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10600 Riverside Drive, Coral Springs, FL 33071

Phone: (954) 344-2300 Fax: (954) 344-5837 Web Site

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Colors:Blue, White and Gray
FHSAA 4A Outdoor
4A District 12 CC
4A District 12 Outdoor
4A Region 3 Outdoor
4A Region 3 CC
Broward County Athletic Association
FACA South Region CC

Team Announcements

Posted by Craig Davis on 10-31-2010
Posted by Isaiah Rivera on 10-31-2010
Posted by Brandon Grajeda on 10-31-2010
Posted by Brandon Grajeda on 10-31-2010
Posted by Brandon Grajeda on 10-31-2010


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1600maddict wrote
at December 03, 2007 19:02 EST
i run the mile and two mile, it's nice to meet you Coach Richardson. Thank you soo much for returning my post. I'll be a senior next year, your girls coach sent me a message and I think next year will be a good year for Taravella. Keep in touch.
Lilsige08 wrote
at November 25, 2007 19:40 EST
it depends on the event that you are running, hi my name is charles richardson i am the sprint captain for the school..track team long distance wise the team is excellent
1600maddict wrote
at November 07, 2007 20:50 EST
Hello, I am from Houston, texas and will probably be attending J.P. taravella when ever i move this upcoming june. i was wondering how strong is the team and the time i need to hit to make varsity. Roland