TFRRS DA Performance Lists & At-Large Bids

There has been a lot of discussion in regards to athlete "at-large bids" for Regionals with District Entries due on Saturday night 4/19. The key to remember is that an athlete must run at Districts in an event in order to be able to use an at-large bid.  (They must obtain a Time or a Mark)  See (6) below.  

Section Advancement of Teams and Individuals under (a) (2) details "AT-Large Bids". 

"(2) The next eight (8) best marks established at sanctioned qualifying meets during the regular season in each region not automatically qualifying by place at the district meet in each event will qualify for the region meet. District meets may also be considered qualifying meets provided the meet is sanctioned and meets all requirements thereof. These qualifiers will be known as "at-large bids.

(a) The at-large qualifying bids, once announced, are final."

 Note:  (6) 

"Any athlete with a result of a DNS (Did Not Start), DNF (Did Not Finish), DQ (Disqualification) for any reason, NM (No Mark), NH (No Height), or FS (False Start) shall not be eligible for an at-large bid in the event in which the result occurred at the district meet. An athlete must compete and finish an event at the district meet to compete in that event at the region meet, regardless of whether the athlete qualifies automatically or at-large."

TFRRS Regional Sanctioned Meet Rankings    (It is not ACTIVE yet, but is supposed to be made live on Monday.)  There should be a "Sanctioned Meet Rankings" for each Region that can be selected.