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700 E Main St, Avon Park, FL 33825

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Colors:Red & White
FHSAA 2A Outdoor
2A Region 3 Outdoor
2A District 9 CC
2A District 9 Outdoor
2A Region 3 CC
FACA East Region CC

Team Announcements

Track and Field – Frostproof On Top Tweet LAKE PLACID – Feb 15, 2011 – In a three school meet consisting of Frostproof, Lake Placid and Avon Park, Frostproof would place first in boys, girls and overall. Frostproof had a combined score of 513 points. Lake Placid came in second with 329 and Avon Park finished third with 300. The Frostproof boys finshed first with 309 points, Avon...
Posted by james taylor on 02-17-2011


A hot Monday afternoon greeted seven local schools at the Avon Park Cross Country Invitational. The race conditions were fair considering the rainy weather the area had...

About Our Team

Allen, Lynsia (Inactive) 0 TF
Becerra, Sarrah 2016 XC
Bell, Kiyana (Inactive) 0 TF
Best, Brandi (Inactive) 0 TF
Best, Brittany (Inactive) 0 TF
Bullard, Alexia (Inactive) 0 TF
Deleon, Amanda 2016 XC TF
Dewberry, Joan (Inactive) 0
Dorvilia, Cathia (Inactive) 0
Egan, Brittany 0 XC TF
Farr, Hanna (Inactive) 0 TF
Flores, Emily (Inactive) 2014 TF
Gray, Temetria (Inactive) 0 TF
Hart, Tyesha (Inactive) 0
Hillier, Brooke (Inactive) 2016 XC TF
Howard, Jayden 0 XC TF
Ishmael, Choruese (Inactive) 0
Knowles, Kelsey (Inactive) 0 TF
Leverson, Shanes (Inactive) 0
Love, Lashady (Inactive) 0 TF
Love, Lori-ann (Inactive) 0 TF
Miller, Mikaely 2014 XC TF
Nxon, Andejoua (Inactive) 0
Patino, Jennifer 2014 XC
Richie, Taylor (Inactive) 2014 TF
Rivera, Michelle (Inactive) 0 TF
Robitaille, Ashlee 0 XC TF
Rodriguez, Erica (Inactive) 2014
Rojas, Maria 2015 XC TF
Sanchez, Yamilet (Inactive) 2014
Stokes, Tamara (Inactive) 0
Strouse, Felicia (Inactive) 2014 TF
Vassel, Kiana (Inactive) 0
Ware, A (Inactive) 0
Warner, Tammy (Inactive) 0 TF
Williams, Jonkev (Inactive) 0 TF
Williams, Sumintra (Inactive) 0 TF
Wilson, Jasmine (Inactive) 2014
Ylis, Aline (Inactive) 2014 TF
Zeeuw, Nancy (Inactive) 0 TF
burns, sierra (Inactive) 0
davis, brittany (Inactive) 0 TF
evans, jackie (Inactive) 0
griggs, taylor (Inactive) 0
jamison, khadeja (Inactive) 0
laster, vanisha (Inactive) 0
mcmichael, mikayla (Inactive) 0
tate, imani (Inactive) 0
Boys Roster Arreguin, Fabian (Inactive) 0 XC
Arreguin, Jimmy 2015 XC
Bates, Rakeem (Inactive) 2014 XC
Bryant, Dominique (Inactive) 2015 XC
Calero, Dawson (Inactive) 0 XC
Castillo, David (Inactive) 2014
Castro, Ray (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Collingsworth, H (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Collingsworth, Hunter (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Corondo, Ruben 2014 XC TF
Delgado, Edgar 0 XC TF
Egan, Kenny 0 XC TF
Estevenson, Loui (Inactive) 0 XC
Evans, Jerome (Inactive) 2014
Gadios, Josh (Inactive) 2014 TF
Garcia, David (Inactive) 0 XC
Graham, Kendrick (Inactive) 0
Griener, Dexier (Inactive) 0 XC
Hart, Jarviel (Inactive) 2014 XC
Hernandez, Jovani 0 XC TF
Hudson-st. George, Leo (Inactive) 0 XC
Hutchins, Domoni (Inactive) 0 XC TF
James, Terrell (Inactive) 0
Jenkins, Josuea (Inactive) 0
Jenkins, X (Inactive) 0 XC
Johnson, Tyler (Inactive) 0
Langston, Chase 2016 XC
Lashley, Logan 2016 XC TF
Magana, Eduardo (Inactive) 0 XC
Miller, Tekiovan (Inactive) 0 XC
Miller, Tk (Inactive) 0 XC
Patino, Juan 2014 XC
Perez, Angel (Inactive) 0
Pratt, Jovan (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Pringle, Roger (Inactive) 0
Rhoden, Michael (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Rodriquez, Johnathan (Inactive) 0
Rodriquez, Luis (Inactive) 2014
Romero, Darlin (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Smith, Jacob (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Spurlock, Alex (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Suaraz, Christian 0 XC TF
Taylor, Rickey (Inactive) 0
Torres, Ray (Inactive) 2016 XC TF
Trenchfeild, Luk (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Vassell, Vinroy (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Velez, Jose (Inactive) 2014 XC
Warner, Kenneth (Inactive) 0 XC TF
Weathers, Courtney (Inactive) 0 TF
Williams, Ervin (Inactive) 0
Wooden, Shavarious (Inactive) 2014
Wyatt, Paige (Inactive) 0 XC TF
anderson, leon (Inactive) 0 XC
bryant, dominick (Inactive) 0 XC
hudson-st. george, leonardo (Inactive) 0 XC
jones, jodeci (Inactive) 0 XC
lovett, damian (Inactive) 0 XC
skully, tyler (Inactive) 0 XC
soto, joesnell (Inactive) 0 XC


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