Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

2019 Citrus County Middle School Championships

HOST: Crystal River Middle

On the Campus of Crystal River High School

Meet management has re-ordered the order of the meet. This should take advantage of all down time and actually give key events more rest time. If you have a miler who does long jump, shot or discus, please let us know immediately.

Mile Run

100 Meter Hurdles -- 10 hurdles

100 Meters


4oo Relay



1600 Relay

Schools Scheduled to compete

Citrus County Middle Schools


April 15, 2018


Coaches' Meeting: 3:00

Girls' High Jump: 3:10

Field Events: 3:30

Mile 3:35

Running Events: no later than 4:30 start time

Meet Director:

Daniel Epstein


Online at flrunners

Entry Deadline:

Friday , April 12, 5 p.m.

Entry Limits/Scoring:

Four entries per event

6 4 3 2 1

6 4 2

All can score

Warm Ups once the meet begins will be outside the track area.

Once the meet begins, no athletes will be allowed on infield. It will be a restricted area for all athletes. Will result in disqualification of school's participants in an event.

REMINDER: Coaches, remember athletes cannot be in a field event without an official or coach BEFORE or AFTER an event. Please remind them this will result in a warning and then other action. Thanks

Once the meet begins, the scoring tent area will be a restricted area.