Sue O'Malley

Port Orange, FL

About Me

I am married to J.J. O'Malley. We have one daughter Erin Marie O'Malley. She is a junior at Father Lopez High School. We live in Port Orange Fl. Our family is very active in our church community.

Discussion Posts

3 months ago Sharks Invitational
Just wanted to say thank you to the coaching staff and the administration of Atlantic high School...
10 months ago Trinity Prep Invitational 2018 - Live Results Link
Thank you to Trinity Prep for running a great meet. Our athletes had a blast! I was excited to go...
1 year ago Thank You
To the Administration, AD and coaching staff at Holy trinity, Thank you for an awesome Reg...
1 year ago Coaching Position
Father Lopez Catholic High School is looking for a track sprint and throwing coach for the spring...
1 year ago when did hammer throw become part of xc meet at West Orange Invitational see results for Father Lope
1 year ago Katie Caples
Father Lopez would like thank Coach Curran and Bishop Kinney for putting on a fabulous Katie Capl...
2 years ago Holy Trinity
You did a great job there. Best wishes in your new position. Thanks for great Region meets in xc!
2 years ago Holy Trinity
Good to hear! Thought it was a strange rumor.
2 years ago Holy Trinity
I heard st the state meet the Holy Trinity coaches were leaving. That is too bad. Who will take o...
2 years ago Thank you
I want to give a big shout out to Elitetiming and all of district 9 1A teams for one fabulous dis...
2 years ago Deland Mile times
The results are posted from the Big D relay on line but the mile times have not been uploaded on ...
2 years ago Jeff Wenworth Relay Meet
Is this meet now on a Friday and not Saturday March 4th?
2 years ago District Planning Meetings
Our AD received an email the other day and ours is set for December 7th District 9 1A.I am sure m...
2 years ago XC State Finals Prediction Contest: Enter Now!
1A Boys Individuals Hyland Skielink LaBrant Girls Individuals Folio Blair Rovin Team...
2 years ago Revise the 5 meet required rule
I would love to get on the FHSSA Advisory board for next year. There are many things that need to...
2 years ago State prediction contest?
Who won the flrunners contest on Oct 1st?
2 years ago Race Of Champions Prediction Contest! Know Your Stuff? Win Sweet Swag
@alex0708 My picks for ROC Girls 1. Bailey Hentenstein 2. Rafella Gibbins 3. Amanda Beach 4...
2 years ago Thank You
The Father Lopez Xc teams would like to thank coach Curran and Bishop Kinney for putting on an in...
2 years ago FHSAA
Thank u that makes more sense.
2 years ago FHSAA
I hear you! I am the one that sent him the note about this ruling because I wanted to make sure b...
2 years ago Registering
@olds8263 what do u need to know coach
2 years ago Xc team scores
Can't seem to pull up Xc scores for rankings for virtual meets. Can anyone else? Thanks
2 years ago Jim Ryun results
@Grete thank you
2 years ago Jim Ryun results
2 years ago Jim Ryun results
Saw results for the Jim Ryun results on Coolrunning. But where are the Jv results and team scores...
2 years ago Entering athletes for Holy trinity Invational on 9/3/16
Our teams are entered and paid for the Holy Trinity Invitational on September 3rd. Trying to ente...
2 years ago Wickham Park Jamboree
Thank you for a great Jamboree! We loved it! Where can we find team results? Best wishes to a...
2 years ago FHSAA
From My previous question why a state roster of 15 for state series? Thanks
2 years ago FHSAA
My question is this- why run 10 runners in Districts and why do we have a state roster for the st...
3 years ago Jeff Wentworth Relays 2016
I have a young lady who just started pole vaulting this year what is the starting height if any? ...
3 years ago FACA clinic
I just want to thank Dan and all the special guest coaches who showed up to make the FACA clinic...
3 years ago FACA Plus Track & Field Clinic - for coaches and athletes!
Thank you! I will also have to do some cloning myself. I am a one woman coach show and need to to...
3 years ago FACA Plus Track & Field Clinic - for coaches and athletes!
Is there a schedule of what events will be taught at what times. I gave athletes interested in co...
3 years ago Schedule
Is there a schedule for the hands on training at Riddle for Saturday and Sunday? Thank you!
3 years ago Track position
Father Lopez Catholic High School is looking for a sprint and thrower coach. Please contact somal...
3 years ago FHSAA 1A Region 3 2015
Is there going to be a formal email or type of notice going out to al of the AD's and coaches in ...
3 years ago District teams
If there are only three schools that have full teams in the district meet, how many teams move ou...
3 years ago Pre state
When will we know what race we will be in for the pre state meet next weekend? Thank you!
3 years ago Thank you
Just wanted to say thank you so much for an awesome meet. I am so glad we decided to come to this...
3 years ago Race Of Champions Prediction Contest! Know Your Stuff? Win Sweet Swag
3 years ago UF meet
When will the UF meet be up on directAthletics? Thanks
3 years ago UF Mt. Dew Invitational 2015
Does the Direcathletic site have the regsitration up yet for the UF meet?
4 years ago XC and Track Coach new to Orlando
4 years ago FHSAA Outdoor State Finals, Friday 2015
Willl ther be an on line state track meeting or do we need to attend the meeting on Friday mornin...
4 years ago FHSAA 1A Region 2 2015
Does anyone know what the schedule is for the Region 2 1A Meet for Thursday is going to be? ...
4 years ago FHSAA 1A District 6 2015
@DAWoodbine Getting ready to send out a new revised schedule to our whole district!
4 years ago UNF Spring Break Invitational 2015
This is Father Lopez again trying to get my team regsi edit enteries or what was asked of me to d...
4 years ago UNF Spring Break Invitational 2015
Coach, I am having the same problem as the other coach trying to sumbit thier athletes int...
4 years ago Hammock Hardware's East Coast Classic 2015
Any information on the meet? Entry fees and schedule? Thanks!
4 years ago Article Comment: 8th Annual and Final Jimmy Carnes Indoor Track and Field Meet to be contested in th