Prestate: Mizereck Wins with CR 15:17; Fluehr in 18:01


Complete Results now posted.  Photos albums posted.


Boys Elite

Derek Wehunt lead the race for two miles, hitting the mile split in 4:49 and then 9:48 for two miles.  Then he hit the wall.  He was over taken at that point and had a rough last mile, just struggling to keep moving forward.  He finished almost 50 seconds behind Matt Mizereck, who won with a new course record time of 15:17.

Two weeks ago Michael Wallace was stunned after his performance at Bale-n-Trail that was well short of expectations--especially his own.  Last week he got a huge confidence booster at Great American in Alabama where he attacked the hillacious course and finished in third against star out of state competitors with a time of 16:00.  With that monkey off his back, he was able to excel today and earned the second place spot ahead of Brian Atkinson, who had beat him by about 40 seconds two weeks ago.  Wallace finished in 15:21 and Atkinson in 15:26.  Both would have previouslly been course records prior to today.  Mizereck's teammate Will Stanford continued to shine with a time of 15:29.

There were so many great individual performances, but to call out a couple who really stepped up and surprised many:  Jon Lanning of Sarasota 15:41 (6th) and Colin Barker of Bishop Kenny 15:47 (8th).

Belen Jesuit won the team title, as expected, with 113 points.  Columbus did not have the day that they had hoped for and many expected, falling to fourth place.  Melbourne and Bishop Kenny beat out Columbus for those second and third slots.  Melbourne was 32 points out of first.  Tampa Jesuit rounded out the top five.

Girls Elite

Kathryn Fluehr of Community School held of Lily Williams of Chiles 18:01 to 18:09, that ordered was echoed in the team standings with Community School out pacing Chiles 65-09.

My dark horse call Stephanie Schappert came through big with another huge PR time of 18:21.  Congrats to that tenacious young lady!  And thanks for making me look smart, Stephanie. :-)

Community School's team average of 18:44 on this relatively difficult course (by Florida standards at least) should hopefully finally get the team the attention that they deserve nationally.  Many are grumbling that they haven't been ranked in either NXN's Southeast or National rankings.  After proving themselves several times against other great teams thsi year already, they should finally get that attention they deserve.  Chiles, meanwhile, also looked impressive in their own right with an 18:58 team average.  Jodie McGuff stepped it up for them to give them even more depth (as if they needed it) and normal #3 Kaia Hampton had an off day.  It's a shame there won't likely be a rematch this year between these two teams because the result could very well be different on a different day!

Winter Park edged out Bishop Kenny for third 129-131.   And Bolles had a huge day, keeping Lourdes out of the top five!

Boys Large School

No surprise, Timber Creek wins big with 99 points and a 17:14 team average.  Flagler Palm Coast was second.

Josh Wolfe of South Lake won the individual title in 16:35.

Girls Large School

Melbourne wins over Ft. Walton Beach 76-113 with a 20:18 average.  They were helped by 1-2 finishes by Vanessa Valetine and Helen Mann, 19:27 and 19:34.

Boys Small School

Patrick Swain lead Maclay to victory with 61 points on his 16:34 victory that he squeaked out over Hernando's Joe Wright. Bolles finished second in the team standings, anchored by James Macrae who finished third in 16:45.

Girls Small School

Jana Stolting (Maclay) had another stellar performance, winning easily in 18:14.  Stephanie Strasser (Fernandina Beach) was second 18:41 and Olivia Papa (Trinity Prep) broke 19-minutes for the first time in 18:55--big milestone for her.

Creekside won the team title easily, as expected with 75 points.  Northside Christian was second 50 points back.





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  • chasedaway / 6 Years Ago
    Was the boys' race an "easy win" by Mizereck? At Bale-n-Trail, Atkinson was right with him and then got taken at the end; here he was beaten by 9 seconds. And Wallace...! Excellent time for him--I'm honestly surprised he beat Atkinson and Stanford.

    Wow, that would have been an awesome race to was crazy at Bale-n-Trail, and I imagine this was intense, too--and almost as fast!
  • KBrnnr / 6 Years Ago
    For those of us that saw Wallace run 16:00 on a tough Great American course his time at Prestate was not a surprise. The kid is a beast and looks to be the favorite for the 2A title right now.

    Im calling it right now, Florida will have 2 guys make it to Footlocker Nationals.
  • willolinger / 6 Years Ago
    Which timing company was there to do the race? They were off the whole morning on the boys and girls elite races. By the time the Small scholl grils varsity race went off the clock was still wrong but the end results were correct because they matched our coaches. Great event. You just hate for the kids to run their hearts out and think that they have a time that was not really there's as they finish.
  • runjunior / 6 Years Ago
    The clock management was bad,great meet.
  • jason / 6 Years Ago
    I have been assured that they have worked out all of the results. They are going to be sent to me shortly and I will import them into RaceTab so that they are a familiar format with team averages and all.
  • CoachHoward / 6 Years Ago
    Here's your top 5 team scores for Elite races.

    Belen Jesuit 121
    Melbourne 154
    Bishop Kenny 162
    Chris. Columbus 175
    Jesuit 179

    Community School 65
    Chiles 90
    Winter Park 129
    Bishop Kenny 131
    Bolles 157
  • CoachHoward / 6 Years Ago
    Maclay 61
    Bolles 94
    Wiregrass Ranch 110
    Naples 162
    Nature Coast 176

    Creekside 80
    Northside Christian 142
    Bishop Moore 156
    Pine Crest 178
    Maclay 192
  • CoachHoward / 6 Years Ago
    Timber Creek 99
    Flagler Palm Coast 157
    Hagerty 164
    Oveido 172
    Ft. Walton Beach 189

    Melbourne 76
    Ft. Walton Beach 113
    Timber Creek 133
    Ridgeview 138
    Hagerty 154
  • CoachHoward / 6 Years Ago
    I want to apologize for the difficulties with the results and awards, and I want to assure everyone that the timer worked extremely hard to correct any mistakes. To those coaches/teams that won awards but could not stay around to receive them we'll get them to you ASAP.

    As Coach Loth said, the problem was the overlap of the races, and the proximity of the timing sensor to the course on the first 2 laps.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  • stowaway / 6 Years Ago
    What a great day of racing it was. I sure hope the time results and team results are worked out before the next meet.
  • BradleyB / 6 Years Ago
    Such a sweet race. It was fun to run this course.
  • jdpsu / 6 Years Ago
    I have to believe the top 3 (all Juniors) have to be pretty close to the top 3 Floridians all time from the same Class? They still have their Senior year ahead of them and Miz & Atkinson will probably have 3 state XC titles each when finished! Also note that top 5 were all underclassmen and 8 of top 10! Lot of great running to look forward to....let's enjoy it!

  • LosXC11 / 6 Years Ago