Spotlight Coaches: Peter Eagleson - Osceola High School

Peter Eagleson coaches cross country and track at Osceola Fundamental High School and has led the team to the state meet two years in a row. We learn more about Eagleson and the Osceola cross country team in this Spotlight Coaches feature.

How long have you been coaching?

2006 to present = 11 years at Osceola  - Head Coach of Girls and Boys Cross Country/Head Coach of Girls Track

1984 to 2000 = 16 years at Eckerd College - Head Coach of Girls and Boys Cross Country

 What was your favorite victory/success that the girls and boys team has had?

For the girls, I would say two years ago, in back to back races. First at the 3A Region 3 meet at Holloway Park, where the girls were rrunner-up, followed closely by the 5th place finish at the 3A State Meet.

For the boys it was In 2012, also featuring two meets. They won the 3A District 10 meet and then were the first Osceola boys team to qualify for the State Meet by placing 6th at the 3A Region 3 meet in Estero. 

Are there any new promising freshmen joining the team this year?

Yes, we have a good group of incoming freshman. I expect about 3 to make significant contributions this season.

What does the top seven look like for both girls and boys this year?

On both sides, we graduated 2 seniors who were top 7 seven runners, so we have a good nucleus of returners.

What is the ultimate goal for both teams this season?  

The ultimate goal of both teams would be to make it to the State Championships.  We really just focus on getting better as the season progresses.

What big invitationals are the team attending this year? 

Our first meet was the Jim Ryun Invitational (won girls team title). We will also be attending the North Port Invitational, and FLRunners.

What do you believe is the most beneficial track/tempo workout to prepare the team during a week of a big race?

It really depends on what part of the season the meet is being held. Earlier in the season we will do longer interval type workouts. Later in the season, they will be shorter.

How much longer do you plan on coaching at Osceola? 

I have no set time table on that subject.  I love what I do, I teach a great subject (Driver Ed.) at an incredible school, the kids are phenomenal, and I am healthy.  Hopefully, I have many more years at Osceola.


"Coach Eagleson is one of the most passionate people I have ever seen about his job. This season as I walked into his class room, coach told me all about a coaches clinic he attended, and I could see the excitement in his eyes as he talked about the training ideas, foam rolling, and stretching tips he learned from the 5 and a half hours seminar. Not many people would be so excited to hear about foam rolling and stretching for 5 and a half hours. But, Coach Eagleson is, because coaching cross country is his life and passion."

"The passion that he has for this sport benefits our team greatly because it creates drive and motivation for our team to want to succeed. I think that is a crucial element to our team dynamics and success, and it's all thanks to Coach Eagleson's dedication."

--Olivia Dorsky, junior on the Osceola cross country team.

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