Brent Haley Interview Series

Brent Haley interview, Part 3: Training Champions Jason Byrne Sep 14, 2009

This is the third of four parts of the interview by Jason Byrne and Gary Cohen of Florida's all-time winning-most cross country coach Brent Haley. This one should be of a lot of interest to coaches because it focuses on training and techniques to coach championship teams.  Subscribers only! 

Brent Haley Interview, Part 1: A History Lesson Jason Byrne Sep 3, 2009

Coach Haley is perhaps the best coach ever in Florida.  His teams dominated during the 70s and 80s like none other.  We are doing four parts of this interview series:  history, building a dynasty, training, race strategy.  This first part on history takes us through Coach Haley's memories of those times, his teams, his competitors, his influences, and the story of his running/coaching career.

Brent Haley's Largo Team named 1983 National Champs in XC Legacy Series Jason Byrne Aug 7, 2009

The XC Legacy Series is a huge undertaking by MileSplit editor Aron Taylor.  He seeks to bridge the gap of history and honor some of the great teams of the past.  His quest to find the greatest teams in the nation this week leads him back to 1983.  After extensive research, including a phone interview with the great Coach Brent Haley, Taylor concludes that Largo High School is the 1983 National Champion!  Read the full story here...