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10 days ago astro invite new date?
Anybody know if the Astronaut invite will be rescheduled?
10 days ago The Country Inn & Suites Shark Classic 2017
Had to alter course. Will get a copy to all coaches no later than Monday.
10 days ago Shark Classic 9/23
A new map will be emailed to all of the coaches on Monday. Course had to be altered because of a...
11 days ago meet photographer
The meet photographer I had lined up for the Shark Classic on 9/23/17 is unable to work the meet ...
11 days ago Shark Classic 9/23
Port Orange Atlantic's Shark classic is still a go on 9/23/17. We will be running 7 on varsity in...
25 days ago a question
In the past my teams have enjoyed swapping team shirts with runners from other schools at running...
1 month ago XC fundraising for uniform
Fund raising is an ugly fact of life. My school does not contribute a dime to the XC program. We ...
1 month ago 9/23 Shark Classic opening
Two spots have opened up in Port Orange Atlantic's Shark Classic. Should be a fun & Competitive m...
2 months ago Disney Cross Country Classic 2017
400 is nuts
2 months ago shark classic 9/23
Port Orange Atlantic's shark classic is now full. It has been capped at 20 schools. A waiting lis...
2 months ago Team Tents
Check Dicks Sporting Goods. They always seem to have them on sale.
3 months ago info on meet photographer
I am looking for a photographer to take photos at an invitational and then offer those pics for ...
4 months ago What do these athletes have in common?
Mo Farah, Usain Bolt, Vivian Cheruiyot, Shannon Rowberry their autographed pictures are a part...
4 months ago 2A Region 2 XC Championships
The Country Inn & Suites Shark Classic on 9/23 offers an opportunity to race on the region course...
5 months ago running books
What do these books have in common? Once a Runner The perfect Mile Pre Running with the Buffa...
5 months ago meet t-shirts
@jason thanks Jason, Been a long time since that first meet.
5 months ago meet t-shirts
I am looking for a company that will print meet t-shirts at the site of a meet. I have seen some ...
11 months ago Complete 5 regular season races or start 5 races to be eligible for FHSAA State Series
Applied for a waiver for one of my runners and got it approved within a day.
1 year ago flrunners.com Invitational Transition
Port Orange Atlantic is proud to have run in the first one.
1 year ago cc
What is the date for 2016 Spanish river Invite?
12 years ago HORRIBLE Track at the 1A/2A State Meet
My team got there at 7:30 Am for the 2A long jump and there was still trash overflowing from the ...
12 years ago 2A state event schedule help!
according to the last info. the officials meeting is from 9-10AM same time as long jump. I am th...
12 years ago 2A state event schedule help!
I am having trouble determining the starting time of the meet. The state web site has down two ti...
12 years ago fsu entries
Has anyone seen the accepted FSU Relay entries?