George Jenkins HS Results

Girls Athlete Place Results
5000 Meter Run
18:56.19 Anna Sentner 10th Race of Champions Girls
19:01.66 Alicia Ruiz 11th Race of Champions Girls
20:34.71 Amy Frisch 37th Race of Champions Girls
21:36.42 Azalia Dieguez 71st Race of Champions Girls
22:00.23 Kiley Strickland 86th Race of Champions Girls
22:39.00 Viktorya Manno 8th JV Blue Girls
22:42.19 Lauren Musselman 110th Race of Champions Girls
23:25.29 Haley Fay 143rd Race of Champions Girls
23:39.16 Abbigale Harper 154th Race of Champions Girls
24:14.45 Caroline Mason 15th JV Blue Girls
24:14.45 Autumn Richarz 16th JV Blue Girls
24:36.37 Sarah Kilby 18th JV Blue Girls
25:26.57 SB Lydia Cline 73rd Small School Girls
25:29.76 Roxana Hernandez 27th JV Blue Girls
25:38.62 Sage Koury 30th JV Blue Girls
26:04.07 Emily Coover 34th JV Blue Girls
26:45.43 Heaven Barr 37th JV Blue Girls
26:53.35 Caitlin Maguire 41st JV Blue Girls
27:44.97 Lilliano Ramos 50th JV Blue Girls
28:09.11 Nicole Harris 51st JV Blue Girls
30:23.84 Emily Holjes 82nd JV Blue Girls
Boys Athlete Place Results
5000 Meter Run
16:33.75 Brady Zimmerman 11th Race of Champions Boys
18:13.14 Kevin Childers 75th Race of Champions Boys
18:21.73 Brendan Moore 88th Race of Champions Boys
18:29.06 Ryan Chapman 98th Race of Champions Boys
18:34.71 Seth Brickhouse 106th Race of Champions Boys
18:46.54 Kirkland Loftin 117th Race of Champions Boys
19:42.32 Thomas Townley 162nd Race of Champions Boys
20:33.48 Andrew Guerrero 17th JV Blue Boys
20:39.46 Andrew Chambers 180th Race of Champions Boys
20:48.44 James Ko 19th JV Blue Boys
22:05.00 Chase Waelbroeck 36th JV Blue Boys
22:11.42 Sean Van Loan 38th JV Blue Boys
23:02.37 Dalton Tervin 53rd JV Blue Boys
23:17.12 Evan Phillips 56th JV Blue Boys
23:26.88 Matthew Michels 58th JV Blue Boys
24:05.40 Timothy Michels 68th JV Blue Boys