Inside Look: Bailey Hertenstein & Alyssa Hendrix's Foot Locker South Training Log

Newsome senior and Indiana University signee Bailey Hertenstein as well as Riverview sophomore Alyssa Hendrix both train under coach Stephen Dunn in addition to their high school teams. Hertenstein won her 3rd straight 4A Cross Country Finals championship while Hendrix was right behind her in second. The duo ran the two fastest times in state meet history at Apalachee Regional Park in 17:26.61 and 17:30.82. 

Coach Dunn gives us an inside look at the pairs training log as the prepared for Foot Locker South and the ultimate goal of Foot Locker Nationals in San Diego. Hertenstein finished 20th at the 2016 Foot Locker Nationals.

The Workouts:


*Before any workout -Run Drills-Strides, stretch



November 24th

*You have been racing hard so real important to warm up, good stretch before and after.

Training Plan

Tuesday 14th

8xHills - 150 and 200 meters

Broken into - 4 sets of 2 Complete


Wednesday 15th

Tornadoes practice 6x200


Thursday 16th

5 min continous Hill x3 - hard up

2 min rest - after 5 min-Complete


Friday 17th

Rest day - Travel day

Saturday 18th

Five mile run

Pace between 6:30-6:45

Sunday 19th

1 mile easy - 2 miles at 5:50-1 mile easy

Should be Tempo pace 90% 5k race pace

Monday 20th

Rest day


Tuesday 21st

1 mile easy-6x1:00 400 pace- 1 mile easy

Jog 1 min between

Wednesday 22nd

 1 mile easy -4x.30sec burts at 400 pace with one minute rest in between- 1 mile easy.

Thursday 23rd

Rest day - Happy Thanksgiving

 Watch Diet-nothing new

Friday 24th

Pre- Race prep- one mile easy, 5 x 100 meter strides


Saturday - 25th

Race day - good luck

Hills equal - short power stride