Where Are They Now? FLRunners.com Race of Champions

Jenny Barringer-Simpson took h ome her seventh New Balance 5th Avenue Mile title this weekend.

Nearly 14 years ago at this time, Simpson lined up on a cross country course with only a vision of what would become her decorated running career.

As she toed the line in a black Oviedo HS uniform, she gutted out a race against Nicole Schappert-Tully for the FLRunners.com Race of Champions title.

This battle, nearly 14 years later, would be admired by Floridian distance runners and go down in history as one of the best examples of what it means to race on pure will.

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The FLRunners.com Invitational gives you a vision of who you can become, and the Race of Champions gives the nation a glimpse into the next generation of the sport.

The exciting part about the Race of Champions, just like any other race, is that anything can happen. We don't know who will become the next Jenny Barringer-Simpson or Nicole Schappert-Tully.

The FLRunners.com staff wants to encourage you to dream about the great athlete, teammate, and coach, only you, can become.With over 15 races, the FLR19 Invitational gives all athletes of every level the opportunity to envision their future in the sport.

Will we see the next Simpson or Tully this year at the FLR19? One thing is for sure, Florida's best and brightest will be competing at Holloway Park on September 28 and 29.

Will you be there?