4th Annual Darter Invitational 2016

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Entries are due, Wednesday, 5 PM. Thanks

The 4th Annual Darter Dash is Saturday September 17, 2016 at 8am.
The race is once again @ the Northwest Regional Complex, otherwise known as Ponkan. It is about 2 1/5 miles from the high school. Buses will need to park in the 2nd entrance, and everyone else can park in 2nd or 3rd entrance.
Timing will be done by J7 Sports Event management.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time or email me. Brian.Axon@ocps.net (407) 905-5500 x6002407 or cell 4074970442

Cost is $100 per team,(meaning the entire team) and medals will be awarded for top 7 boys and girls, with trophy going to top 2 boys and girls teams. Gatorade will be sold for small bottles $1.00, 16oz. $2.00. Spectator fee is $5.00.

Coaches meeting will be at 7:40am, and race will start at 8am with Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys and then JV.(JV race will be combined if needed).