Mabry Manor Invitational 2020

Tallahassee, FL
Hosted by Godby HS

Athlete Entries

HS Boys 41 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Edwards, Connor 17:22.51 Lincoln HS
Baughman, Thomas 21:07.40 Chiles HS
Bowman, Jerry 21:00.30 Lincoln HS
White, Justin 21:54.90 Chiles HS
Thomas, Enijah Rickards HS
Ebanks-Davidson, Jamal 20:57.06 Lincoln HS
McNeeley, Davis 18:49.40 Chiles HS
Gibson, Brantley 20:50.70 Rickards HS
Marcus, Justin 21:57.10 Lincoln HS
Neustadter, Daniel 18:33.40 Chiles HS
Brownlee, Jalen 17:28.40 Rickards HS
McGinnis, Malcolm 19:44.70 Lincoln HS
Middleton, Ben 18:46.00 Chiles HS
Dougherty, Jordan 23:47.50 Lincoln HS
Miles, Gabriel 19:38.26 Rickards HS
Garner, Joseph 18:49.40 Chiles HS
Nicholson, Elijah 21:23.30 Lincoln HS
Dunphy, Colin 18:47.40 Chiles HS
Moore, Amarie 19:10.21 Godby HS
Gray, Lincoln 18:31.77 Lincoln HS
Canavan, Tyler 18:42.90 Chiles HS
Blay, Elijah 18:52.79 Chiles HS
Kanji, Janak 26:43.00 Lincoln HS
Callen, Taylor 20:08.40 Chiles HS
McClendon, Joshua Rickards HS
McLeod, Joseph 17:57.72 Lincoln HS
Ray, Parker Chiles HS
Dickey, Daveontae 23:42.50 Rickards HS
Cottrell, Tristan 23:31.00 Lincoln HS
Failma, Danny 21:11.69 Chiles HS
Garrison, Lucca 20:21.40 Rickards HS
McNeal, Donovan 19:05.20 Lincoln HS
Morris, nathan 18:43.70 Chiles HS
Walker III, Stanley 22:27.34 Rickards HS
Romuald, Mason 22:00.00 Lincoln HS
Kellberg, Alex 18:34.50 Chiles HS
Wright, Khary 17:04.33 Lincoln HS
Franklin, Owen 18:33.90 Chiles HS
Tucker, shiQuel 18:51.80 Godby HS
Romuald, Griffin 23:49.21 Lincoln HS
Guillen, Tony 19:31.90 Chiles HS
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HS Girls 27 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Maxwell, Mary 29:21.20 Chiles HS
Duty, Miriam 30:24.50 Lincoln HS
Whittier, Lauren 20:08.44 Lincoln HS
Crawford, Raina 22:26.40 Chiles HS
Eggers, Caroline 27:47.10 Lincoln HS
Miranda, Elizabeth Rickards HS
Walker, Lily 22:45.43 Lincoln HS
Buchanan, Naomi 27:49.60 Lincoln HS
Linville, Margaret 27:53.30 Lincoln HS
Caulkins, Anna 23:53.90 Lincoln HS
Williams, Skye 23:44.00 Lincoln HS
Kristian, Kaitlyn 25:19.10 Chiles HS
Jones, Amaya 22:43.25 Godby HS
McCray, Lauren 26:24.96 Lincoln HS
Miles, Jasmine 27:47.20 Chiles HS
Morse, Bethany 24:09.80 Lincoln HS
Ferguson, Elise 21:36.60 Chiles HS
Vannoy, Abigayle 23:33.40 Lincoln HS
Ochoa, Allison 28:52.50 Lincoln HS
White, Delaney 27:54.90 Lincoln HS
Oliver, Ansley 24:40.00 Lincoln HS
Kessler, Elizabeth 25:06.60 Lincoln HS
Bullough, Katherine 24:40.00 Lincoln HS
Thompson, Anaya 22:41.32 Godby HS
Scorsone, Desiree Lincoln HS
Kiros, Leah 25:53.60 Chiles HS
Hemenway, Alima 24:17.96 Lincoln HS
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