Meet Information

Registration closes on Sunday, 2/18 at 8:59PM

Meet Schedule:

Coaches Meeting at the Finish Line; Coaches pick up field event


Start Time Field Events and 4x800m

Shot: Girls, then boys

Discus: Boys, then girls 

High Jump: Girls, then Boys 

Long Jump: Boys, then Girls 

Triple Jump Follows Long Jump 

Pole Vault: Girls, then boys 

Start Time for Running Events

100m/110m High Hurdles 

100m Dash 

1600m Run 

4x100m Relay 

400m Dash 

300m Low/Intermediate Hurdles 

800m Run 

200m Dash 

3200m Run 

4x400m Relay 

Entry Limits:

Sprints: 6 per squad

Field: 6 per squad except Long Jump/Triple Jump 4 per squad

Distance: 6 per squad for 800m; 10 for 1600m and 3200m

Relays: A and B teams allowed.