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1 year ago FHSAA Sprint Triple Crown
OTHERS Boys: Mike Bell, Newberry 1968 Pearson, Hernando 1915 (also shot put) David...
1 year ago FHSAA Sprint Triple Crown
Walkes - Out of Door (1A)- 2017. Eighth Grader.
1 year ago Rain or Shine here we come..
The last weather report I saw locally was rain Thursday late into Friday morning. Clearing late m...
1 year ago State meet traffic
Have your $10 cash ready and roll. I am sure IMG is ready for this one.B-)
1 year ago Distance (800/1600/3200) Triple Winners @ State?
It appears that her teammate Ally Hajda also qualified in three distance events.
2 years ago Fastest family in Fl history the Clarks
How about the Schappert Family out of Boca Raton. The Bratton sisters from Bradenton Christian S...
2 years ago IMG Chaos
IMG will rebound. They were very quick to address the issues that they could. Saturday was much i...
2 years ago Humble in victory
I am lost. Response does not help.
2 years ago Most anticipated race at State Meet?
Local Manatee High 4x1 Boys relay defending their championship win from last year in 4A.:o)
3 years ago 2016 State Track Meet Site
The best "battle" of the meet may turn out to be between the arrogance of IMG against the arrogan...
3 years ago Congrats Estero 4x800
JEFF SOMMER = LEGEND. I never personally knew Jeff Sommer but recalled competing against him in ...
3 years ago Top times/marks for 4th Place finishers at Regions
@jdpsu Great athletes in 3R2....What were the wind conditions.
4 years ago Article Comment: FHSAA Cross Country State Championships HQ
Along with Caroline Annis and Betty Jo Springs.8-)
4 years ago Course Legitmacy
I thought it was the King of the Hill course........LOL Here we go.
4 years ago Allowable Spikes
Past meets allowed max. 1/4" pyramid spikes on track. No exceptions.
5 years ago A New List!
@nmeans. Jeff left the hurdling to one of his older brothers LOL. Jeff's brother Tony was a top h...
5 years ago A New List!
Maybe Jeff Warwick. I spoke to one of his former coaches who stated that Warwick could have prob...
5 years ago Article Comment: In The Beginning There Was Jack
Should be a very interesting list......... Now we have a line drawn in the sand. The Nason Line.:-D
5 years ago Ups and Downs of the State Meet
A possible way to reduce the infield "violations" might be to create viewing "nodes" with enhance...
5 years ago State meet-Biggest surprises?
Zentmeyer, Seabreeze, Morken. BTW: Grippo = Great Race....
5 years ago Cross Country Finals Prediction Contest... ENTER NOW!
1A Boys - Clark/Cacciatore/T.Kattenburg. TEAM - HT/Maclay/Geneva 1A Girls - Casagrande/Wollrath/...
5 years ago Article Comment: The Great Race: Part 1
Great memories....... Remember this is 2 mile and not 3200m.
5 years ago Fastest race in high school history? 2013 FSU invite may be it
And don't over look Crews of Chamberlain, Winters and Warre of Largo, Tiggs of Lakewood and Jeff ...
5 years ago John Jefferson to W&M
@geoffpietsch I stand corrected. I now remember the article that they were the first American fat...
5 years ago John Jefferson to W&M
@jdpsu If being born in Florida counts then Darren Brown might qualify. Not sure if he was born i...
5 years ago Article Comment: Golden South Classic Coverage HQ
Race the way you train. The norm might not work for everyone.8-)
5 years ago ARROYO-1:47.79!!!!!
As a point of reference,Alan Webb ran a 1:47.74/800m and a 3:53.43/mile his Senior year in High S...
5 years ago Any update when the State Cross Country meet will be held?
Like I noted in a previous thread FHSAA will screw it up.....Unfortunately true.:-O
5 years ago What should happen to the 2013 Florida State XC Meet?
What does the host suggest? Are they OK with Monday? If the host takes a pro-active approach to t...
5 years ago New Track and Field Event Suggestions
How about quarter mile roller derby. Also, many of you will be too young to remember midget thro...
5 years ago Relocating to Florida
Art You have done a great job with your sons and throwers in the past but do not overlook Manate...
6 years ago Workout area near Parrish, FL (12/22 - 12/23)
If you are looking to run 12-14 miles, I think that Robinson Preserve would be the best fit. Gre...
6 years ago Article Comment: Predict the State Meet Outcome and Win
86 points 36 ind/team top 3 / 36 pts 22 correct places / 44 pts 2 exact match / 6 pts
6 years ago State History Question
1978 3A Bradenton Bayshore: Boys and Girls Team: Runner-up Boys Individual cha...
6 years ago Article Comment: Predict the State Meet Outcome and Win
1A Boys: Salas Alex Brown Tristan Kattenburg 1A Boys Team: HTA TP Maclay 1A Girls: Wollr...
6 years ago Florida Boys XC-Glory Days over?
Psst....... Smart guys. Great humor going on here.Keep it rolling!
6 years ago Article Comment: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
@Jason: Definitely a good authority!!!!!!
6 years ago Article Comment: The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions
Bottom line. As Jason has referenced in Matthew 6:24 : "You can not serve two masters." It is no...
6 years ago What happened to Solinsky at the trials?
You must still give Webb due respect for the "monster" he helped create.
6 years ago Article Comment: Olympic Trials: Florida Coverage HQ
Alexis Love from Palmetto High School / Murrary State has also made it into the 100m semi for today.
6 years ago What's more important for summer workouts, Running, or Building muscle?
It is most important for summer training to build confidence......
6 years ago Who is your favorite Flrunners forum poster?
How about RedKnightRunner? He was definitely a different breed...... What ever happened to Justi...
6 years ago Bradenton Runners Club Invitational 2012
Will the race be on the new course? THANKS!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago What did UNF gain by hosting FHSAA State and
Recruitment exposure
6 years ago Nevada kid wins the State meet from the 400m UP
Quite the feat............. but would not do it here in Florida. Still very, very impressive!!!!...
6 years ago Greatest US high school performance ever?
How about Bryshon Nellum 2007 California State Finals: 200m-20.43 / 400m-45.54/ 4x1-40.81/ 4x4- 3...
6 years ago Greatest performance ever!
@coachemorris Which was for a "full" 2 miler.
6 years ago Greatest performance ever!
@burt4118 On a National High School level I agree. The Germanator was definitely in the zone tha...
6 years ago Article Comment: Lakewood Ranch Star On Her Road To Recovery
If anyone can stage a successful recovery and comeback O2 can !!!!!!!
6 years ago Greatest performance ever!
Houston McTear 100 yd World Record (or was it).