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4 days ago meet t-shirts
I love t-shirt diplomacY! I probably gave out a couple 100 this spring :)
17 days ago XC Invitational
It will be September 30.
19 days ago Ask FHSAA: How Can We Make State Series Events More Practical & Competitive?
In week two of Ask FHSAA: Ed Thompson discusses how we can make state series events more practica...
27 days ago Results
Which meet?
28 days ago Floriday Relays 2017
I apologize I was getting race videos for Flotrack and interviews as well and trying to cover the...
1 month ago Pepsi Florida Relays 2017
Heat sheets should come out later today according to Zach From UF
1 month ago Tarpon Invitational 2017 - Results?
Results and performances being posted now.
1 month ago Tarpon Invitational 2017 - Results?
As soon as they get posted on halfmiletiming. Scott said he would send them to me as soon as they...
1 month ago FSU Relays Livestream?
There is no livestream. However, I am posting race videos as fast as I can.. Everything HS relate...
2 months ago Larry Kelly Invitational 2017
Results and performances are loaded.
2 months ago Bolles Bulldog Classic 2017
Just talked to Jacob the videos we have up are all he was able to get before his 2nd battery died...
2 months ago Half-Mile Timing : Meet Results
@Halfmiletiming Just Todd after all day in Miami lol. Whats the one I am missing I am half asleep...
2 months ago 3rd Annual Jim Smith Invitational 2017
Please have someone submit the new results to myself ( or Chris Sumner ...
2 months ago Tyrese Cooper-300M Hurdles?
Yep and he wants to do other events lol!
2 months ago 3rd Annual Jim Smith Invitational 2017
Please have corrected results sent to and and we'll ...
2 months ago Eastside Invitational 2017
Added results and performances this morning.
2 months ago World Record at Berkeley meet?
Was just about to tweet out and post Torres' Interview. With meters we might see mistakes from ti...
2 months ago Carl Fiedland Memorial meet at Bishop Moore Friday
Results and performances should be posted.
3 months ago Golden South
Yes, it will most likely be the last weekend of May.
4 months ago Tyreese Cooper
He's good :)
4 months ago Top 100 Girls 100mH
On it.
4 months ago Indoor Meets - Make sure you let us know where you are attending
Hey All, it is hard to keep track of who is running in what indoor meets since they aren't in Flo...
4 months ago Texas A&M indoor high school Meet correction needed
Kameron should be fixed in the next 24 hours working on the relay.
6 months ago Thanks Todd
It was what it said it was... top returning teams based on the 2016 cross country finals... we wi...
6 months ago Thanks Todd
Based on state results...
6 months ago Flrunners only allowed to post 3 min of race video? Can we get this rule changed
The FHSAA has a rights agreement with play on sports and the NFHS network. So until the agreement...
6 months ago Photos
6 months ago Photos
yeah they are on ... I don;t think fhsaa had a photographer there? At least I didn'...
6 months ago XC State Finals Prediction Contest: Enter Now!
Good luck everyone! Let's see those predictions!
6 months ago Deshay Fernandes Missed District? In or Out!
he is injured and out for season.
6 months ago Short Courses
And of course times matter... X Y Z kids get more money if they hit XYZ times. Kids want to set s...
6 months ago Short Courses
@CoachTravieso If you go to compare athletes it has both head to head match ups and time comparis...
6 months ago MISSING: 2A-14, 4A-9 Results
Does anyone know where we can get these results. Please email
6 months ago District Results
I am updating our district results hub article and looking through what has been added results an...
6 months ago Valerie Lastra -- Districts -- Wow!
Historical look.
6 months ago FHSAA 1A District 4 2016
As soon as we get results we'll get them entered as fast as we can. Email myself Todd.Grasley@flo...
6 months ago FHSAA 1A District 4 2016
As soon as we get results we'll get them entered as fast as we can. Email myself Todd.Grasley@flo...
6 months ago FHSAA 1A Region 2 2016
Knee deep in district coverage but will updating the calendar ASAP. also has all the re...
6 months ago Who Advances from District to Region - answers....
Great stuff. Thanks Mike!
6 months ago FHSAA 3A District 7 2016 has specific details of times and what not.
6 months ago District Virtual Meet Hub
We've also create a district virtual meet hub for all 64 districts. See how our computer thinks t...
6 months ago District Results/Coverage Hub
Hi all, hope you are ready for the state series to begin this week! We will have district coverag...
6 months ago Hillsborough County Championship 3m or 5K
Hey all, just to chime in here. I was actually at the meet as well and something didn't add up to...
7 months ago Amelia Island Pirate Invitational results
Results and performances are entered.
7 months ago Does anyone agree a "freshmen throwdown topic" is the WRONG direction for the sport.
Hi coach, first off thanks for your input. I think competitive nature is good and it's not meant ...
7 months ago Picture from the Middles School raced
Yep. Just sent the email out and featured them. Sue Thomas a Bolles parent posted nearly 400 awes...
7 months ago Miami-Dade County Youth Fair MS Championship 2016
Please email myself and Chris Sumner
7 months ago North Florida JV Championship and MS State Qualifier 2016
Results and performances are posted.
7 months ago Results & Performances
Just a note that if you have a meet and or attend a meet and have results please send them in. Al...
7 months ago FLYRA Middle School State Championships- Dinner with Ryan Hall
This sounds awesome! I'll try to make it.