Who Was The Best Boys Team At State? A Different Perspective

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The American Heritage boys finished second behind Hallandale in 2A for the second year in a row. Miami Northwestern won yet another title in 3A in 2018. What if we combined the team scoring though and made it one large state meet? Who would win? Would the results be any different? See for yourself.

Note: This was generated by taking the best performances in every event regardless of classification, assigning points and then scoring the meet as if it was one.

Team Scores

1American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)43
2Miami Northwestern HS40
3Hallandale HS35.5
4Bolles HS24.67
5Christopher Columbus HS24
6Piper HS22
7Dunbar HS20.67
8Rickards HS19
9Atlantic HS (Delray)16
9Estero HS16
11Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)15
11Chiles HS15
13Northeast HS (Oakland Park)14.17
14Miramar HS14
14Ocala Vanguard HS14
16Bishop Kenny HS13
16Pine Crest HS13
18Chaminade-Madonna College Prep12
19Niceville HS11.25
20Sarasota HS11
20West Orange HS11
22First Academy (Orlando)10
22Fort Myers HS10
22Lake Wales HS10
22River Ridge HS10
22Satellite High School10
27St. Thomas Aquinas HS9
28Lakewood Ranch HS8
28Oakleaf HS8
28Sebastian River HS8
31Martin County HS7
31Okeechobee HS7
33Belen Jesuit Preparatory School6.67
33Buchholz HS6.67
35Coral Gables HS6
35Dillard HS6
35Lincoln HS6
35Mainland HS6
35Tampa Jefferson HS6
40Land O' Lakes HS5.5
40Timber Creek HS5.5
42Auburndale HS5
42Bartram Trail HS5
42Blanche Ely HS5
42Celebration HS5
42East Lake HS5
42Miami Southridge HS5
42Raines HS5
42St. Cloud HS5
42University HS5
42Western HS5
52Canterbury School (Fort Myers)4.67
52Lake Mary HS4.67
54Freedom HS (Orlando)4
54Trinity Catholic HS4
54Winter Park HS4
57Community School of Naples3
57Coral Springs HS3
57Glades Central HS3
57Gulf Coast HS3
57Oviedo HS3
57Port Charlotte HS3
57Springstead HS3
64Barron Collier HS2.5
65Manatee HS2
65Riverview HS2
65Rockledge HS2
68Bishop Snyder HS1
68Lake Brantley HS1
68Mount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)1
68Palatka HS1
68South Walton HS1
73Cardinal Gibbons HS0.25
73Countryside HS0.25
73Pensacola Christian Academy0.25
76Citrus HS0.17
76Godby HS0.17
76Middleburg HS0.17
76South Fork HS0.17
76Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville)0.17

Individual Point By Point Breakdown

100 Meter Dash

1Anthony Schwartz2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)10.07 10
2Shaun Shivers2018Chaminade-Madonna College Prep10.39 7
2Tyson Campbell2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)10.39 7
4ahmarean brown2019Tampa Jefferson HS10.40 5
5Terrence Horne Jr.2018Miramar HS10.48 4
6Tavares Kelly2015St. Thomas Aquinas HS10.49 3
7Jacquez Stuart2019Miami Northwestern HS10.53 2
8Taylor Banks2019Miramar HS10.54 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Anthony Schwartz2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)20.41 10
2Tyler Harrell2018Christopher Columbus HS20.83 8
3Cameron Leiba2019Dillard HS20.85 6
4Shaun Shivers2018Chaminade-Madonna College Prep20.92 5
5Morgan Jamison2019Martin County HS20.98 4
6Jacquez Stuart2019Miami Northwestern HS21.11 3
7Taylor Banks2019Miramar HS21.24 2
8Terrence Horne Jr.2018Miramar HS21.26 1
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400 Meter Dash

1DaeQwan Butler2018Piper HS46.55 10
2Thomas Burns2018Miami Northwestern HS46.72 8
3Jamal Walton2018Miramar HS47.10 6
4Ian Davis2018Western HS47.12 5
5Trevor Wilson2019Rickards HS47.20 4
6Morgan Jamison2019Martin County HS47.26 3
7Jordan Nance2018Rickards HS47.54 2
8Treyvon Williams2019Palatka HS47.56 1
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800 Meter Run

1Danny Ferro2018Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)1:52.12 10
2Hugh Brittenham2019Estero HS1:52.40 8
3Chase Rivera2019Bolles HS1:52.71 6
4James Hasell2018East Lake HS1:53.83 5
5Alex Kay2019Ocala Vanguard HS1:53.90 4
6Tyree Simeon2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)1:54.36 3
7Sukeil Foucha2019Piper HS1:55.13 2
8Joab Francois2019Lake Brantley HS1:55.19 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Michael Phillips2018Chiles HS4:08.17 10
2Hugh Brittenham2019Estero HS4:09.38 8
3Paul Stafford2018Lake Wales HS4:12.70 6
4Danny Ferro2018Calvary Christian Academy (Ft. Lauderdale)4:15.09 5
5Timothy Doyle2018Freedom HS (Orlando)4:15.42 4
6Nathan Jubran2018Bishop Kenny HS4:15.59 3
7Joshua Collins2018Belen Jesuit Preparatory School4:16.47 2
8Charles Hicks2019Bolles HS4:18.53 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Nathan Jubran2018Bishop Kenny HS9:02.00 10
2Charles Hicks2019Bolles HS9:07.79 8
3Cavan Wilson2018Coral Gables HS9:14.42 6
4Tristen Montalvo2018St. Cloud HS9:15.26 5
5Paul Stafford2018Lake Wales HS9:18.08 4
6Angel Vicioso2019Oviedo HS9:19.03 3
7Michael Phillips2018Chiles HS9:19.90 2
8Benjamin Hartvigsen2019Sarasota HS9:21.99 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Christian Brown2018Atlantic HS (Delray)13.84 10
2Wavell Hinds2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)13.90 8
3Thomas Burns2018Miami Northwestern HS14.02 6
4Demarcus Adams2018Mainland HS14.07 5
5Jordan Lewis2018Trinity Catholic HS14.08 4
6Amari Johnson2019Hallandale HS14.14 2.5
6Tyler Mansfield2018Barron Collier HS14.14 2.5
8Kameron Davis2018Miami Southridge HS14.15 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Amari Johnson2019Hallandale HS36.92 10
2James Rivera2019Lakewood Ranch HS37.14 8
3Christian Brown2018Atlantic HS (Delray)37.29 6
4Jevon Williams2020Blanche Ely HS37.58 5
5Lamont Wright2020Miami Southridge HS37.61 4
6Jabari Bryant2019Rickards HS37.63 3
7Daidren Davis2018Bartram Trail HS37.73 2
8Dwayne Godwin2018Tampa Jefferson HS38.00 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)40.14 10
2Dunbar HS40.94 8
3St. Thomas Aquinas HS41.04 6
4Raines HS41.24 5
5Christopher Columbus HS41.56 4
6Miami Northwestern HS41.59 3
7Rockledge HS41.70 2
8Northeast HS (Oakland Park)41.72 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS3:14.49 10
2Christopher Columbus HS3:14.92 8
3Piper HS3:15.33 6
4Hallandale HS3:16.02 5
5Rickards HS3:16.91 4
6Glades Central HS3:17.80 3
7Northeast HS (Oakland Park)3:17.92 2
8Mainland HS3:17.93 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Ocala Vanguard HS7:47.62 10
2Miami Northwestern HS7:50.01 8
3Lincoln HS7:52.61 6
4Bolles HS7:53.36 5
5Piper HS7:53.73 4
6Chiles HS7:55.63 3
7Satellite High School7:56.63 2
8South Walton HS7:57.46 1
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Triple Jump

1Tony Bridges2018Pine Crest HS48-0.5 10
2Melvin Briley2018Oakleaf HS47-10.5 8
3Queshun Watson-Riggins2018Sebastian River HS47-9.5 6
4Kelvin Campbell2018University HS47-3.75 5
5Dylan Jean-Baptiste2019Winter Park HS46-9.5 4
6Tyreece Luther2018Port Charlotte HS46-6.25 3
7Tamel McCall2018Riverview HS46-3.5 2
8Dyllon Lester2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)46-2 1
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High Jump

1Jaasiel Torres2018Sarasota HS7-0.25 10
2Berrick Jean Louis2018Canterbury School (Fort Myers)6-7.5 4.667
2Bryson Kirksey2019Bolles HS6-7.5 4.667
2Caleb Snowden2020Dunbar HS6-7.5 4.667
2Donald Chaney2020Belen Jesuit Preparatory School6-7.5 4.667
2Terrence Young2019Buchholz HS6-7.5 4.667
2Trent Barnecott2020Lake Mary HS6-7.5 4.667
8Bryce Quiett2019Middleburg HS6-5.5 0.167
8Caleb Edwards2018South Fork HS6-5.5 0.167
8Dataveus Robinson2018Godby HS6-5.5 0.167
8Israel Diaz2018Citrus HS6-5.5 0.167
8Kimani Richards2019Northeast HS (Oakland Park)6-5.5 0.167
8Nyem Bozeman2020Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville)6-5.5 0.167
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Long Jump

1Alex Shields2020First Academy (Orlando)23-8.75 10
2Seneca Milledge2019Dunbar HS23-7 8
3Devondrick Miller2019Rickards HS23-4.25 6
4Dyllon Lester2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)23-4 5
5Russell Robinson2019West Orange HS23-3.5 4
6Tony Bridges2018Pine Crest HS23-2 3
7Queshun Watson-Riggins2018Sebastian River HS23-1.25 2
8Jalen Chance2019Bishop Snyder HS23-0 1
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Pole Vault

1Stone Baker2018River Ridge HS16-8.25 10
2Noah Mumme2018Satellite High School15-9 8
3Austin Thompson2018Timber Creek HS15-3 5.5
3Tucker Brace2018Land O' Lakes HS15-3 5.5
5Dominic Boddie2019Coral Springs HS14-9 3
5Kane Aldrich2018Community School of Naples14-9 3
5Kayden Cecil2018Gulf Coast HS14-9 3
8Blake Rimmer2019Pensacola Christian Academy14-3.25 0.25
8James Nutt2019Cardinal Gibbons HS14-3.25 0.25
8Kobe Babin2020Niceville HS14-3.25 0.25
8Rohan Kaushal2018Countryside HS14-3.25 0.25
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Shot Put

1Milton Ingraham2018Hallandale HS63-0 10
2Eiljah Jackson2018West Orange HS57-7.5 7
2Elijah West2018Niceville HS57-7.5 7
4Anthony Pierce2018Auburndale HS56-10.75 5
5Gary Cooper2019Christopher Columbus HS55-7.5 4
6Brad Cecil2018Bartram Trail HS55-4.25 3
7Brett Gerber2018Manatee HS54-8 2
8Caleb Hartley2020Okeechobee HS53-6.25 1
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1Jacob Lemmon2019Fort Myers HS196-5 10
2Milton Ingraham2018Hallandale HS190-8 8
3Caleb Hartley2020Okeechobee HS184-4 6
4Hunter Hummel2018Celebration HS181-5 5
5Elijah West2018Niceville HS178-0 4
6Kyle Manuel2018Springstead HS175-9 3
7Derek Akey2019Buchholz HS173-10 2
8Jesiah Pierre2019Mount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)169-4 1