Salute To Seniors: Annais Pena - Dr. Phillips


Salute To Seniors: Annais Pena - Dr. Phillips

What was your most memorable race?
My most memorable race woud have to be FLrunners 2011. It was the race that I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and competed with some of the top runners in the state. It led me to breaking into the 19's which is a huge accomplishment for me.
Who would you consider your biggest competition?
My biggest competition throughout my running season was my teammate Amber Johnson. She pushed me throughout the whole enire season. We were off and on each race by beating one another which was great. I am happy to say that she was a good teammate, but an even better challenge. As of now, my biggest competition is against myself breaking into the low 18's this season.  
Out of all your high school accomplishments which stands out the most?
Academically it was overcoming the struggle of helping my parents send me off to college.It was a long process of choosing the right school to go to. Whether it was scholarships, majors, or even the environment. It was a huge accomplishment to sign with the University of Tampa.  Athletically it would have to be breaking into the 19s. 
If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running career in high school?
I would change where I began my running career. I would have loved to start as a freshamn instead of starting as a junior. I believe I would have been a more knowlegable and more of a competitive runner.
What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?
I had to overcome many, but the most difficult ones were becoming familiar and trusting a new coach the second season of me running. Also, my grandfather passing away and having to give up the end of my senior track season due to an injury.
What will you miss the most?
Honestly, I dont think I will miss alot. I am ready for change and to start living the college life!
Do you have any advice for younger athletes? 
My advice is this: imagination, finding the way and means, self-discipline, concentration on task. persistence, faith in oneself, the quality of 'rather die than give in or be ultimately beaten', the recognition,until one's goals are achieved ,that one cannot serve two masters,that one goal must,and does,take precedence over the other, the recognition,as we overcome so we strengthen to overcome better, and as we weaken in our resolves,so we become weaker and less capable of worthwhile achievement, and total comitment to your goal. I lived for those phrases of wisdom for all two years of me running and I will continue throughout college.
What are your college plans?
My college plans are to major in biology and continue my running career until I can't anymore.
Who would you like to say thank you to?
I would like to say thank you to God, my parents for supporting me financially and spirtually, and all of my friends that always called me "beast" and kept me going. My team for always making things stressful but fun and my coach for believing me and pushing me.
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