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7 days ago Timing
How much fun would it be adding the point totals up to award the team trophies without one =)
1 month ago Timing
@cwiklid It says it will be............................................
2 months ago Footlocker South
@Adair Lyden First female maybe? Clemente definitely qualified for Foot Locker Nationals his j...
2 months ago Footlocker South
Hicks wins at NXR!
3 months ago Which ARP HS Record goes down?
@Amb2021 You will see well over 100 boys do it...so enjoy it!
3 months ago Which ARP HS Record goes down?
Not sure Hicks will have enough competition to push him under 15.
3 months ago Toughest Regions to Qualify Out Of
Sounds like we have a new volunteer for articles! Welcome to the team.
3 months ago Satellite teams
District 13-16 would be in region 4, they are district 13.
3 months ago MS boys teams to watch
Congrats to all the teams who competed today!
3 months ago Cheating
@cstrack Lol
4 months ago Great American Cross Country Festival
Justin is continuing to kill it Coach!
4 months ago FSU XC Invite / PreState
Who is excited for emails at 6:30pm and all day tomorrow?????
4 months ago Results
Just before the race gets started!
4 months ago Password
This thread is gold!!! Being a meet director must be so much fun.
4 months ago Wickham Jamboree Still short?
@paul a opitz Is the middle school course a mile loop?
4 months ago Individual upper elementary particpant
@hansm013 Is parking free this year? Entry to the park also free for spectators? Nice to k...
4 months ago Individual upper elementary particpant
@hansm013 So for $100 I can bring one of my boys to run for 8 minutes, seems reasonable:)
4 months ago FM Invite Results
@CoachRaposo [url=https://www.textfixer.com/html/convert-word-to-html.php]https://www.textfixe...
4 months ago Celebration High School
Did you email the race director
4 months ago Team races
No, that takes effort :)
4 months ago Password
Questions and concerns can be emailed to Chris Sumner @ LFCSumner3@aol.com and Amanda Heidecker a...
4 months ago 2A Region 1
Boys Cross Country Lou Turecky 904-771-1029 x8990 louturecky@bishopsnyder.org. Girls Cross Countr...
4 months ago Girls Runner of the Week
That’s a lot of followers. Somehow I think the other girls will manage and they will race again...
4 months ago FM Invite Results
5 months ago FM Invite Results
I copied over Middle School Results from the timers website, can they be added in to profiles?
5 months ago Personal coach in high school
@jlafollette I would have went Katelyn Tuohy over Grace Ping with your comparisons =)
5 months ago Middle School Course was 2 miles, not 3K
Thanks for letting us know! I’ll check back in 2 days for another update.
5 months ago Next Great One?
@jdpsu Yeah and Magoulas was like 17th at the 3a State Meet for high school as an 8th grader l...
5 months ago Holloway Park Jamboree
@marczimm74 He was talking about another meet, not the jamboree, think Chris posted what he ne...
5 months ago Next Great One?
@jdpsu He was a part of an epic 1500 at the FLYRA finals where he finished 3rd. Him Magoulas fro...
5 months ago Holloway Park Jamboree
@WarnerTFXC See the link for the Pre-season Invite on 9/1 above.
5 months ago Holloway Park Jamboree
Believe the event is just for elementary and middle school ages.
5 months ago Central Hills Invite results
@paul a opitz Did you recruit those girls?
5 months ago XC high school workout
@dcoach Definitely should way the pros and cons, if he has been running since the 3rd grade, I...
5 months ago XC high school workout
@dcoach Depends on the effort level from the athlete, was it a tempo run? Warmup? Cooldown? Wa...
5 months ago XC workouts
@dcoach What’s the end goal? How many weeks? Do you have goal races? Any base or are you...
5 months ago Runner names
That doesn’t seem right though, seems like putting the packets together at midnight before the ...
5 months ago Runner names
Registration Closes:August 24, 2018 at Midnight EST
5 months ago 4A Regional Ranking Stats - All wrong
@discusdad Brandon Miles used codes and the website share button, he didn’t compile any data...
5 months ago 4A Boys Rankings
@jason Have you noticed when you put an email it messes it up on the board?
6 months ago Fl Runners Invite
@jason Any chance of a later start then? It wouldn’t even be possible for us to get there. D...
6 months ago Fl Runners Invite
@jason What about the Middle School division? Is it really on Friday when the kids are still i...
6 months ago Is cross country in Maxpreps ranking
@ccmhs Qualification to the State Series starts at the District meet, rankings mean nothing. T...
6 months ago New Meet Registration Pages
@coachbutler I think someone shipped him his red stapler:)
6 months ago meet for 8/18
@faith62 What meet?
6 months ago Jim Ryun Invite
Will the 1k/2k be ran this year after the 3k?
@larrymeyervi Doubt you get an answer here. Email Coach Bumpus, his email can be found on the...
6 months ago Todd Grasley
@coachgreg7 This discussion board is dead and will rarely get you any answers=) Although his ...
6 months ago flrunners.com Invitational 19 2018
Will the middle school races be changed back to Saturday like they have always been if nobody sig...
6 months ago Hicks & Hendrix
Ani comes to mind for sure. Not sure what classification she will end up in! Thought for sure...