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15 days ago What is the start time for the meet??? Trying to get a bus
Can you post or send out a revised race schedule so that I can schedule a bus.
15 days ago Due to Hurricane I didn't add all my runners to my roster
Can I add more runners to the roster. Due to the hurricane I didn't add my new runners.
12 months ago Results
@runboylan please send me team results garzial@martin.k12.fl.us thank you so much
2 years ago flrunners.com Invitational 18 2017
For Varsity runners you can enter 10. So 10 varsity runners can run with 7 scored correct?
2 years ago Spanish River XC Invitational, 35th Annual 2017
In the meet note is state you can enter 10 varsity and 7 will be scored. Then later on by what yo...
2 years ago entry fee for spectators
Coach what is the entry fee for spectators?