Juan Ayala

Winter Haven, FL

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1 year ago XCountry Meet
Hello Coach I have a question, I have 1 girl in the high school event and 5 boys in high school, ...
1 year ago Date for meet?
Good afternoon, I need to know the fee for this meet and the start time please?
1 year ago Edit runners
I can't edit my roster, you think this race is going to happen or they cancel it? If they going t...
3 years ago Password
Hello Meet director, I am trying to get the password for one of my runner that is interesting in ...
4 years ago Polk County Championships 2017
@ckailjr I have 5 high school athletes that wants to run please I need the password I know that...
4 years ago Polk County Championships 2017
I am still waiting for the password to register in the race. Please let me know ASAP
4 years ago PreHEAT Meet 2016
If the meet is postponed when you think we will have it?
4 years ago Polk County Championships 2017
I need the password to register. Coach Ayala Oasis Christian Academy
4 years ago Run the Roc 2017
Hello, I have a question if someone can answer, I have 4 boys and 1 girl running in this meet how...
4 years ago George Whitmire Classic 2017
Hello, just a question, I have only 1 girl but I need to pay the whole amount for a team even tha...
4 years ago flrunners.com Invitational 18 2017
Hello, I want to ask a question why they charge $50 for single runner in High school and only $15...
6 years ago Early Hawk Special XC Invitational 2015
How you can withdraw from a meet?