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FHSAA 2A Outdoor
2A District 2 CC
2A District 2 Outdoor
2A Region 1 Outdoor
2A Region 1 CC
FACA North Region CC
Big Bend Conference


Tallahassee area schools saw a glimpse of the 2015 track and field season at Tuesday's LCS Varsity Kick Off at Rickards High School. Jeremy Danzie was on-site with...
The 2013-2014 school year has provided some great highlights in both cross country and track across the Sunshine State. In the coming weeks many of our seniors will head...

About Our Team

We are no longer rebuilding our program. We are reloading. Our goal is to compete at a state meet level in every event and schatter records set by those honored and dedicated student athletes of the past and present. By competing in such a fashion we hope to win multiple State titles, produce National Elite rankings, and graduate scholarship caliber student athletes who may even become Olympic hopefuls. We will build this team one athlete; one event; one personal record, one season best, and one total team victory at a time. Our team is built around character, dedication, and determination. Moreover, each of our student-athletes are expected to graduate from James S. Rickards and seek an advanced degrees upon graduating from a perspective college or university. Our staff will do everything within our power to guide our Cross Country and Track & Field Team members to continue to exhibit excellence on and off the track or field.


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terrancedavis wrote
at February 20, 2016 19:17 EST
When will we see the results from 2/16 meet?
Raiders1 wrote
at October 23, 2011 22:32 EDT
BELIEVE the Hype! James Samford Rickards High School Cross Country is now officially a contender. Nearly every member of the Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country teams crossed the finish line at the Panhandle Championships held in Marianna, Florida this past weekend with a new Personal Record also known as a “PR”. Our top five Boy’s Varsity team members nearly ran 5k (3 miles) in under 20 minutes. Crossing first is emerging super star Freshman Evan Wison with a time of 18 minutes and 17 seconds; followed closely by Freshman Abraham Grandison 18 minutes and 24 seconds; Sophomore Darrel Grandison 19 minutes and 38.55; Sophomore Justin Belk 19 minutes and 38.60; and finally Freshman Shondarius Baker with a time of 20 minutes and 20 seconds. Honorable mention. Freshman Frederic Triplett, Jr. had a PR with a time of 22 minutes and 19 seconds. Top Girl honors goes out to our top performing Girl team members. With a new Personal Record of 21 minutes and 59 seconds, Freshman Ñailah Smith and with a new Personal Record of 22 minutes and 44 seconds, Sophomore Delysia Davis both ran a very spirited race. Honorable mention goes to Sophomore Jayla Pugh who had a PR of 33 minutes and 53 seconds. They have been competitive in each and every contest thus far. I have really been impressed by their work ethic and dedication to this sport. They have a real opportunity to do what our high school has not been able to accomplish for quite sometime. Score as a team and actually earn our way to a Regional competition. Just note. Win, lose, or draw. Our teams are something to be proud of. Day by day they improve. They seem to understand the concept of “coming of age”. Simply put, they have learned that hard work guarantees us nothing. It is our responsibility to bring respectability to our sport. Responsibility comes before privilege. The Privilege is becoming elite. We have stopped asking the question of “What if?” We now are making statements like “Why not now?” As their coach, I cannot be more proud of their attitudes toward accepting the challenges placed before them in the classroom, as well as, the meets. Go Running Raiders!
Raiders1 wrote
at October 23, 2011 22:30 EDT
WAY TO GO RUNNING RAIDERS! Cross-country races will not be run at the same speed as track races, and so the runner who is lacking in pace may be able to compensate by their style and run closer to their maximum than the track runner who cannot adjust to the special needs of cross-country. Cross-country running requires a different stride length, a different leg action and a different foot plant from road & track running. These things cannot be picked up instantly; they will only become instinctive if the runner adopts specific cross-country training. Well to the young men and women who have dedicated themselves to Cross Country this season the hard work has definitely begun to pay off. This pass weekend, while some were celebrating Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University’s Homecoming festivities, the fully hydrated Running Raiders of Rickards High School demonstrated true runner’s maturity. Although the Cougar Challenge did not yield to us a team First Place victory - note that the teams have improved. Our Girl’s team placed Sixth overall whereas the Boy’s team placed tenth. The competition was fierce. The Running Raiders never backed down nor did they quit. Our team had several (PR) Personal Records established during this Meet. Our Girls Team even managed to place themselves in the top three rankings of our District. Wow! Our competition is taking notice. Our Standout Freshman Nailah Smith and Sophomore Delesia Davis brought true grit and respectability towards our efforts of building a winning team during the race. They both achieved a personal record. Even though the Boy’s team had noticeable success as well, it was clearly the Girls day to shine. “There is no improvement like self-improvement. If any athlete that I coach wants to make the team better – they must first start by making themselves better.” Special thanks goes out to Coach Charyia Davis for allowing two members of her Girls Basketball team to join us in our efforts. KaNeshia Jackson and Jazmine Harris did an excellent job holding their own up against some tough talent. Also to our RHS Girl’s Basketball Assistant Coach, Vernon Davis, for volunteering to help us with transportation and supervision. To the parents, Boosters, and friends of the program who showed up to support our JSRHS Cross Country Team – Thank you. Next week, we do it again. Panama City, here we come! We expect great things for and from our JSRHS Cross Country Teams!
Raiders1 wrote
at September 18, 2011 06:59 EDT
RUNNING RAIDERS SHOW PROMISE Under controlled conditions the “Running Raider” cross country teams knocked off some rust in Saturday's first full varsity event of the season and came away from the Lincoln Invitation held at Tom Brown Park encouraged about the future. Although no school records were broken as hoped by head coach William Gilmore whose only official comment at the time was “Drat!” – the day proved high for optimism. On the Girl’s side of the event, freshman phenom Nailah Smith improved her times from the previous week by placing 19th @ a time of 23:46 (PR) overall whereas week prior she was in 45th place @ 26:56. The good news is all of the Girls time dropped significantly from the week before. Sophomore Jayla Pugh, Freshman Melody Korie, and Senior Quanisha White all drooped three full minutes off of their times. Unfortunately do to injuries; the Girls team did not have enough runners to place in the meet as a team. The Boys were in full force boasting the largest team JSRHS has had any Cross Country competition in Eight years. The “Dirty Dozen” ran inspirationally. Most of the team set personal records. So much so that several coaches from rival teams stopped by the Running Raider tent to share words of encouragement. Why were they so inspired you might ask? It was one of those you would have had to be there moments where you witness a team with something to prove to themselves, as well as, those who may have doubted them prior to the season. Freshman phenom Abraham Grandison, who is expected to be the man to break our school record of 18:07 in the 5000m, placed 16th overall with a time of 18:37, followed by teammates Freshman Evan Wilson (19:35); Sophomore Darrel Grandison PR (21:01); Junior Devine Korie (21:46); Freshman Kasus Clark PR (22:26); Freshman Shondarius Baker (22:40); Senior Malchom Ford (22:47); Sophomore Justin Belk (23:19); Kelechi Omah PR (23:40); Freshman Christopher Yarbrough PR (24:05); Freshman Frederic Triplett PR (24:13); and Freshman Kristopher Williams PR (26:38). When asked, What was the best thing that came out of this week’s contest for the JSRHS young Running Raiders? Coach William Gilmore replied,” Aside from both the Boys and Girls teams showing constant improvement, I will say the great parent turnout. The support they have shown is a dream come true. I very proud of them all.”
Raiders1 wrote
at May 05, 2010 11:05 EDT
Congratulations to our three State Finalists of the 2010 Track & Filed season. Senior Brittany Jones taking 1st Place in the Girls 300m Hurdles; Junior Haley Austin taking 1st Place in the Girls 100m Hurdles; and Junior Ricky McGhee taking 3rd Place in the Boys Long Jump at the 2010 2A State Finals. On behalf of James S. Rickards High School, we are so very proud of you. We look forward to even bigger accomplishments next year whether it be at the college or high school level. We will be monitoring your progress. Enjoy today, but tomorrow shows more promise. Coach Gilmore, Haugabrook, Sanders, & Myrick.
Raiders1 wrote
at April 11, 2009 05:51 EDT
To see team pictures of our RHS Track & Field teams, simply go to www.gilmoreidol.smugmug.com and locate the event.
Raiders1 wrote
at March 23, 2009 14:00 EDT
Coaches: There is not a high school Tuesday meet scheduled at Rickards this year. Please forgive the misunderstanding. But again, ther WILL NOT be a meet held at Rickards tomorrow. Sincerely, Coach Gilmore