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5k Course Map:

3k Course Map


3:00 pm Check-in/CHIP Pick-up

3:30 pm Coaches Meeting

4:15 pm Girls MS Race - 3k

4:40 pm Boys MS Race - 3k

5:00 pm Girls JV Race 5k

5:40 pm Boys JV Race 5k

6:15 pm Girls Varsity Race 5k

6:50 pm Boys Varsity Race 5k

7:20 pm Girls Elite Race 5k*

7:45 pm Boys Elite Race 5k*

8:30 pm Awards

COURSE and SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENTS: In order to create a safer environment for the athletes the race schedule will begin earlier than in previous years so that the Elite Races will be run during dusk instead of full dark. The course will be WELL LIT and well marked for easy navigation. In addition the starting line will be adjusted slightly to provide a straighter and slightly wider start. The majority of the course will still be the typical BK Stadium course traversing a variety of terrain including grass, track, gravel, wooded sections and a short steep hill.

TEAM LIMIT: Entry will be limited to the first 50 high school teams entered and 30 middle school teams.

PARTICIPATION: Teams traveling from Georgia and Alabama are sanctioned to compete at this years Katie Caples Invitational. All schools in Florida must be a member of the FHSAA in order to compete. Individuals are welcome to attend as long as they are representing their school and their school is a member of the FHSAA.

RACES: *The Elite race will host no more than the Top 20 seeded teams. Teams in the Elite and Varsity races will be able to field 10 runners. Only the top 5 runners will be scored, and only the top 7 runners will be counted for displacement in the team scores. The JV race and Middle School race is unlimited entry and starting positions will be on a first come first served basis.



Kingman Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32207

(904) 398-7545


$65 Per High School Team Per Gender

$125 Total for both Boys & Girls High School Teams

$40 Per Middle School Team Per Gender

$75 Total for both Boys & Girls Middle School Teams

$10 for individuals in High School or Middle School

Please Make Checks Payable:



Plaques to the individual winner of each of the six High School races. Plaques to the team winner & runner up of the six High School races. Ribbons and shirts to the top 20 Finishers in each of the six High School races. Plaques to the team winner of the Middle School races. Ribbons and shirts to the top 20 Finishers in each of the Middle School races.

Awards for the Middle School races will be announced after the conclusion of Middle School races. The awards for the JV, Elite Varsity, and Open Varsity races will take place at the conclusion of the meet.

ADMISSION: $5.00 admission for all adults and teens will be collected. Revenues will benefit the Katie Caples Scholarship Foundation.

CONCESSIONS: Our concession stand will offer a Variety of drinks & snacks


Entry Deadline: Tuesday, September 22th Please visit for entry details

High School Individual must register as a member of their FHSAA school team. Middle School individual entries can be emailed to Kevin Curran at

If you have any questions please call or email Coach Kevin Curran at (904)-398-7545 or

We will see you soon!

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