AAU Spotlight: E.O.T.O's Terrilous Woodard Sweeps 6YO 100 & 200m Titles

He may only be five years old, but E.O.T.O's Terrilous Woodard is making noise at the AAU Primary Championships in Orlando this weekend. Woodard swept both the 100 and 200 meter titles in the 6 year old age group over fellow Floridian Dorrian Simmons of Miami Gardens XPress. 

Coach Tyrone Giscombe, who coaches the club team, as well as the Cocoa High School track and field program, was impressed with Woodard early on.

"At his very first meet of the year he ran the 100m," he said. "Afterwards he went home to Cocoa because the meet was too long. Then they drove back to Kissimmee to run the 200 at 9 p.m. that night. That's how I knew he was serious about his craft."

At such a young age, Giscombe adds that a key part in his success will to continue to let him just be a kid.

"He has football season around the corner, but we want him to just have fun," he said. "He is one of the smartest five year olds I've ever seen. He will know that people are chasing him now for that top spot like he was once chasing the others who were in front of him."