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Colors:Blue, Red, and White
FHSAA 4A Outdoor
GMAC South
4A District 15 CC M
4A Region 4 Outdoor
4A District 15 Outdoor M
4A Region 4 CC
Greater Miami Athletic Conference
FACA South Region CC


2016 was a good year for Floridians at NXNSE. For the first time in the meet's history, the Sunshine State sent two individual qualifiers to the national meet in...
The 2009 Columbus boys advanced to Nike Cross Nationals after finishing as the NXNSE runner-up. The team finished 22nd out of 22 teams, but Coach Fleitas says NXN was...
The Belen Jesuit boys won NXN Southeast in 2011, but they aren't the top team in our legacy team scores which takes all athletes from a given program and forms an "all...
The Race of Champions is the top event at Invitational 17, but don't count out the invitational events which will split both the male and female genders of...
Teri Bernhardt-Rodriguez was on-site at Tropic Park as South Florida athletes tackled the tough terrain to see who would be crowned king of the hill. Over 850 photos of...


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cfhosford wrote
at March 05, 2014 11:57 EST
Frank Lagotic passed away in February 2014. Frank was a terrific miler, and a breakthrough athlete in the early 1960s in Florida. Previously, most mile runs at the state high school level were won in the 4:30s, often slower, with a few dipping below that slightly. As a high schooler, Frank drove this down to 4:21.6 in 1963, just edging out another fine miler from Miami Edison, Farnum Smith, a few tenths back. Smith was state mile champ for big schools, and Frank was mile champion for smaller schools, but on this occasion Frank nailed Farnum at the tape at the Coral Gables Invitational. Frank was a teammate of mine at both Christopher Columbus HS as well as the Univ of Florida. I was fortunate to beat him a few times at 1 or 2 miles, but he was a formidable competitor and achieved strongly in the SE conference at UF. I will add one negative thing about those days, that hurt Frank and many others: Frank could have been MUCH better than only a 4:07 miler. There was ignorant coaching in those days at the Univ of Florida, and perhaps at many other colleges, that ran all us boys ragged in brutal training sessions day in and day out, and we having to compete in three hectic seasons in 9 months ... XC, indoor track, and outdoor track. This schedule was insane, and caused multiple breakdowns. The coaches then (their names are known to many, and includes a U.S. Olympic "coach"), had no idea how to develop athletes slowly and surely. A few succeeded, but many were discarded and broken. I believe Frank, a superior talent, only scratched the surface of his ability. I remember those days fondly for other reasons, including Frank's friendship. May he rest in peace.
hellion3 wrote
at October 27, 2008 00:22 EDT
make me proud boys -Cugno