Holloway Park Middle School 3k Rally

Lakeland, FL

Meet Information

If you're a middle school and want a race to put on your schedule, come on out!!! I want to see how many teams we can get there before I make it annual...

NO REGISTRATION FEES for registrants, just email me (Ben Martucci) at events@hollowaypark.org so I can keep a running list of teams attending. Please include names of racers if you can in email. I'll then forward roster to FitNiche who is timing event.

There will be a $5.00 parking fee for parents and spectators, enough to cover the simple timing fees. No medals, no trophies, no shirts this year...just wanted to put a race on to fill a date for all you coaches and your athletes!

Meet will begin with the following:

5:30p announcements/coaches meeting if needed up by finish area/national anthem

5:45p: Girls 3k

6:15p: Boys 3k

Results will be posted as soon as they get them up!