Inside Look: Were Hallandale Girls The Best Team At State?

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Hallandale proved they have the balance and depth to win the 2A state title and pulling off the sweep with their male counterparts. Northeast and Northwestern battled it out once again for 3A supremacy. What if we combined the team scoring though and made it one large state meet? Who would win? Would the results be any different? See for yourself.

Note: This was generated by taking the best performances in every event regardless of classification, assigning points and then scoring the meet as if it was one.

Team Scores

1Hallandale HS65.5
2Northeast HS (Oakland Park)59.6
3Miami Northwestern HS58
4Bolles HS40
5St. Thomas Aquinas HS39.1
6American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)30
7Mater Academy Charter MS/HS24.5
8Creekside HS20
9Gainesville HS18
10Pine Crest HS17
11Evans HS15
12Miami Southridge HS13
13Newsome HS12.5
14Cocoa HS12
14Lake Mary HS12
16Bishop Snyder HS11.1
17Winter Park HS11
18Oak Ridge HS10
18Oakleaf HS10
18Southwest Florida Christian Academy HS10
21Dunbar HS8
21Highlands Christian Academy8
21Lakewood Ranch HS8
21Paxon School for Advanced Studies8
25Northside Christian6.6
25Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS6.6
27Southeast HS6.5
28Episcopal School of Jacksonville6
28Gaither HS6
28Niceville HS6
28Pine Forest HS6
28Sanford Seminole HS6
28South Walton HS6
34Colonial HS5
35Alonso HS4
35Gadsden County High School4
35Lakewood HS4
35Miami Killian HS4
35Saint Andrew's HS4
35Trinity Prep4
41Lakeland Christian School3.5
42Auburndale HS3
42Douglas HS3
42Fort Myers HS3
42Leon HS3
42Lincoln HS3
42Merritt Island HS3
42Olympia HS3
42Riverview HS3
42South Fork HS3
42West Orange HS3
52Canterbury School (Fort Myers)2
52Chiles HS2
52Mount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)2
52Piper HS2
52St. Cloud HS2
52Westside High School2
58Armwood HS1
58Coral Reef HS1
58George M. Steinbrenner HS1
58Hardee HS1
58Miami Palmetto HS1
58Osceola HS (Kissimmee)1
58Palmetto Ridge HS1
58Winter Springs HS1
66Chiefland HS0.5
66Felix Varela HS0.5
66Lake Minneola HS0.5
66Lemon Bay HS0.5
66Middleburg HS0.5
66Oxbridge Academy0.5
66Raines HS0.5
66Springstead HS0.5
66The Villages HS0.5

Individual Point By Point Breakdown

100 Meter Dash

1Briana Williams2020Northeast HS (Oakland Park)11.31 10
2Tamari Davis2021Gainesville HS11.36 8
3Zatoria Thompson2020St. Thomas Aquinas HS11.62 6
4Jermecia Brown2020St. Thomas Aquinas HS11.81 5
5Makhaila Mills2021Creekside HS11.85 4
6Hannah Douglas2021Olympia HS11.90 3
7Aniya Harper2020Westside High School11.94 2
8LaSarah Hargrove2019Gaither HS11.95 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Tamari Davis2021Gainesville HS22.48 10
2Briana Williams2020Northeast HS (Oakland Park)23.15 8
3Jan'Taijah Ford2019Northeast HS (Oakland Park)23.69 6
4LaSarah Hargrove2019Gaither HS23.82 5
5Jamesha Moorer2018Lakewood HS24.02 4
6Myrka Cadet2021American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)24.07 3
7M'Kynzi Sanders2021Miami Killian HS24.23 2
8Nicole Smith2018Sanford Seminole HS24.25 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Jan'Taijah Ford2019Northeast HS (Oakland Park)53.19 10
2Jatana Folston2019Cocoa HS53.42 8
3Daneisha Woodside2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)54.36 6
4Danielle Bess2020American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)54.54 5
5Kenya Thompson2021American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)54.68 4
6Kiah Williams2020Hallandale HS54.77 3
7Jermecia Brown2020St. Thomas Aquinas HS55.16 2
8Dalayni Etienne2020Coral Reef HS55.67 1
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800 Meter Run

1Caitlin Collier2018Bolles HS2:02.77 10
2Jinah Mickens-Malik2021Mater Academy Charter MS/HS2:11.26 8
3Patasha Bryan2021South Walton HS2:11.31 6
4Ayoola Gbolade2018Miami Northwestern HS2:11.62 5
5Jatana Folston2019Cocoa HS2:12.11 4
6Bailey Hertenstein2018Newsome HS2:13.18 3
7Jessica Edwards2021Canterbury School (Fort Myers)2:13.33 2
8Elayna Bahr2020Winter Springs HS2:13.63 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Caitlin Collier2018Bolles HS4:49.47 10
2Valerie Lastra2020Mater Academy Charter MS/HS4:52.74 8
3Claire Openshaw2020Creekside HS4:52.89 6
4Rafaella Gibbons2018Winter Park HS4:56.64 5
5Mya Bodrato2021Lake Mary HS4:57.81 4
6Tsion Yared2020Pine Crest HS4:58.92 3
7Alyssa Hendrix2020Riverview HS5:00.16 2
8Jordan Shapiro2020Miami Palmetto HS5:02.51 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Claire Openshaw2020Creekside HS10:40.24 10
2Mya Bodrato2021Lake Mary HS10:41.84 8
3Bailey Hertenstein2018Newsome HS10:44.55 5.5
3Valerie Lastra2020Mater Academy Charter MS/HS10:44.55 5.5
5Tsion Yared2020Pine Crest HS10:45.54 4
6Rafaella Gibbons2018Winter Park HS10:48.13 3
7Mahdere Yared2021Pine Crest HS10:48.99 2
8Alyssa Hendrix2020Riverview HS10:49.15 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Sydney McGinley2018Hallandale HS13.75 10
2Lucheyona Weaver2021Dunbar HS13.81 8
3Markalah Hart2020Miami Northwestern HS13.85 6
4Eddiyah Frye2021St. Thomas Aquinas HS13.96 5
5Asia McMillon2018American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)14.00 4
6Rayniah Jones2019Miami Southridge HS14.08 3
7Tyra Thomas2021Auburndale HS14.19 2
8Richara McNeil2020Hallandale HS14.26 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Rayniah Jones2019Miami Southridge HS42.16 10
2Sydney McGinley2018Hallandale HS42.20 8
3Imani Christian2018St. Thomas Aquinas HS42.42 6
4Ashonti Warner2018Hallandale HS42.49 5
5Markalah Hart2020Miami Northwestern HS42.89 4
6Janasia Cox2019Gadsden County High School42.99 3
7Jada Hill2018Piper HS43.01 2
8Cathrina Morris2019Auburndale HS43.46 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Miami Northwestern HS46.09 10
2American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)46.22 8
3Pine Forest HS46.38 6
4Sanford Seminole HS46.46 5
5St. Thomas Aquinas HS46.61 4
6Northeast HS (Oakland Park)46.84 3
7Miami Killian HS46.86 2
8Lincoln HS47.00 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Northeast HS (Oakland Park)3:42.19 10
2Hallandale HS3:42.98 8
3American Heritage MS/HS (Plantation)3:43.82 6
4Miami Northwestern HS3:47.61 5
5St. Thomas Aquinas HS3:48.84 4
6West Orange HS3:49.42 3
7Lincoln HS3:50.72 2
8Osceola HS (Kissimmee)3:52.21 1
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4x800 Meter Relay

1Bolles HS9:06.55 10
2Pine Crest HS9:08.05 8
3Miami Northwestern HS9:09.88 6
4Hallandale HS9:18.01 5
5Newsome HS9:21.34 4
6Mater Academy Charter MS/HS9:23.06 3
7Chiles HS9:24.13 2
8George M. Steinbrenner HS9:27.44 1
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Long Jump

1Destiny Castillo2019Hallandale HS19-4.25 10
2Leiya Green2020Paxon School for Advanced Studies19-2.75 8
3Caroline Johnston2019Episcopal School of Jacksonville19-2.25 6
4Loren Johnson2019Oakleaf HS18-10 5
5Priscilla Miller2018Southeast HS18-9.5 4
6Nadia Collins2021Leon HS18-9.25 3
7Semaj McGhee2018Bishop Snyder HS18-8.75 2
8Makayla Williams2018Armwood HS18-8.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Marquasha Myers2018Oak Ridge HS40-4.25 10
2Dascha Robinson2019Miami Northwestern HS40-0 8
3Takira Williams2018Hallandale HS39-6.5 6
4Loren Johnson2019Oakleaf HS39-0.5 5
5Samarah Hill2019Trinity Prep38-11 4
6Priscilla Miller2018Southeast HS38-6.25 2.5
6Semaj McGhee2018Bishop Snyder HS38-6.25 2.5
8Trentorria Green2018Gadsden County High School38-3 1
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High Jump

1Ashley Russell2020Northside Christian5-5.75 6.6
1Carshaylah Harrison2018Northeast HS (Oakland Park)5-5.75 6.6
1Semaj McGhee2018Bishop Snyder HS5-5.75 6.6
1Tytavia Hardy2018Pensacola Booker T. Washington HS5-5.75 6.6
1Zatoria Thompson2020St. Thomas Aquinas HS5-5.75 6.6
6Arielle Ho2020Felix Varela HS5-3.75 0.5
6Corliss Holland2019Raines HS5-3.75 0.5
6Courtney Hayes2019Chiefland HS5-3.75 0.5
6Daishon Spann2019Hallandale HS5-3.75 0.5
6Hannah Kanjian2019Oxbridge Academy5-3.75 0.5
6Hannah Lowenstein2020St. Thomas Aquinas HS5-3.75 0.5
6Jacy Scharlow2018Springstead HS5-3.75 0.5
6Kaley Petrosky2018Middleburg HS5-3.75 0.5
6Mi'Ajhai Cleaves2019Lake Minneola HS5-3.75 0.5
6Nicole Hall2018The Villages HS5-3.75 0.5
6Sarah Cote2019Lemon Bay HS5-3.75 0.5
6Sydney Cabrera2018Lakeland Christian School5-3.75 0.5
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Pole Vault

1Laine Roberts2020Bolles HS12-7.5 10
2Karen Lyvers2018Lakewood Ranch HS12-4 8
3Madalyn Kish2019Niceville HS11-9.75 6
4Abigail Olson2020Merritt Island HS11-3.75 3
4Alexandra Chlumsky2019Fort Myers HS11-3.75 3
4Elizabeth Nix2019Winter Park HS11-3.75 3
4Emily Branham2020Lakeland Christian School11-3.75 3
4Emma Slinkman2018South Fork HS11-3.75 3
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1Rebekah Bergquist2019Southwest Florida Christian Academy HS147-2 10
2Sydney Blackburn2020Highlands Christian Academy146-9 8
3Amani Heaven2018Hallandale HS142-7 6
4Georgette Simpson2018Colonial HS136-11 5
5Nicole Whitaker2019Saint Andrew's HS135-9 4
6Nelia Simeon2018Hallandale HS135-3 3
7Essence Tornabene2018St. Cloud HS134-11 2
8Elizabeth Sculles2019Palmetto Ridge HS133-10 1
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Shot Put

1Shareya Newsome2019Evans HS46-6 10
2Chanel Dawson2018Miami Northwestern HS43-1.5 8
3Alyssa Richard2019Miami Northwestern HS42-7.5 6
4Michaelle Valentin2020Evans HS42-7 5
5Letrice Hall2018Alonso HS42-5.25 4
6Shannon Moise2018Douglas HS42-1.5 3
7Cooper Monn2018Mount Dora Christian Academy (Bible)41-5 2
8Alexis Benjamin-Graham2018Hardee HS41-3.75 1