In Her Own Words: Bridget Blake: Prepping For Foot Locker Nationals

Hello everyone! I am actually writing this on my way to the airport as we speak. It's 5 o'clock and the trip to San Diego has begun. I am teally starting to get that exited feeling knowing that in just a couple of hours I will be back in San Diego with the wonderful South team. I can't say if these past two weeks have flown by or simply taken forever. 

Luckily I have had two great weeks of training to add on since Foot Locker South. Many of which have just been strong filler days and probably a total of four interval workouts. I had my best workout at the end of last week which was 300's with 200 recovery at specific paces nonstop. Thanks to my teammates, Amber joining me on the workout and Kira biking next to us, I was able to hit all my targets. By far my best workout ever!  I had a slow start to the season, so I really only started interval training the week before state which is something that has proved to work in my favor.

Once we get to San Diego we will have an afternoon group run which is absolutely GORGEOUS! Then of course Friday we preview the course before the long anticipated race day. I am definitely excited for the race, but know there is lots planned before the time comes. It's hard to put a finger on what I am looking forward to most.

First stop is Dallas where I will make a connecting flight to San Diego with some other finalists. What an honor it is to represent the Sunshine State. Congratulations to everyone on fantastic seasons. Everyone should be so proud of themselves. I wish everyone SAFE TRAVELS and a great weeken. Also,  best of luck to my wonderful  DP football team. Go get them Friday night!

Last and most importantly I would like to thank God, my wonderful family, friends, fantastic teammates and anyone who has ever supported me along the way. It has meant so much and I can't tell you how excited I am again to represent the state of Florida,  And GO NOLES 

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