Meet Information

Date- Friday, October, 30th, 2020
Timer- Chris Kail From Elite Timing
Starter- Derek Monroe
Cost- $150 total ($75 each)
Payment - Make checks out to West Orange High School: Cross Country
Race Schedule
8:00AM- District 6 Girls
8:30AM- District 6 Boys
9:00AM- District 7 Girls
9:30AM- District 7 Boys
10:00AM- District 8 Girls
10:30AM- District 8 Boys
Advancement From District to Regionals
The top 3 placing teams per district for each gender and the top 4 placing individuals,
not members of an advancing team, will advance to regionals
Team Champion Trophy for each gender per district
Top 3 teams advancing to regionals will be recognized
Top 4 placing Individuals not apart of an advancing team will receive ribbons and be
1st-3rd overall finisher for each gender will be recognized in each District
Awards Presentation For Each District
Awards presentations for each district will be done separately. They will be done after
the completion of the boys race in each district. For Example: District 6 Girls and Boys
will run and awards will be presented for that district 15 mins after the boys finish.