Meet Information

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2018 Crystal River Middle School Invite

HOST: Crystal River Middle

On the Campus of Crystal River High School

Meet management has re-ordered the order of the meet. This should take advantage of all down time and actually give key events more rest time. If you have a miler who does long jump, shot or discus, please let us know immediately.

Mile Run

100 Meter Hurdles -- 10 hurdles

100 Meters


4oo Relay



1600 Relay

Schools Scheduled to compete

Crystal River Middle

Lecanto Middle


April 19, 2018


Coaches' Meeting: 3:00

Girls' High Jump: 3:10

Field Events: 3:30

Mile 3:35

Running Events: no later than 4:30 start time

Meet Director:

Daniel Epstein


Online at flrunners

Entry Deadline:

Tuesday , April 17, 6pm

Entry Limits/Scoring:

Open entries in individual events/ one relay

All can score

Warm Ups once the meet begins will be outside the track area.

Once the meet begins, no athletes will be allowed on infield. It will be a restricted area for all athletes. Will result in disqualification of school's participants in an event.

REMINDER: Coaches, remember athletes cannot be in a field event without an official or coach BEFORE or AFTER an event. Please remind them this will result in a warning and then other action. Thanks

Once the meet begins, the scoring tent area will be a restricted area.