Workout Wednesday: Creekside Boys - 300m Core Circuit

The Creekside boys are the defending 3A Cross Country Finals state champions and predicted to go back to back this year with a senior laden team. Zack Bias caught up with the Knights to get a peak into their training, which consisted of a 300m core workout.

The Workout:

"Today's workout was a strength building workout, typical summer stuff that a lot of people do, circuits.. This workout is adapted to fit what I think the boys need most, a little bit of speed in between each core sets of exercises. Also, adding in there the aspect of a team. We do solo circuits sometimes, where you are on your own. You get the running in and the core exercises in. But today was a team circuit." - Coach Eric Frank

Core Breakdown:

"The team was split into three different groups. Each group had a range and ability, probably of a 5k time of 90 seconds from the top guy to the bottom guy, maybe two minutes, but they were pushing each other. It was an opportunity for some guys to get a workout in with guys they normally don't get a workout with. It builds team camaraderie and pushing and challenging some guys who might not get that experience." - Coach Eric Frank

By The Numbers: 3A Team Rankings (Complete List)

1Creekside HS (FL)95
1) Matthew Clark15:49.601
2) Joseph "Jackson" Storey16:16.409
3) Nicholas Deal16:32.5914
4) Reece Duff16:41.9021
5) Alex Bolt17:02.0050
Average Time: 16:28.50 Total Time: 1:22:22.49 1-5 Split: 1:12.40
6) Jacob Posey17:38.00105
7) Harrison Do18:02.97162

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