About Me

Running history- Started running in 1978 and still love to run!!
High school Baytown Texas Ross Sterling high school.
Attended Ranger Jr. College our team was 5th at XC nationals.
I have been the girls cross country and track coach at King high for 9 years.
I would love to race on the track again and do some xc racing as well.

current weekly mileage 35/40
PR's 1600 4:27 3200 10:02 5k 15:55 10k 32:25 15K 51:35 13.1 1:16 marathon 2:57 the 5k and up were all done in my late 20's early 30's haven't raced much since age of 40!
Goals is to race 5k 10k at the age of 51 and be back at sub 18's and 35's for 10k!

Discussion Posts

2 months ago Watch live
I have been trying to login to watch the event! I have a pro account and all the site does is tak...
3 months ago District 3a-5 Final notes
Coaches, the meet is all set and ready for some good competition. Here are some final notes 1) ...
1 year ago Meet entries 3a D8
@Freshfrozen Meet info Gates open at 6:30 No parking [ However if parents would like to make a...
1 year ago Meet entries 3a D8
@aahonen07 You can run 10 runners but can have 15 on your roster.
1 year ago Meet entries 3a D8
Hey everyone it is not necessary to do entries for the district meet the entries are based on our...
2 years ago So much for the 4 x 800 / 4 x 400 state meet double....
@mbecker Region host can set the race schedule however they want. But it would be nice too have...
2 years ago central division meet
Coaches all JV runners will run the varsity races! Also this meet is only for Hillsborough county...
3 years ago Best Long Distance Runners in 2000's-From Deak to Hicks
@erik yep..
3 years ago Regional meet info
Where can we find the start time or meet schedule for region 3a-3? Thanks
3 years ago FACA Senior All-Star Meet, Holloway Park, Nov. 16-17, 2018
@CoachRaposo if a spot is open Alex Quesada Perez would like to be part of the west team ( Gaithe...
3 years ago Race schedule
Where can I the start times for this meet? 3a Coaches meeting and race schedule? Thanks
3 years ago Lecanto Invitational =Please read- final schedule, parking concerns, etc.
When will all the results be posted?
4 years ago Lecanto Invitational 2018
This is Coach Bingham @ King High I was wondering if we could get into your meet,we ran it last s...
4 years ago Manage my Team?
Is there a way to delete or hide old athletes from the roster so that you don't see them on the e...
4 years ago Major issue with this years meet
Sorry to hear about this! However as a coach of 18 years I tell my athletes you finish the race a...
4 years ago Coaching Distance help.
[quote=coachboza]I've been away from coaching cross country for four years and one thing I notice...
4 years ago 3a-3 region
Any truth in a restructuring of districts or regions in XC for next season?
4 years ago District Data Templates
@Halfmiletiming Sorry for not getting back to you but I rarely go on this page! I do have the t...
4 years ago 5 Meet Rule
I am hosting a district meet and so there would be no issues with the 5 meet rule I got clarifica...
5 years ago Cross Country State Championships (date question)
Just guessing here but I am sure they would wait it out that day, other wise run on Sunday ... Ag...
5 years ago Summer conditioning
What type of fun workouts would anyone care to share that makes the summer running a bit more fun...
5 years ago Lecanto Invitational 2017
What is the entry fee for both genders for this meet. I want to get you paid early.
5 years ago 3a-3 region
Can someone tell me if there were awards for top four finishers? Thanks
5 years ago Revise the 5 meet required rule
@rcrabtree Not sure how they make these decisions and what they base them on, however they need t...
5 years ago Hillsborough County Championship 3m or 5K
@TGrasley Funny that this came up, I said this exact thing to a few coaches especially for our co...
5 years ago 3A District 9 2016
Is there a course map?
5 years ago How many runners can participate?
It is ten runners for district and any of those 10 can run regions.
5 years ago Disney Cross Country Classic 2016
Is there a way to view your entry list?
5 years ago Disney Cross Country Classic 2016
Is there a way to see your entry list?
5 years ago Disney Cross Country Classic 2016-schedule
@hansm013 How do I get the wavier for each runner?
5 years ago Disney Cross Country Classic 2016-schedule
@fkugel I read 25.00 i hope its 17.00
5 years ago Central Hillsborough Meet 2016
This is coach Bingham could you please remove the password so that teams may enter meet. This m...
5 years ago Jim Ryun results
@bing28 Great job by all who raced in this meet! will be interesting to see how Micaela does t...
6 years ago Wesley Chapel Wildcat Invitational 2016
How is the course? What percent is pavement?
6 years ago Synthetic 8-9 lane tracks
In Hillsborough county Jefferson leto wharton steinbrenner spoto gaither jesuit berkeley all have...
6 years ago Synthetic 8-9 lane tracks
@TGrasley King High has a rubber track but only 6 lanes on the back side 200 too the finish is 8 ...
6 years ago Land O' Lakes Gator 2016
When can we edit our entries? Thanks
6 years ago 800, 1600, 3200 Triple
[quote=phb1]The 2-day format is really making a difference in allowing the athletes to perform th...
6 years ago 800, 1600, 3200 Triple
3a Krissy Gear PV 800,1600,3200 this format has made it easier to attempt.
6 years ago Stop having 3 Pm Regional Finals
Here is the bigger deal, kids are use to the schedule and if it's going to be changed they should...
6 years ago FHSAA 3A Region 3 2016
Is there a coaches packet / parking passes going out to schools via email?
6 years ago FHSAA 3A District 11 2016
Heat sheets say two section of the girls 800 but there is only one section listed.
6 years ago Region 3a-3
Was just looking at the time schedule for this meet and was wondering if it is correct.. 1600 at ...
6 years ago Hillsborough County National Division Western Conference 2016
Great meet yesterday good all around effort at getting the meet done. What wrong with the result...
6 years ago Dreadnaught Duals 2016
This is coach Bingham froM King HS in tampa, we are on spring break that week beginning tomorrow ...
6 years ago Fivay Invitational 2016
@CoachHoward raise some money and get yours done..
6 years ago Fivay Invitational 2016
Is this track a rubber track or asphalt?
6 years ago Wharton Wildcat Invitational 2016
How do you get password to enter the meet..
6 years ago Rules and uniforms
[quote=step1]Do we still need numbers on the back of uniforms[/quote] @step1 yes not sure why ...
6 years ago Florida Boys Distance Running
@JcoleXC2014 I think when you have a group of kids throughout the state running fast it helps m...