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3 months ago Cross County "Spring training" with a XC jamboree middle of May?
I would host a race in Central Florida if this were approved.
10 months ago Need an extra race?
@BMXChornets coach_lamb@yahoo.com
10 months ago Need an extra race?
For those coaches looking for one last race in Central Florida before districts, please consider ...
11 months ago Osceola County MS Invitational 2017
@isservant Have you entered your team into the race on Oct 21? There will be an elementary, mi...
1 year ago Osceola Home Series #2 2016
@TaylorrLee This meet took place 6 months ago. I would have been happy to amend the results if ne...
4 years ago ST Cloud results
There won't be results posted for this meet. It was hand timed, and there was no pre registration.
5 years ago Cross Country Finals Prediction Contest... ENTER NOW!
1a boys - clark, martins, kattenberg TEAM: HT, IndianRC, Maclay 1a girls - casagrande, wollrath,...
5 years ago Article Comment: 4A Region Previews / Virtual Meets
very informative, good analysis
5 years ago Pre-State Prediction Contest
girls: Edwards 18:01, Cruz, Leon, Wollrath, Casagrande girls team: Estero, WP, HT,oak hall, STA ...
5 years ago Should the 4x200 be added to the Florida State Track Meet?
i would prefer they add a medley of some sort that would really spread the talent pool around. wh...