsby, Wise, and Cartagena). The chase pack was about 5 seconds back led by Miguel Casiano of Lehigh and his teammate Chris Camacho.  At the 1 Mile I had team scores of Estero 34 and Ft. Myers 45.  By Mile 2 it was all Rojas in 10:13 with Bobby Ormsby of Cypress Lake 10 seconds back with Ace, Brendan, and Miguel laying chase.  Ft. Myers boys were making their move though as a team.  They closed the points gap to 40 to 41 Estero still leading.  Rojas would take the race over expanding his lead to 24 seconds over a charging Ace Brown in second and Casiano right behind, with Ormsby falling to 5th getting outkicked by Shearman.  In the team scores Ft. Myers move in Mile 3 was tremendous as a team they would not only take the win away from Estero but put their top 7 in front of Estero’s # 5.  Scores were 33 to 51 Ft. Myers.

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