Rogers Park Invitational

Tampa, FL

Athlete Entries

JV Boys 8 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Ludlum, Ian Alonso HS
Kremkau, Zach 20:16.06 Alonso HS
Caravella, Connor Alonso HS
Buitrago, Andrew Alonso HS
Miller, Patrick Alonso HS
Ali, Tristan Alonso HS
Duong, Colin 22:51.70 Alonso HS
Vega, Carson Alonso HS
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JV Girls 9 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Nordin, Keris Alonso HS
Elmassry, Miriam Alonso HS
Eichler, Amy 30:16.00 Alonso HS
Southern, Abigayle Alonso HS
Phan, Ann Alonso HS
D'Angelo, Mary 29:39.40 Academy of Holy Names
Howe, Kyra Alonso HS
Howell, Makenna Alonso HS
Burdette, Natalee 28:18.03 Alonso HS
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Varsity Boys 40 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Fleischman, Benjamin 19:37.50 Strawberry Crest HS
McBride, Samuel 18:39.60 Leto HS
Pettway, Elijah 18:15.90 Chamberlain HS
Fogg, Harrison 17:21.00 Chamberlain HS
Luna, Mateo 16:37.30 Indian Rocks Christian
Winslow, Ryan 19:06.00 Alonso HS
Murray, Connor 19:15.11 Alonso HS
Joannides, Anthony 26:38.49 King HS
Howe, Cameron 18:38.40 Alonso HS
Perez, Luis 18:22.88 King HS
Ocampo, James 23:08.00 Strawberry Crest HS
Jones, Dwayne 27:51.30 Strawberry Crest HS
Evinaze, Aleckus 21:31.00 Middleton HS
Cartagena, Fabian 28:55.39 Leto HS
Lende, Nicolas 18:25.90 King HS
Mathew, Emmanual 20:35.50 Strawberry Crest HS
Turner, Caleb 28:49.00 Middleton HS
Green, Brandon 19:21.69 Leto HS
Major, Eric 18:56.71 Chamberlain HS
Taylor, Gabriel 23:51.49 Strawberry Crest HS
Wartenberg, Andrew 18:50.90 Middleton HS
Brooks, Daniel 22:33.61 Leto HS
Hermidas Otero, Adrian 18:11.96 Chamberlain HS
Cruz, Alex 18:40.61 Chamberlain HS
Maxfield, Derek Alonso HS
Vega, Andrew 18:38.80 Alonso HS
Mohamed, Abdulhakim 25:56.86 King HS
Velazquez, Kevin 18:21.24 Alonso HS
McIver, Harold 22:58.09 King HS
Hopkins, Raekwon 16:27.88 Alonso HS
Aguilar, Ian 21:13.19 King HS
Rosales, Gabriel 18:16.60 Strawberry Crest HS
Broding, Luke 20:06.00 Strawberry Crest HS
King, Timothy 21:02.83 Middleton HS
Cruz, Joell 25:04.37 Leto HS
King, Timothy 18:28.77 King HS
Rockway, Colin 17:21.19 Strawberry Crest HS
Candales, Joshua 23:45.00 Middleton HS
Giron, Gian 22:28.49 Leto HS
Davis, Jockyll 16:54.75 Chamberlain HS
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Varsity Girls 29 entries

Athlete Seed Team
McBride, Mia 26:28.31 King HS
Mallo, Natalia 22:26.30 Alonso HS
Benchick, Tia 24:55.39 Strawberry Crest HS
Hayes, Ronnique 23:09.91 King HS
Suggs, Tabitha 19:48.15 Alonso HS
Pena, Natalia 26:28.50 Strawberry Crest HS
Devenbeck, Natalie 26:14.20 King HS
Otero, Kayla 25:16.00 Strawberry Crest HS
Bowen, Micah King HS
Petrarca, Rachael 22:07.18 Academy of Holy Names
Narvaez, Emma Strawberry Crest HS
Irigoyen, Angeles 25:22.20 Strawberry Crest HS
Rodriguez, Madeline 20:32.41 Academy of Holy Names
Henry, Carlson Alonso HS
Theado, Ana Alonso HS
Khan, Isha 25:04.08 King HS
Gillett, Skyler 22:25.23 Alonso HS
Ojeda, Aaliyah 31:09.50 Strawberry Crest HS
Kompella, Amulya 23:38.83 King HS
LaBrant, Ava 21:14.66 Indian Rocks Christian
Meek, Emma 26:55.80 Strawberry Crest HS
Warren, Kourtney 22:16.81 King HS
West, Elizabeth 23:17.60 Strawberry Crest HS
Gardner, Laura 24:14.00 Strawberry Crest HS
McLeod, Ryann 21:03.78 Academy of Holy Names
Allman, Caitlyn 26:39.78 Strawberry Crest HS
Febles, Ayana 25:33.80 Leto HS
McCormick, Ella Alonso HS
Drummond, Cheyenne Alonso HS
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