Newsome HS Results

Girls Athlete Place Results
5000 Meter Run
18:10.36 Bailey Hertenstein 1st Race of Champions Girls
19:24.58 Emma Solis 15th Race of Champions Girls
19:47.72 Keleigh Scallon 19th Race of Champions Girls
20:57.54 Isabelle Guevara 46th Race of Champions Girls
21:34.44 Alexa Newbold 69th Race of Champions Girls
21:54.37 Hannah Hoffman 81st Race of Champions Girls
22:00.42 Adriana Kanarek 1st JV White Girls
22:02.15 Juliana Tragakis 87th Race of Champions Girls
22:39.81 Katie Dunn 3rd JV White Girls
22:42.96 Haillie Stephens 4th JV White Girls
23:11.03 Abby Sutton 7th JV White Girls
23:22.46 Madisson Hunley 8th JV White Girls
24:02.16 Ashleigh Primacio 10th JV White Girls
24:05.20 Kristin Reagin 11th JV White Girls
24:10.50 Mia Cafaro 12th JV White Girls
24:23.23 Erin McAneny 14th JV White Girls
25:02.58 Rachel Forsythe 21st JV White Girls
25:08.98 Marissa Levine 23rd JV White Girls
25:17.96 Kaitlyn Hankard 26th JV White Girls
26:52.27 Madeleine McAneny 55th JV White Girls
27:15.59 Kathryn Mowery 65th JV White Girls
27:23.11 Baylee Antonelli 69th JV White Girls
27:41.96 Megan Sacripanti 78th JV White Girls
27:48.46 Mallory Hirn 81st JV White Girls
28:15.53 Natalie Bugielski 90th JV White Girls
28:50.89 Zoe Mithaug 108th JV White Girls
29:18.12 Catalina Smith 118th JV White Girls
29:57.26 Kylie Moon 129th JV White Girls
33:48.81 Kathryn Barron 181st JV White Girls
Boys Athlete Place Results
5000 Meter Run
16:44.21 Alex Bugielski 18th Race of Champions Boys
16:54.56 Chris Pinedo 23rd Race of Champions Boys
18:04.10 Daniel Barron 65th Race of Champions Boys
18:05.39 Liam Summers 69th Race of Champions Boys
18:15.23 Macarius Wright 80th Race of Champions Boys
18:17.04 Hunter McAdams 83rd Race of Champions Boys
18:33.16 Joshua Bernard 104th Race of Champions Boys
18:51.27 Dominic Acosta 123rd Race of Champions Boys
19:00.90 Zachary Cale 134th Race of Champions Boys
19:11.34 Ivan Dugan 143rd Race of Champions Boys
19:20.17 Cyrus Mendez 11th JV White Boys
19:46.10 Zachary Gailey 18th JV White Boys
19:56.03 David Sanchez 21st JV White Boys
20:20.87 McKay Bradshaw 34th JV White Boys
20:23.92 Michael Bradbourne 39th JV White Boys
20:25.99 Shelton Lyons 41st JV White Boys
20:35.98 Tomas Saavedra 49th JV White Boys
20:41.96 Jonathan Kanarek 53rd JV White Boys
21:02.10 David Brickhaus 63rd JV White Boys
21:06.49 James Allinder 66th JV White Boys
21:11.26 SB Preston Perkins 71st JV White Boys
21:33.54 Carrington Bradshaw 85th JV White Boys
22:06.75 Connor Kirby 106th JV White Boys
22:19.83 Aaron Mittelstadt 116th JV White Boys
22:36.73 Zachary Swanovich 129th JV White Boys
22:37.13 Braden Desouza 130th JV White Boys
22:49.93 Benjamin Marshe 139th JV White Boys
23:06.59 Jason Steinbach 158th JV White Boys
23:19.50 William Hottenstein 167th JV White Boys
24:02.25 Austin Birch 213th JV White Boys
24:30.48 Joshua Brickhaus 233rd JV White Boys
24:39.34 Garrett Bass 234th JV White Boys
25:27.46 William Johnson 254th JV White Boys
25:58.87 Kovid Krishnan 280th JV White Boys
27:25.50 Andrew Caceres 310th JV White Boys
27:47.39 Joseph Rissler 318th JV White Boys
28:11.35 Nathaniel Stull 327th JV White Boys