Foot Locker South and NXN Southeast - What Floridians will make Nationals?

Athletes from Florida have to make the tough choice on which path to follow between Foot Locker South and NXN Southeast.  For the most part, Floridians traditionally choose Foot Locker South.  With a bus on either coast packed with kids and dozens of others headed in vans, this year is no exception.  We will be very well represented in Charlotte.   Meanwhile, those finding themselves lucky enough to be on the very top teams are likely to choose the other path and hoping to earn a berth to Nike Cross Nationals.  Six Florida teams and a few individuals have decided to go that direction and things are looking pretty bright for sending some folks to Portland.  Here's a look at the full picture of who's likely to be extending their season further...



Foot Locker South




You can never take anything for granted at Foot Locker South.  You've got the best runners out of one fourth of the country going at it--minus a few who go to NXN instead--and you've got a fast course.  Everyone goes out in a mad dash with a blazing first mile and if you don't get a good start you might as well count yourself out (just ask Ashley Brasovan).  The top ten boys and top ten girls in the seeded race will get to advance to Foot Locker Nationals in San Diego.


So with all that said, four qualifying slots for Floridians seem pretty gift-wrapped:  Kathryn and Erika Fluehr (who qualified last year), Jimmy Clark, and Ryan Pickering.  Beyond that it's really just a question of who is on.  It takes a really special performance to break through and at this point I would say I don't expect anyone else from Florida to make it.  However, history tells us that usually there are a few surprises: Brittany Koziara, Shelby Hayes, and Michael Wallace over the past few years off the top of my head.  So who will it be to step up and grab a top ten??


Qualifying spots for boys are typically sub 15:10 and for girls sub 17:25.




Odds - Totally unscientific and just my opinion.

Jimmy Clark - 90%

Ryan Pickering - 80%

Elliot Clemente - 35% 

Phil Duncan - 25%

Eduardo Garcia - 20%

Max del Monte - 20%

David Kilgore - 10%



Aitken, Michael - Jacksonville, FL

Al Haddad, Hamdi - Fort Myers, FL

Allen, Cameron - Palm Coast, FL

Almanza, Luis - Fort Myers, FL

Arroyo, Andres - Orlando, FL

Backman, Kyle - Lake Worth, FL

Bailey, Christopher - Palm Coast, FL

Barr, Michael - St Augustine, FL

Belzer, Andy - North Fort Myers, FL

Bengtson, Charles - West Palm Beach, FL

Berry, Bruno - Weston, FL

Bolser, Derek - Gainesville, FL

Brennalt, Tyler - Hobe Sound, FL

Bridges, Travis - Titusville, FL

Bridges, Tyler - Titusville, FL

Bridges, William - Orlando, FL

Briner, Steven - Bonita Springs, FL

Brown, Aesop - Fort Myers, FL

Brown, Alexander - Melbourne, FL

Brown, Terence - Gainesville, FL

Buffkin, Donald - Jacksonville, FL

Buliga, Nicholas - New Port Richey, FL

Butler, Jeremy - Mims, FL

Callahan, Ryan - Lake Worth, FL

Cartagena, Jose - Fort Myers, FL

Castagnaro, Joey - Melbourne, FL

Castro, Kenneth - Miami, FL

Chavez, Julian - Bonita Springs, FL

Christenberry, Thomas - Tampa, FL

Clark, Jimmy - St Johns, FL

Clark, Matthew - St Johns, FL

Clemente, Elliot - Miami, FL

Concepcion, John - Miami, FL

Cook, Dylan - Miami, FL

Covington, Jake - Tampa, FL

Craig, Trent - Fort Myers, FL

Crisafulli, Domenic - New Port Richey, FL

Crist, Bryan - Windermere, FL

Cronin, Terry - Melbourne Beach, FL

Dean, Michael - Merritt Island, FL

Del Monte, Max - Tampa, FL

Demons, Keith - Vero Beach, FL

Dendor, Nick - St. Jons, FL

DeSena, Arron - Cocoa, FL

Detorres, Anthony - Ocala, FL

Diaz, Joshua - Cutler Bay, FL

Duncan, Phil - Orlando, FL

Dunnam, David - Melbourne, FL

Eads, Andrew - Flagler Beach, FL

Fairbanks, Jeremy - St Johns, FL

Fermo, Joseph - Boynton Beach, FL

Fernandez, Jorge - Naples, FL

Fines, David - Rockledge, FL

Fonda, Dell - Jacksonville, FL

Galvez, Joshua - Miami, FL

Garcia, Eduardo - Jacksonville, FL

Garcia, Francisco - Jacksonville, FL

Garcia Jr., Francisco - Jacksonville, FL

Gardner, David - North Port, FL

Gates, Buddy - Naples, FL

Gibbons, Cody - St. Augustine, FL

Godwin, Christopher - Gainesville, FL

Grout, Canaan - Boynton Beach, FL

Gubitz IV, Albert - Jacksonville, FL

Hafer, Dan - Cape Coral, FL

Hall, James - Miami, FL

Harmount, Alex - Lake Worth, FL

Harrison, Joshua - Tampa, FL

Hendricks, Tim - Parkland, FL

Hepner, Tyler - Lake Worth, FL

Hernandez, Alex - Bonita Springs, FL

Hickey, Taylor - Rockledge, FL

Hines, John-Logan - Orlando, FL

Hoffman, Alexander - Malabar, FL

Holst, Brandon - Cocoa Beach, FL

Horner, Matt - Merritt Island, FL

Hurley, Sean - Cape Coral, FL

Irigoyen, Bert - Miami, FL

Jacovitz, Noah - Cocoa Beach, FL

Jansen, Jacob - Fort Myers, FL

Jones, Chad - Palm Coast, FL

Jones, Jason - Cocoa Beach, FL

Jude, Peter - Miami, FL

Karadeema, Josh - Jacksonville, FL

Kattenberg, Tristan - Satellite Beach, FL

Kerrigan, Don - Pensacola, FL

Kigel, Jonathan - Lake Worth, FL

Kilgore, David - Palm Bay, FL

King, Trevor - Rockledge, FL

Kruse, Logan - Orlando, FL

Kruse, Rafe - Orlando, FL

La Rotta, Rodolfo - North Port, FL

Lange, Joshua - North Port, FL

Lassley, Adam - Jacksonville, FL

Lastarza, Brian - Ormond Beach, FL

Ledesma, Ricky - Bonita Springs, FL

Ledzian, Patrick - Ocala, FL

Lindsay, Joseph - Coral Gables, FL

Littlefield, Jessie - Bonita Springs, FL

Lofton, Dean - Port Richey, FL

Lopez, Avery - Miami Lakes, FL

Lopez, Efrain - Bonita Springs, FL

Magoulas, Michael - Miami Lakes, FL

Main, Alexander - Odessa, FL

Majumdar, Shaun - Odessa, FL

Martin, James - Hobe Sound, FL

Martinez, Branden - Pinecrest, FL

Martinez, Jovanie - Naples, FL

Martinez, Matthew - Naples, FL

McCutcheon, Cameron - Longwood, FL

McGonagle, Brendan - Fort Myers, FL

McLain, Zachary - Mount Dora, FL

Millay, Daniel - Orlando, FL

Mocase, Jake - Englewood, FL

Monzon, Luis - Miami, FL

Moore, Daniel - Melbourne, FL

Moore, Hardy - Lake Worth, FL

Moore, Mitchell - Orlando, FL

Morris, Logan - Fort Myers, FL

Mowery, Tyler - jacksonville, FL

Mutz, Mark - Lakeland, FL

Neu, Austin - Palm Coast, FL

O'Connor, Quincy - Kissimmee, FL

Ojeda, Lucio - Largo, FL

Ojeda, Mario - Largo, FL

Oliver, Cole - Indialantic, FL

Palermo, Nicholas - Coconut Creek, FL

Palmer, Yancey - Fort Myers, FL

Papa, Nick - Winter Park, FL

Patrick, Dominic - Vero Beach, FL

Pelletier, Joshua - Naples, FL

Perez, Moises - Miami, FL

Perry, Zachary - Jacksonville, FL

Petow, Christopher - Jacksonville, FL

Petow, Kevin - Jacksonville, FL

Pickering, Ryan - West Palm Beach, FL

Pierce, Timothy - Lake City, FL

Ploplis, Jeremy - Fort Myers, FL

Profitt, John - Orlando, FL

Reynolds, Mac - Saint Augustine, FL

Roach, John - Ponte Vedra, FL

Robison, J. Blake - Melbourne, FL

Rojas, Aaron - Fort Myers, FL

Rosenbach, Michael - Tampa, FL

Roy, Austin - North Port, FL

Rumisek, Justin - North Port, FL

Salazar, Fernando - Miami, FL

Salis, Matthew - Vero Beach, FL

Santoro, William - Rockledge, FL

Santos, William D - Rockledge, FL

Sayyeau, Cory - Cocoa Beach, FL

Schafer, David - Ocala, FL

Scott, Ryan - Rockledge, FL

Selph, Justin - Cocoa Beach, FL

Serikyaku, Amuru - Palm Bay, FL

Shahini, Aldo - Jacksonville, FL

Shannon, James - Jacksonville, FL

Shearer, Lee - Naples, FL

Shearman, Brendan - Fort Myers, FL

Slater, Chritian - Estero, FL

Slupecki, Jacob - Tallahassee, FL

Smithe, Jacob - Melbourne, FL

Sommer, Adam - Fort Myers, FL

Sousa, Christian - Palm Coast, FL

Sousa, Nicholas - Palm Coast, FL

Sperando, Coleman - Melbourne, FL

Stafford, Ryan - Fort Myers, FL

Strong, Rob - Fort Myers, FL

Sununu, Thomas - , FL

Sununu, Trevor - , FL

Swain, Patrick - Tallahassee, FL

Sweet, Nicholas - Vero Beach, FL

Swingley, Thomas - Naples, FL

Tejidor, Francisco - Coral Gables, FL

Teschke, Trace - Cocoa, FL

Thalheimer, Billy - Naples, FL

Thiemann, Benjamin - St. Johns, FL

Thompson, James - Mims, FL

Thompson, Zachary - Sarasota, FL

Tomas, Fabian - Miami, FL

Vasquez, Alex - Estero, FL

Visi-Clark, Joshua - Lake Worth, FL

Wade, Austin - Vero Beach, FL

Walker, Matthew - Jacksonville, FL

Walker, Wiliam - Jacksonville, FL

Weaver, John - Jacksonville, FL

Wegener, Jeremy - Jacksonville, FL

Westlake, Garrett - Gainesville, FL

White, Ryan - Lake Worth, FL

Whittle, James - Fort Myers, FL

Wise, Alan - Cape Coral, FL

Wodford, Matthew - Lake Worth, FL

Returners from Last Year's Results




                       Seeded Boys 5000 Meter Run                        


    Name                      Yr Team                          Time   Pts


  1 Craig Lutz                11 TX Highland Village       14:34.00     1

  2 Blake Williams            11 NC Durham                 14:52.00     6

  3 Anderson Barclay          11 TX FairOaks Ranch         15:04.00    11

  4 Thomas Graham             10 NC Cary                   15:06.00    14

  5 Donovan Torres            11 TX Lubbock                15:07.00    16

  6 Jimmy Clark               11 FL St. Johns              15:09.00    17

  7 Elliot Clemente           10 FL Miami                  15:17.00    26

  8 Scott Morgan              11 NC Clemmons               15:21.00    33

  9 Thomas Curtin             11 VA Leesburg               15:28.00    --

 10 Cody Pelliccioni          11 WV Morgantown             15:29.00    36

 11 Brian Gohlke              11 TX The Woodlands          15:30.00    --

 12 Kevin Bennert             11 NC New Bern               15:33.00    38

 13 Ryan Pickering            10 FL West Palm Beach        15:36.00    --

 14 Eduardo Garcia            11 FL Jacksonville           15:43.00    --

 15 Evan Ehrenheim            11 KY Owensboro              15:44.00    42

 16 Matus Kriska              11 NC Mount Airy             15:44.00    --

 17 Robert Mintz Jr           11 NC Cary                   15:45.00    --

 18 David Kilgore             11 FL Palm Bay               15:47.00    --

 19 Evan Niciphor             11 VA Moseley                15:49.00    --

 20 Ryan Walling              11 NC Cary                   15:49.00    --

 21 Seumas O'Reilly           11 VA Front Royal            15:51.00    --

 22 Michael Peters            11 TN Nashville              15:51.00    48

 23 Trevin Peterson           11 KY Crittenden             15:52.00    49

 24 John-Logan Hines          11 FL Orlando                15:52.00    --

 25 Jordan Chavez             10 TX Southlake              15:54.00    --

 26 Matt Weickert             11 GA Suwanee                15:55.00    --

 27 Riley Doherty             11 FL Tallahassee            15:56.00    --

 28 Paul Stewart              11 KY Radcliff               15:57.00    51

 29 Graham Crawford           11 NC Burlington             15:57.00    --

 30 Carl Ward                 11 NC Durham                 15:57.00    --




Odds - Totally unscientific and just my opinion.

Kathryn Fluehr - 95%

Erika Fluehr - 80%

Kacy Smith - 35%

Shelby Davidson - 30%

Stephanie Schappert - 25%

Bridget Blake - 15%

Sarah Spann - 10%

Stefanie Kurgatt -10%

Nicole Carpio - 5%



Ahrens, Anna - Vero Beach, FL

Ahrens, Emily - Vero Beach, FL

Allegra, Marissa - Gainesville, FL

Barlow, Caroline - Naples, FL

Barr, Lauren - St Augustine, FL

Bertone, Stefania - Palm Coast, FL

Blaes, Shelby - Ocala, FL

Blake, Bridget - Orlando, FL

Blaney, Anne-Marie - Ocala, FL

Blaney, Catherine - Ocala, FL

Bramlage, Mary - Ponce Inlet, FL

Brennan, Laurel - Lake Worth, FL

Carpio, Nicole - Miami, FL

Castillo, Claire - Cocoa, FL

Castillo, Cody - Cocoa, FL

Cline, Alexa - Estero, FL

Cline, Daley - Estero, FL

Cobb, Allison - Merritt Island, FL

Crist, Emily - Windermere, FL

Crowley, Kate - Melbourne, FL

Curth, Aja - Fort Myers, FL

Davidson, Shelby - Melbourne, FL

Day, Sarah - Melbourne, FL

Delgado, Samantha - Longwood, FL

Dubuc, Savannah - Palm Coast, FL

Dugan, Alexis - Weston, FL

Duncan, Michelle - Orlando, FL

Eaton, Alexandra - St Petersburg, FL

Fahey, Kelly - Winter Park, FL

Fluehr, Erika - Naples, FL

Fluehr, Kathryn - Naples, FL

Frank, Maria - Fort Myers, FL

Gillespy, Lauren - Ormond Beach, FL

Gonzalez, Lauren - Miami, FL

Graham, Brook - Killarney, FL

Graham, Kelsey - Killarney, FL

Greenleaf, Gabrielle - St. Petersburg, FL

Greenleaf, Katelyn - St. Petersburg, FL

Grimes, Vivian - Naples, FL

Grippo, Kari - New Port Richey, FL

Halvorson, Erica - Titusville, FL

Hedstrom, Sofia - Tampa, FL

Heitling, Ashley - Eustis, FL

Holliday, Alexandra - Cape Coral, FL

Huff, Teresa - Titusville, FL

Humbert-Llinas, Chelsea - North Fort Myers, FL

Huskey, Macy - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jenkins, Bethany - Bonita Springs, FL

Karadeema, Rebekah - Jacksonville, FL

Kelly, Kaitlyn - south daytona, FL

Kissel, Danielle - Tampa, FL

Kurgatt, Stefanie - Tallahassee, FL

Lamar, Taylor - North Port, FL

Langhauser, Amy - Palm Coast, FL

Lastarza, Catherine - Ormond Beach, FL

Lewis, Mary - Melbourne, FL

Loder, Hannah - Palm Coast, FL

Lofton, Valeria - Port Richey, FL

Lumley, Lauren - Sarasota, FL

Lusk, Danielle - Rockledge, FL

MacConnie, Cindy - Weston, FL

MacConnie, Jessica - Weston, FL

Mann, Karina - Merritt Island, FL

Mannella, Marissa - Orlando, FL

Marcano, Christine - Palm Coast, FL

McAllister, Regan - Niceville, FL

McCutcheon, Avriel - Longwood, FL

McKinney, Christina - Eustis, FL

Menton, Megan - Ocala, FL

Meyer, Alise - Palm Coast, FL

Morris, Shannon - Saint Johns, FL

Morse, Bridget - Lake City, FL

Morse, Nicole - Lake City, FL

Nelson, Laura - Niceville, FL

Neudeck, Zoey - Vero Beach, FL

O'Malley, Sue - Port Orange, FL

Olcott, Haley - Vero Beach, FL

Olinger, Brittney - Gainesville, FL

Patnode, Rachael - New Port Richey, FL

Patnode, Renee - New Port Richey, FL

Ponder, Mary Kate - Jacksonville, FL

Prickett, Gabrielle - Palm Coast, FL

Ralston, Katherine - Tampa, FL

Rivera, Julia - Palm Coast, FL

Rodriguez, Kaitlin - Jacksonville, FL

Rodriguez, Lauren - Jacksonville, FL

Rossi, Brooke - New Port Richey, FL

Santoro, Elizabeth - Tallahassee, FL

Savino, Mia - New Port Richey, FL

Schappert, Stephanie - Delray Beach, FL

Schelm, Jamie - North Port, FL

Scott, Emily - Fort Myers, FL

Sebetka, Amanda - Rockledge, FL

Serpa, Annie - Crestview, FL

Slater, Katie - Estero, FL

Slater, Megan - Estero, FL

Smiley, Chloe - Fort Myers, FL

Smith, Kacy - Estero, FL

Soderstrom, Kira - Winter Park, FL

Solis, Katie - Bonita Springs, FL

Solis, Katy - Bonita Springs, FL

Sommer, Ashley - Fort Myers, FL

Spann, Sarah - Fort Myers, FL

Sullivan, Lindsey - Daytona Beach, FL

Sweet, Rachael - Vero Beach, FL

Swopes, Jensen - Altamonte Springs, FL

Tucker, Emma - Lake City, FL

VanGelder, Emily - Gainesville, FL

Volenec, Zoe - Ormond Beach, FL

Walker, Rachel - Jacksonville, FL

Watts, Ruby - Satellite Beach, FL

Wilbur, Alicen - Saint James City, FL

Williams, Kelli - New Port Richey, FL

Wilson, Mackenzie - St. Augustine, FL

Young, Judith - New Port Richey, FL



Returners from Last Year's Results


                       Seeded Girls 5000 Meter Run                       


    Name                      Yr Team                          Time   Pts


  1 Chelsey Sveinsson         11 TX Addison                16:53.00     1

  2 Kathryn Fluehr            11 FL Naples                 17:09.00     2

  3 Rachel Johnson            11 TX Plano                  17:10.00     3

  4 Megan Ferowich            10 TN Knoxville              17:12.00     4

  5 Wesley Frazier             9 NC Raleigh                17:17.00     6

  6 Erika Fluehr              11 FL Naples                 17:20.00     8

  7 Grace Tinkey               9 GA Macon                  17:24.00    10

  8 Kim Kirby                 11 TX Coppell                17:30.00    11

  9 Emma Brink                11 KY Louisville             17:40.00    13

 10 Samantha George           10 NC Raleigh                17:48.00    15

 11 Carmen Carlos              9 AL Mobile                 17:49.00    --

 12 Hillary Montgomery        11 TX Spring                 17:55.00    18

 13 Kaitlyn Kramer            10 NC Charlotte              17:55.00    19

 14 Erica Dobbs               11 VA Glen Allen             17:59.00    21

 15 Stephanie Schappert       11 FL Delray Beach           18:02.00    24

 16 Meghan Wetterhall         10 GA Atlanta                18:06.00    27

 17 Anna Bowles               11 GA Martinez               18:08.00    29

 18 Sahara Fletcher            9 GA College Park           18:08.00    30

 19 Myah Hicks                11 VA Alexandria             18:13.00    --

 20 Megan Moye                10 VA Moseley                18:15.00    --

 21 Allie Schaich             11 GA Suwanee                18:17.00    --

 22 Sinead Haughey            11 SC Central                18:17.00    33

 23 Mary Ann Brown             9 FL Orange Park            18:17.00    34

 24 Sophie Chase               9 VA Burke                  18:19.00    --

 25 Rachel Roberts            10 AL Birmingham             18:25.00    --

 26 Molly Foster               9 TN Johnson City           18:25.00    35

 27 Haylee Dawe               11 NC Charlotte              18:27.00    36

 28 Hannah Jumper             11 TN Lookout Mountain       18:29.00    37

 29 Sophie Harkins            11 GA Dunwoody               18:34.00    --

 30 Kacey Nobert              11 TN Memphis                18:38.00    41



NXN Southeast 


The top two boys and girls teams in the Championship race will get to advance to NXN Nationals in Portland.  Teams who place third or fourth will be considered for an at-large berth, but only four are awarded for the entire country out of nine regions.  Additionally, the top five individuals on non-qualifying teams will get to advance.


Florida is actually favored to send two boys teams through this year:  Trinity Prep and Columbus.  That would truly be an amazing feat.  And while on paper they are favored to go 1-2 its going to take far more than an average performance.  Both teams did extremely well at Great American, which bodes well for them.  And Trinity Prep is highly favored to win the regional championship, but they can be beat... and they were beat by Holy Trinity in Melbourne two weeks ago.  So they will have to be on top of it.  Columbus has peaked for and been staring at this NXN Southeast since day one and it almost cost them the state championship last week when they got a little ahead of themselves.  They will definitely be ready, but it will take a lot better than they showed at state to move on.  Del Valle is likely to win the individual title here and advance no matter what.  Charlotte and Pensacola Washington are also entered but have an outside shot at best.


On the girls side, things aren't favored to turn out so rosy.  Holy Trinity and Chiles are both entered and do have a chance, but it's going to take monster days from both.  Tatnall, Delaware is in a league of their own so basically one spot is already accounted for which leaves the rest of the field battling for that second place.


Vanessa Valentine is entered as an individual also and depending on how things play out, she could potentially grab one of those five slots... assuming she both has a big day and the team qualifications go her way.  Having either Holy Trinity or Chiles qualify would really help her since they will both likely have to of the individual positions in front of her.  Assuming Chiles and/or Holy Trinity do not qualify then it is very likely that Julie Wollrath, Lily Williams, Teresa Ristow, and/or Carly Thomas will advance.  Tyler Cardillo has a good chance at grabbing a plane ticket to Portland individually as well.  Nick Posada of Winter Park is also in the running for an individual berth.



Virtual Meet/Preview by Brandon Miles of



Event 2  Boys 5k Run CC Open



     Name                        Year School                                



  8  Ben Chase                     12 Armadillos, Ovie            


  9  Jack Curtis                   14 Armadillos, Ovie            


 10  Ryan Hopkins                  14 Armadillos, Ovie            


 11  Isaiah Ling                   12 Armadillos, Ovie            


 12  Sam Millson                   14 Armadillos, Ovie            


 13  Gordon Pace                   13 Armadillos, Ovie                     


213  Hunter Honeycutt              12 Una-Fl-St._a, FL            


214  Henry Hyman                   13 Una-Fl-St._a, FL                    


269  Peter McMilion                13 Pensacola XC Clu            




Event 4  Boys 5k Run CC Championship



     Name                        Year School                                



  8  Whitner Chase                 11 Armadillos, Ovie            


  9  Sam Goldberg                  12 Armadillos, Ovie            


 10  Harrison Gordon               11 Armadillos, Ovie            


 11  Ryan Gousse                   12 Armadillos, Ovie            


 12  Griffin Jaworski              11 Armadillos, Ovie            


 13  Evan Rosenberg                11 Armadillos, Ovie            


 14  Daniel Salas                  13 Armadillos, Ovie            


 36  Anthony Borrego               11 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 37  Dominic Cardenas              13 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 38  Tyler Cardillo                11 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 39  Bryan Hilgar                  11 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 40  Philip Mendez                 11 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 41  Ryan Schnulle                 12 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 42  Andrew Stoquert               11 Charlotte Ta, Pu            


 78  Jack Riely                    12 Good Counsel, Ol            


 79  Armando Del Valle             11 Hellions, Miami,            


 80  Jose Estevez                  11 Hellions, Miami,            


 81  Daniel Fernandez              13 Hellions, Miami,            


 82  Manny Garcia                  12 Hellions, Miami,            


 83  Mark Gulesian                 11 Hellions, Miami,            


 84  Daniel Linares                13 Hellions, Miami,            


 85  Geoffrey Zelek                11 Hellions, Miami,            


190  Pedro Ortega                  13 Una-Fl-Miami, FL            


191  Alex Foss                     11 Una-Fl-St._a, FL            


192  Jose Perez                    12 Una-Fl-St._a, FL            


193  Wrane White                   11 Una-Fl-St._a, FL            


194  Nicholas Posada               11 Una-Fl-Winte, Wi            


224  Thomas Arnold                 11 Pensacola XC Clu            


225  Andre Bordelon                12 Pensacola XC Clu            


226  Ian Bordelon                  11 Pensacola XC Clu            


227  Harrison Edwards              13 Pensacola XC Clu            


228  Peter Fricke                  11 Pensacola XC Clu            


229  Jacob Kotick                  12 Pensacola XC Clu            







Virtual Meet/Preview by Brandon Miles of


Event 1  Girls 5k Run CC Open



     Name                        Year School                                



 79  Elsa Jaworski                 15 Una-Fl-Maitl, FL            


101  Emma Ryan-Walker              14 Pensacola XC Clu            


102  Aryn Bradley                  11 Pensacola XC Clu                   




Event 3  Girls 5k Run CC Championship



     Name                        Year School                                



 51  Kaili Corcoran                11 Kismet   (Ho, Me            


 52  Mackenzie Dummer              13 Kismet   (Ho, Me            


 53  Lori Frazier                  11 Kismet   (Ho, Me            


 54  Teresa Ristow                 11 Kismet   (Ho, Me            


 55  Dana Slomins                  12 Kismet   (Ho, Me            


 56  Brianna Wahy                  13 Kismet   (Ho, Me            


 57  Julie Wollrath                14 Kismet   (Ho, Me                  


 90  Kelley Bahn                   11 Tallahassee, Tal            


 91  Sara Lane                     13 Tallahassee, Tal            


 92  Jodi McGuff                   11 Tallahassee, Tal            


 93  Ashton McMurray               14 Tallahassee, Tal            


 94  Stephanie Reynolds            11 Tallahassee, Tal            


 95  Carly Thomas                  12 Tallahassee, Tal            


 96  Lily Williams                 12 Tallahassee, Tal                  


106  Vanessa Valentine             12 Una-Fl-Wes_m, FL            





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  • jason / 4 Years Ago
    Sorry this preview isn't as elaborate as I usually do and I'm sure it's not very well written... but wanted to be sure to get something up to get the info out there and a bit of what to expect.

    Although at one point I thought we'd have more, I am finding it hard to think we'll have more than four advancing to Foot Locker Nationals (2 guys, 2 girls) but hopefully someone will prove me wrong and grab a slot. Clemente or Duncan may do it with the way they've been running and I'm impressed by Eduardo Garcia's strength. I think we'll see those guys in the top 20 but top 10 may be a stretch.

    I'd love to see Schappert redeem herself and get to go... and she's got big meet experience. We know her feet are ready. It's just kind of a matter of if her mind can carry her there. If anyone besides the Fluehrs gets it I think it's Kacy Smith because she is ferocious as she showed last week.

    The NXN picture should be pretty bright. Columbus and Trinity Prep hopefully will get their tickets, with Del Valle hopefully the individual champ. And besides that I think we'll have a number of individuals so that will be nice to see.

    Holy Trinity sending their boys to Charlotte and girls to Cary. Lily Williams is on the entry list of Foot Locker, but obviously is going to be with her team in Cary.
  • mattsdad / 4 Years Ago
    I want to wish all our Florida runners the best of luck at Foot Locker South, and there is always a little luck involved. Remember, the goal is to get to San Diego, and to do that you need to focus on being one of the top ten runners in Charlotte. Run a smart race, and that begins with your postioning at the start. Stay away from the middle, where it is easy to get tripped, position yourself on the outer left away from the mass at the start...don't try to win the first mile, many will try and will die trying...there will be plenty of time for you to race and pick off people. And just keep picking them off. Try to move to the top 20 in the last mile. Then the last 400 yards is where you can make it happen...this is where you leave it all out on the course and place yourself in the top 10...make us all proud and then get ready for a great experience at the National competition in San Diego where Foot Locker treats all the runners like you are kings and queens...Kick Butt.
  • mattsdad / 4 Years Ago
    One more thing. Over the last three years of watching runners compete at this race, one of the most common problems I have seen runners experience is dehydration. Given that Florida runners have to travel by car and plane to Charlotte travel can impact your hydration, please, don't make the mistake of not drinking enough water today...Carry water with you throughout the day and make sure your body is ready to KICK BUTT tomorrow.
  • sportzdude808 / 4 Years Ago
    Irigoyen gets no respect.State Champion in a dominating fashion and he's not even given any consideration to qualify?
  • KBrnnr / 4 Years Ago
    Irigoyen gets no respect.State Champion in a dominating fashion and he's not even given any consideration to qualify?

    @sportzdude808 All the guys that Jason mentioned have broken 15:20 with the exception of maybe Garcia. Bert is a great runner, but he dominated a very weak 2A field. I think Bert will run around 15:30 which is still a fantastic time.
  • BConvey / 4 Years Ago

    Honestly, Jason predicted Bert would win 2A-- as did a few others :) I'm pretty sure there is no disrespect there at all.

    Depending on the course condition, I won't be surprised if it takes a sub 15 effort to qualify, and going out VERY HARD for the first mile is a requirement on that course. Its not easy to PR by 30 seconds in a race that goes out at a pace you aren't comfortable with.
  • jason / 4 Years Ago
    Found out charlotte canceled on nxn... cardillo individually at foot locker south. Unlikely but possibly in mix
  • mattsdad / 4 Years Ago
    BIG Congrats to Jimmy Clark for winning the Boy's race...he's joined in the top ten by Elliot Clemente #5 and Ryan Pickering #10 Great job guys...and Big Cngrats to Kathryn Fluehr #1, Erika Fluehr #2 and Shelby Davidson #10...Thank you for representing Florida...On to San Diego
  • lanasat1 / 4 Years Ago
    6 finalist! Awesome!
  • mattsdad / 4 Years Ago
    Shelby was 9th.
  • LeoRun / 4 Years Ago
    Tough choice? Let'see rain & cold in Portland vs. Warm & usually sunny San Diego
    Dew drop in hotle in Beaverton vs Hotel Del Coronado
    Oregon mud vs Imperial Beach
    Gong show in Oregon vs San Diego amenities
    no individual pic & cheap Nike program vs color pics on glossy paper
    Tigger (US serial wife-cheater) Woods Building vs an Historic hotel
    yea it a tough call?
    Well it is easier to qualify for Nikki
  • KBrnnr / 4 Years Ago
    Tough choice? Let'see rain & cold in Portland vs. Warm & usually sunny San Diego
    Dew drop in hotle in Beaverton vs Hotel Del Coronado
    Oregon mud vs Imperial Beach
    Gong show in Oregon vs San Diego amenities
    no individual pic & cheap Nike program vs color pics on glossy paper
    Tigger (US serial wife-cheater) Woods Building vs an Historic hotel
    yea it a tough call?
    Well it is easier to qualify for Nikki

    @LeoRun 0/10. Nice try Troll
  • coachbutler / 4 Years Ago
    Nike can keep their money,as for me and my house, We will continue to follow 32 years of Footlocker tradition. I will also take a shot at Hotel Del and sunny San Diego of rainy Portland. UNLESS, I felt I had 7 kids that had a legit shot at making it out together. As the Florida teams that ran Cary yesterday did. While none of us made it, Props to all for going after it. It was a very difficult year to get out.

    Footlocker South haad it's largest number of entries in 32 years and nearly all the top 15 boys and girls in the south were entered. Great news, see you in Charlotte next November.