FACA XC State Rankings #6

With the regular season concluded and the FHSAA State Series underway, let's see what our FACA volunteer pollsters have to say after this past week's District Championships as we head into Region week!

*Updated to include 3A Boys Rankings.


1A Girls Rankings

By Sue O'Malley Father Lopez Catholic High School

Team Rankings: Post Season

Commentary: It has been one eXCiting season! I want to congratulate all the teams who moved out of their district to the region showdown this week. The Region meets get underway on Wednesday the 31st with Region 4 at Spanish River. This region meet will have two of the top 15 teams going head to head.

On Friday there will be two region meets. Sante Fe College will host Region 2. This region will be a great one with 6 out of the top 15 teams going head to head. Region 3 will be held at Holloway Park with 3 of the top 15 teams going head to head and the top 3 teams are all ranked in the top 4 of the state! On Saturday, New Word Golf Course will host Region 1. This region will have lots of excitement with 4 out of the top 15 teams going head to head. Best wishes to all the teams this week. Miami Country Day School and Baker Senior High School joins the rankings for the first time this season! "Let's embrace the pain and use it as our fuel as we continue our journey to the state meet!" I gave song titles to all the teams which I thought fit their team's personality!

Rank. (Previous Rank) School, Region # = Comments

1. (1) Circle Christian = Defending Champions!  This team has kept it together and will continue to do so as we enter the region meet. The song which describes this team is the Queen song "We are the Champions"! This team is not only champions on the xc courses but outside the course. They are humble and graceful in everything they do and say. CC won the D 9 title with a time of 20:38 under adverse conditions of downpours of rain on a very challenging Embry Riddle course. CC will go for a 3-peat at the Region 3 Meet on Friday!

2. (2) Oak Hall= Oak Hall=20:06  The song that describes this eagle team is bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer" because there is a line repeated in that goes "Oh we're half way there!" Yes they are half way to quest of the podium at the state meet. The eagles won their second D5 title with a team average of 21:08. The eagles will be the favorite at the Region 2 Meet. Last year the Eagle finished 2nd behind Citrus Park, who has moved up to 2A this season.

3. (3) Father Lopez Catholic High School=20:26  Coach O'Malley is a true fighter and a believer of never giving up! The song by Journey "Don't stop believin' " is what Coach O'Malley preaches every day to her teams! Could this be the year for the Green Wave ladies! The Green wave finished 2nd to CC at the D9 meet. The green wave girls will look to improve upon their 5th place finish last year at the R3 Meet. The Green wave would make school history if they make the podium!

 4. (4) Holy Trinity Academy=20:35 lowered team average at D11 meet. Coach Sully's team keeps making the moves.  Coach Sully won his second straight D11 title this weekend with a team average of 20:35. Holy Trinity finished 4th last year at the R3 meet. It will be a fun battle between HT and FL.  The song that describes this team is the Eagles "Life in the fast lane!"

5. (5) Canterbury School in Fort Meyers= 21:02 New team average.  The Cougars won their 3rd straight D8 title this week with a team average of 23:10. The Cougars should finish as region runner-up to Oak Hall this weekend. Their song is "The Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor.

6. (8) Out of Door Academy= 21:19 new team average by 30 seconds. The Thunder moves up 2 spots from last rankings. The Thunder won the D7 with a team average of 21:28. They repeat as D champions. The Thunder were 4th last year at the R2 meet but will definitely battle Canterbury cougars for runner up in R2. I had to go with the song form the Imagine Dragons "Thunder" for this team's song.

7.  (7) Bishop Snyder= 21:15 new team average!  Coach Weed says and I quote:" I am coming after the Cardinals!" Congrats to Coach Richard in winning his first District title. Must have gotten all of his secrets from Wonder Woman! The Cardinals won the D4 with a team average time of 21:23. The Cardinals finished R1 last year in 5th place. Coach Richard will try and win his first region title on Saturday! His team will have to battle Maclay for that title. The song that describes the Cardinals is the theme song from Rocky "Gonna fly now!"

8. (12) Maclay School=Team average 21:35 new team average by almost a minute! Moves up 4 spots in the rankings too! Maclay won the D3 title again for at least 10 straight years! Their team average was 21:23. This team will be a favorite for the D1 title. The song that describes this team is MC Hammer's "Can't touch this."

9. (NR) Miami Country Day School=21:37 This team has been on the look out to watch list all season and now it's time to watch out! The team won it's 3rd straight D5 Title with a team average of 21:39. They will be the favorite on Wednesday to win the Region 4 title. He song "Footloose" describes this team for sure.

10. (NR) Cardinal Mooney=21:54 is back in the rankings again!  Cardinal Mooney finished 2nd in the D7 meet. The team will race in R2 and move out to the state meet. Foster the Kids song "Pump up Kicks" is their theme song!

11. (6) The King's Academy= 21:20 new team average. Lions won their 3rd straight D13 Title. The Lions placed 4th in R4 last year and will be in the hunt for a region title on Wednesday against Miami Country day School. Theme song for the Lions is " Don't stop till you get enough" by Michael Jackson.

12 (10) St. Joseph Academy=22:04 new team average so I am assuming they cut their district course! The Flash finished 2nd to Bishop Snyder in the D4 meet. It will be a nice battle between this team, Maclay and Bishop Snyder for the R1 title. The Flash will definitely move on to states of course Coach Danny got all of his coaching from Wonder Woman! The Flash team song is "Oh Danny Boy!" and the famous song by Aerosmith "Dream On!"

13. (NR) Baker senior High School=22:04 welcome to the top 15! Baker won D1 title with a team average of 22:04. This was the team's 3rd straight district title. The team will definitely improve on their 6th place finish last year in R1 to move onto the state meet. Team song  " Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson.

14 (14) Indian Rock Christian=22:10   new team average. The Golden eagles finished 2nd in D2 meet.  The team will most likely battle Tampa Bay HEAT, a, a team to watch all season, for the 6th spot in the tough R2 meet. Theme song is "We will rock you" by Queen

15. (13) Southwest Florida Christian Academy=22:14 new team average. The Kings finished 2nd in D8 meet. The Kings did not make it to the state meet last year but you can bet they will be in the hunt to make the top 6 in R2.

Other teams to watch out for:

Tampa Bat HEAT R2, PK Yonge School R2, JupiterR3, Providence R1, The Geneva School R3 and St. Johns Country Day School R1.

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: YGG! You Go Girls! Top 15 girls this rankings are sub 19:49! With districts here and gone and fall in the air now it's time to move onto the Region meets for some more very eXCiting racing! New to the top 15 this rankings is Callie Friske from Calvary Christian (Clearwater). Welcome to the club!

Region 3 with be the most competitive region with 6 girls out of the top 15 going head to head. Region 2 has 5 of the top 15 and region 1 has 3 of the top 15. There should be a lot of close racing and some newcomers to region crowns.

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Grade -- School = Comments

1. (1) Carly McNatt, 8-Holy Trinity =17:13.8 Carly has been number one since she started her racing season in September! There is a Cindy Lauper song" Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" and Carly seems to be having fun with her racing! Carly has PR'd at every meet she has raced in. Carly now has moved up to the 28th fastest girl in the nation with her new time of 17:13.8. Carly won the District 11 title on her own course. Carly's time would rank her 8th in the boys Region 3 meet! Carly will definitely be the favorite at the Region 3 meet this Friday at Holloway Park.

2. (2) Sinkenesh Parker, 10 -- Circle Christian = 18:27.8 Sinkenesh showed she belongs in the second spot still! Sinkenesh ran a very impressive time of 19:33 at the District 9 this past Thursday under extreme weather conditions of pouring down rain. Sinkenesh will be the #2 favorite at the region 3 Meet this Friday.

3. (3) Lauren Jones, 7-Oak Hall=18:20 Lauren won the District 5 title with a time of 19:08. This was her first district title as an eagle. Lauren will be the favorite at the Region 2 Meet this Friday at Sante Fe.

4. (5) Mary Peck, 9- FLCHS=18:53.1 Mary finished 2nd behind Sinkenesh by only 13 seconds with a time of 19:46. Mary ran a minute faster on this very tough Embry riddle course with pouring down rain from the first time she ran the course on 9/15. Watch for this young lady at the Region 3 meet on Friday.

5. (6) Laci Watford, 9-University Christian School 18:40.8 Laci won the District 4 title this past week with a 18:50. She edged out Gianna forte form Bishop Snyder for the win. Watch for Laci and Gianna to go head to head this Saturday at the region 1 Meet.

6. (4) Gianna Forte, 12-Bishop Snyder= 18:37. Gianna came up 1 second shy of winning her first district title( 18:51). But look for the eye of the tiger in this fierce competitor this Saturday at the Region 1 meet. She will be challenging Laci Watford for the title. Gianna was 8th last year at the region meet and will definitely improve on that finish along with her time of 20:51 she ran last season!

7. (7) Claire McDonnell, 11-FLCHS= 19:02.1 Claire finished a strong 4th at the District 9 meet with a 20:26. Claire will be definitely in the hunt on Friday at the region 3 Meet. Claire also ran a minute faster on the Embry riddle course form 9/15.

8. (8) Audrey Woods,12-Providence=19:10.0 Audrey finished 3rd at the district 4 Meet this week. With a 20:09. She will challenge Gianna forte and Laci Watford for the Region 1 title for sure. This young lady has had a stellar 4 year career.

9. (9) Mia Rodriguez, 9-The King's Academy=19:13.8. Mia won her district 13 title. Mia ran a 20:11. Mia finished 7th last year at the Region 4 Meet. She will be the favorite at the Region 4 Meet this weekend.

10. (10) Jessica Edward, 10-Canterbury School(Fort Meyers)= 19:15.0. Jessica will battle Lauren Jones from Oak Hall for the region 2 title this weekend. Jessica finished 3rd last year at the region meet with a 19:35.

11. (NR) Callie Friske 12-Calvary Christian (Clearwater)=19:24 New PR for Callie. Callie won the District 6 meet this past week. Callie was 19th last season in the Region 2 Meet. Look for Callie to be at least 3rd this week at the Region 2 Meet.

12. (11) Katie Beam,8-First Baptist Academy=19:24.  Katie finished 23rd last year at the Region 2 meet with a time of 21:14. Katie with be in the top 5 in the Region 2 meet for sue this season.

13. (12) Brooke Mcewen, 11 -- Circle Christian 19:33.8 Brooke had another solid race at the District 9 Meet this past week. Brooke placed 3rd in 20:06. Brooke finished 4th last season at the region 3 meet with a time of 20:21.

14. (NR) Emma McLaughlin,12-Tampa Bay HEAT=19:37.7 New PR Emma set her new PR of 19:37 at the district 6 meet to finish 2nd. Emma looks like she is peaking at the right time. Last season Emma finished 9th in the region 2 Meet. Look out for Emma to be in the top 7 this season.

15. (14) ) Kempar Reback,12, Jupiter Christian= 19:49.9 Kempar won the District 12 Meet with a time of 21:12. Kempar missed the Region 3 Meet last season.  Looking forward to seeing Kempar compete this year.

Other individuals to watch out for:

Sarah Bayer (Lakeland Christian) R3, Sydney Miller (Oak Hall) R2 , and Zosia Yurkiewcz ( Father Lopez) R3 , Lauren McGaffic (Miami Country Day School) R4, Ella Porcher (Maclay School) R1 and Archike Parker (Circle Christian) R3


2A Girls Rankings

By: Ryan Raposo, Gulliver Prep / St. Thomas University, ryanraposo@gmail.com

Team Rankings by Region:

Commentary: One thing I noticed in looking at the District results is that there is a fairly distinct line as to which teams should be the top six in each Region, therefore advancing to State. While there are always weather considerations and course difficulty to take into consideration, there doesn't appear to be much sway. This is similar to how the team State Rankings have remained fairly stable throughout the season. While I did adjust a little for certain courses and finishes, most of what is listed below is fairly standard. Good luck to all of the teams this week at their Regional Championships!

Region 1-

1. Bolles, District 4 Champs, Team Avg: 19:36

2. Episcopal, District 4 Runner-up, Team Avg: 21:30

3. Bishop Kenny, District 4 Third, Team Avg: 21:53

4. West Florida, District 1 Runner-up, Team Avg: 21:25

5. South Walton, District 1 Champs, Team Avg: 21:27

6. Pensacola Catholic, District 1 Third, Team Avg: 22:33

Has an outside chance to advance:

7. Fernandina Beach, District 3 Champs, Team Avg: 23:05

8. Wakulla, District 2 Champs, Team Avg: 23:21

Region 2-

1. Montverde Academy, District 8 Champs, Team Avg: 19:49

2. Trinity Prep, District 8 Runner-up, Team Avg: 19:56

3. Citrus, District 7 Champs, Team Avg: 21:17

4. Tavares, District 8 Third, Team Avg: 21:26

5. Villages, District 6 Champs, Team Avg: 21:39

6. Nature Coast Tech, District 7 Runner-up, Team Avg: 21:51

Boxed out (Quality team that did not qualify):

Lake Highland Prep, District 8 Fourth, Team Avg: 21:52

No other teams appear to have a chance at advancing.

Region 3-

1. Citrus Park Christian, District 10 Champs, Team Avg: 20:08

2. Berkeley Prep, District 10 Runner-up, Team Avg: 20:50

3. Academy of Holy Names, District 10 Third, Team Avg: 21:04

4. Bishop Verot, District 12 Champs, Team Avg: 21:35

5. McKeel, District 9 Champs, Team Avg: 22:21

6. Frostproof, District 9 Runner-up, Team Avg: 22:36

Has an outside chance to advance:

7. Avon Park, District 9 Fourth, Team Avg: 23:01

8. Hardee, District 9 Third, Team Avg: 23:17

9. Clearwater Central Catholic, District 11 Champs, Team Avg: 23:27

Region 4-

1. Pine Crest, District 15 Champs, Team Avg: 19:46

2. Rockledge, District 13 Champs, Team Avg: 19:32

3. Titusville, District 13 Runner-up, Team Avg: 19:56

4. Satellite, District 13 Third, Team Avg: 20:39

5. St. Brendan, District 16 Champs, Team Avg: 21:06

6. Calvary Christian, District 15 Runner-up, Team Avg: 21:34

Has an outside chance to advance:

7. Gulliver Prep, District 16 Runner-up, Team Avg: 21:26

8. St. Andrew's, District 14 Champs, Team Avg: 21:36

9. Carrollton, District 16 Third, Team Avg: 22:04

Overall Team State Rankings:

1. (1) Bolles, R1 #1 -- 19:36 District Team Avg

2. (2) Pine Crest, R4 #1 -- 19:46 District Team Avg

3. (3) Montverde Academy, R2 #1 -- 19:49 District Team Avg

4. (5) Trinity Prep, R2 #2 -- 19:56 District Team Avg

5. (4) Citrus Park Christian, R3 #1 -- 20:08 District Team Avg

6. (6) Rockledge, R4 #2 -- 19:32 District Team Avg

7. (7) Titusville, R4 #3 -- 19:56 District Team Avg

8. (9) Satellite, R4 #4 -- 20:39 District Team Avg

9. (8) St. Brendan, R4 #5 -- 21:06 District Team Avg

10. (14) Berkeley Prep, R3 #2 -- 20:50 District Team Avg

11. (15) Academy of Holy Names, R3 #3 -- 21:04 District Team Avg

12. (10) Calvary Christian Academy, R4 #6 -- 21:34 District Team Avg

13. (11) Bishop Verot, R3 #4 -- 21:35 District Team Avg

14. (17) Citrus, R2 #3 -- 21:17 District Team Avg

15. (16) Tavares, R2 #4 -- 21:26 District Team Avg

16. (18) Episcopal, R1 #2 -- 21:30 District Team Avg

17. (NR) Villages, R2#5 -- 21:39 District Team Avg

18. (13) Bishop Kenny, R1 #3 -- 21:53 District Team Avg

19. (20) West Florida Tech, R1 #4 -- 21:25 District Team Avg

20. (21) South Walton, R1 #5 -- 21:27 District Team Avg

21. (19) Nature Coast, R2 #6 -- 21:51 District Team Avg

22. (NR) McKeel, R3 #5 -- 22:21 District Team Avg

23. (22) Frostproof, R3 #6 -- 22:36 District Team Avg

24. (23) Pensacola Catholic, R1 #6 -- 22:33 District Team Avg

Dropped From Rankings:

(12) Lake Highland Prep, R2 #3

(24) Lely, R3 #6

Individual Rankings:

Commentary: Once again and same as with the team rankings, I did not make a lot of changes to the top group; a couple of fast courses were seen this week along with some teams cruising through their Districts as well.

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Grade -- Team = Time, District Finish

1. (1) Tsion Yared, 11 -- Pine Crest = 17:37, District 15 Champ

2. (2) Rebecca Clark, 12 -- The Villages = 19:46, District 6 Champ

3. (3) Lily Henne, 9 -- Montverde Academy = 18:33, District 8 Champ

4. (4) Emily Faulhaber, 11 -- Pine Crest = 18:56, District 15 Runner-up

5. (5) Jacqueline Abanses, 10 -- Citrus Park Christian = 18:41, District 10 Champ

6. (6) Billie Castillo, 11 -- Titusville = 18:28, District 13 Champ

7. (7) Kendyl Cardwell, 10 -- Montverde Academy = 19:05, District 8 Runner-up

8. (8) Eleanor Tymorek, 10 -- Saint Andrew's = 19:09, District 14 Champ

9. (9) Natalie Varela, 11 -- Gulliver Prep = 19:10, District 16 Champ

10. (NR) Paige Jaszczak, 9 -- Titusville = 18:50, District 13 Runner-up

11. (BOLO) Margaret Ward, 12 -- Rockledge = 18:52, District 13 Third

12. (NR) Magnolia Lake, 12 -- Rockledge = 18:58, District 13 Fourth

13. (BOLO) Megan Hughes, 11 -- Academy of Holy Names = 19:13, District 10 Runner-up

14.  (NR) Emily Vargas, 11 -- Avon Park = 19:16, District 9 Champ

15. (15) Audrey McAnally, 11 -- Trinity Prep = 19:18, District 8 Third

Other individuals to watch out for:

(NR) Riley Jaszczak, 9 -- Titusville = 19:13, District 13 Fifth

(NR) Andrea Hunt, 9 -- Trinity Prep = 19:27, District 8 Fourth

(14) Elizabeth Csikai, 8 -- Bolles = 19:28, District 4 Champ

(NR) Skylar Grant, 11 -- West Florida Tech = 19:29, District 1 Champ

(12) Maxine Montoya, 10 -- Bolles = 19:30, District 4 Runner-up

(13) Helena Kummings, 11 -- Bolles = 19:33, District 4 Third

(NR) Maeve O'Riordan, 12 -- Bolles = 19:38, District 4 Fourth

(10) Lydia Friedman, 11 -- Citrus Park Christian = 19:40, District 10 Third

(BOLO) Ella Mickler, 8 -- Bolles = 19:50, District 4 Fifth

(11) Patasha Bryan, 10 -- South Walton = 20:09, District 1 Runner-up

3A Regionals Girls Rankings

By: Steve Farnsworth, Lecanto HS, farnsworthfarm@yahoo.com                    

Team Rankings:

Commentary:  The rankings are based solely on times and performances from the last two weeks -- this poll measures what teams and individuals are doing now, not what they ran on fast courses earlier in the season.  It's difficult to use times for rankings -- many teams ran on very fast courses for conference meets, and then did not run hard at district meets.  Throw in afternoon meets vs. morning meets, and a few short courses, and the time database and team averages have become virtually meaningless.  Adjusted district team times will be given for the regional rankings, but head to head competition, course conditions, consistency in performance and any other known factors have been considered in making the rankings.

Region 3A-1 Rank, (Previous Rank), Team, District Team Average/ Comments

1. (1) Chiles, 19:21.  The Timberwolves did not run hard in winning the District 3 meet at ARP, and may not go all out at Regionals unless they are pushed.

2. (2) Creekside, 19:30.  The Knights were not pushed in winning the District 4 crown, and seem to rounding into end-of-season form.  It is not known if they will go after Chiles on the very fast New World Golf regional course, or conserve their energy for the big dance a week later.

3. (8) Ponte Vedra, 20:33.  The Sharks looked very strong taking second at the District 4 meet.

4. (13) St. Augustine 20:38.  The Yellowjackets were the surprise team in Region 1 this year and will be breathing down Ponte Vedra's back again at Regionals.

5. (9) Niceville, 21:18.   The District 2 champs Eagles have struggled with injuries and hurricane-related disruptions, but are getting stronger and may finish higher than fifth.

6. (HM) Nease, 21:18.   The Panthers may have eliminated their toughest rival by edging Bartram Trail for fourth in District 4.  Several Panhandle teams - Pace (14), Ft. Walton Beach (NR), Gulf Breeze (12), Leon (NR) - are still recovering from hurricane-related disruptions and could challenge Nease for the last spot.

Region 3A-2 Rank, (Previous Rank), Team, District Team Average/ Comments

1. (11) Sunlake, 20:15 (+30).  The Seahawks looked very strong winning the District 7 race on the McKethan Lake course, which did not run as fast as usual because of the heat and humidity.  They will not run as well on the tougher Lecanto regional course, but do not face a serious challenge for first. 

2. (10) Harmony, 20:45 (+20).  The Longhorns are a bit overrated from running too many fast courses, but won a weak District 8 easily and should be able to take second at regionals.

3. (19) Ocala Vanguard, 21:02.  The Knights defeated Gainesville for the District 5 crown, and should be able hold them off again at regionals.

4. (17) Gainesville, 21:21.  The Hurricanes are not as good as the Bobcat Classic course made them look, but they're good enough to claim the fourth spot.

5. (22) Matanzas, 21:36 (+30).  The Pirates won the District 6 meet on a fast course and seem to have the fifth spot nailed down.

6.  The virtual meet gives District 6 runner-up New Smyrna Beach (NR) the edge, but the Barracudas got an artificial boost from running on a fast course on a cool morning.  District 7 runner-up Lecanto (NR) is also in the mix as they edged a surging Springstead (NR) and knocked off depth-challenged Land O'Lakes (21), whose No. 2 runner was out with an injury.  Seabreeze (NR) and Leesburg (NR), also have a shot at the last spot in Region 2

Region 3A-3 Rank, (Previous Rank), Team, District Team Average/ Comments

1. (3) Osceola (Seminole), 19:42.   The District 10 champs Warriors didn't run the much-maligned Farm regional course earlier this year, and may be surprised by its alleged potholes, cow pies, and fire ant mounds.  Nevertheless, they should still claim the regional title.

2. (4) Naples, 20:20 (+20).  District 12 champs, the Eagles will also get their baptism of fire at the Farm, but should be able to get second place.

3.(23) Ft. Myers, 20:53.  The Green Wave were District 11 champs, but have run inconsistently all season long, and could finish anywhere from second to fifth at Region 3.  They are the only Region 3 contender to have previously run at the Farm.

4. (6) Charlotte, 21:18.  The Tarpons were another up and down team, but the District 11 runners-ups still get the nod for the fourth spot in Region 3.

5. (7) Cape Coral, 21:14.  The Seahawks were right behind Charlotte at the District 11 meet, and could jump over the Tarpons at regionals.

6. (20) Robinson, 21:26.  The Knights won a weak District 9 meet, and have struggled toward the end of the season.  They should still take sixth, but could be challenged by Gulf Coast (HM). 

Region 3A-4 Rank, (Previous Rank), Team, District Team Average/ Comments

1.(5) Viera, 20:32 (+30).  The Hawks have pumped up their stats by running lots of fast courses, but should have no problem in claiming the Region 4 title, although the District 13 champs may not like their time on the South Fork HS regional course.   

2. (18) South Fork, 21:23.  The Bulldogs grabbed the District 14 title on their home course and get the chance to run it again at regionals.

3. (16) Miami Northwestern, 22:13 (-20).  The Bulls are the District 16 champs, but it should be interesting to see what they can do outside of the Larry and Penny Thompson course, which they probably can run in their sleep by now.

4. (15) Dillard, 22:15.  The Panthers beat a weak field in District 15, but were not pushed to run fast.

5. (NR) West Shore, 22:01(+30).   The Wildcats bounce back after a bad meet to take second in District 13.  

6. (25) Jensen Beach, 22:39.  The District 14 runners-ups have the best shot at the sixth spot, with Mater Academy (24), Dwyer (NR) and Merritt Island (NR) as potential challengers.

Individual Rankings:

Commentary:  Due to questionable length courses, fast courses for conference meets, athletes taking it easy at non-competitive district meets, and afternoon meets vs. morning meets, the times database has become nearly worthless for ranking purposes.  The District meet times are given for comparison purposes, but head to head competition, course conditions, consistency in performance and any other known factors are the primary determiners of the rankings.  Time adjustments are shown when course conditions are enough to require them.

 Rank, (Previous Rank) Name, Grade, Team, District time / Comments

1. (1) Valerie Lastra, 11, Mater Academy, 18:19 (-20).  Took District 16 title on the always tough L&PT course.

2. (3) Parker Valby, 11, East Lake, 18:08.  Lost to Taylor Stone on the Pinellas County championships road race course, won rematch at District 10, round three at Regionals at the Farm.

3. (11) Liina Winborn, 11, Sunlake, 17:53 (+30).  Defeated Natalie Abernathy for District 7 title on a Lake McKethan course that didn't run as fast as usual because of the heat and humidity.  Lost to Abernathy for Sunshine Athletic Conference title in the Starkey Park sandpit and may not do as well on the tougher Lecanto regional course.

4. (5) Claire Openshaw, 11, Creekside, 18:27.  Captured District 4 title on an average Middleburg HS course.

5. (4) Taylor Stone, 10, Osceola (Seminole), 18:29.  District 10 runner-up ran extremely well on the Pinellas County championships' road race course, but Parker Valby and a difficult Farm course await her at regionals.

6. (2) Natalie Abernathy, 12, Land O'Lakes, 18:14 (+30).  Lost to Liina Winborn on the Lake McKethan road race course for the District 7 crown, but ran well earlier this year on the tougher Lecanto regional course.

7. (6) Emily Culley, 12, Chiles, 18:44.  Won the District 3 title at ARP, but didn't seem to be pushed.

8. (8) Ani Veltcheva, 9, Gainesville, 18:57.  Took District 5 title on what appears to be an average course.

9 (7) Caitlyn Wilkey, 11, Chiles, 19:00.  District 3 runner-up and probably didn't run all out.

10. (13) Isabella Coogan, 12, Port Charlotte, 19:02.  Won the District 11 meet, in an upset against Cheyenne Young.

11. (10) Alyson Churchill, 11, Chiles, 19:08.  Finished third in the District 3 race at ARP.

12. (14) Erica Fisher, 12, Pace. 18:28 (+40). Won the District 1 crown on what appears to have been a very fast course.

13. (12) Elizabeth Iliff, 10, Creekside, 19:11.  Claimed the runner-up spot in the District 4 meet.

14. (17) Kambry Smith, 10, Ft. Walton Beach, 19:18.  Won District 2 and Okaloosa County championships.

15. (19) Blake Petrick, 10, Creekside, 19:23.  Took third in the District 4 meet as Creekside sweeps the top three spots.

16. (9) Cheyenne Young, 12, Cape Coral, 19:26.  District 11 runner-up has struggled to match early season times.

17. (NR) Lillian Holtery, 10, Niceville, 19:28.  District 2 runner-up is bouncing back from an injury and should move higher in the rankings.

18. (20) Andrea Ballestero, 9, Osceola (Seminole), 19:29.  Took third in the District 10 meet.

19. (21) Isabella Babilonia, 10, Viera, 19:08 (+30).  Won the District 13 title on her fast home course.

20. (25) Hannah Spooneybarger, 12, Gulf Breeze, 19:00 (+40).  D1 runner-up on a very fast course.

21. (24) Naila Etique, 12, Nease, 19:42.  Finished fourth in a very competitive District 4 race.

22. (16) Abby Schrobilgen, 12, Chiles, 19:44.  Took fourth in District 3 race as part of a Chiles sweep.

23. (HM) Lauren Jorgensen, 12, Gulf Breeze, 19:10 (+40). Claimed third in District 1 race with nice run. 

24. (NR) Drew Safko, 12, Osceola (Seminole), 19:54.  Finished fourth in District 10, but the Farm awaits.

25, (NR) Zoe D'Antonio 10, Naples, 19:37 (+20).  Gets into the rankings with win in the District 12 race.

On the Bubble:

Madison Niederriter, 11, St. Augustine, 19:57.   Took fifth place in the District 4 race.

Megan Graser, 11, Creekside, 20:03.  Sixth in District 4 and closing the gap with her teammates.

4A Girls Rankings

by Paul Opitz, Sarasota Riverview HS, paul.opitz65@gmail.com                            

Team Rankings by Region:

Region 1- some fast and talented teams, maybe 2or 3 teams could grab the state title out of this region

1. Winter Springs - District 2 champs avg 19:13 avg (plant like) 56 pts

2. Lake Brantley - District   runner up avg 19:16 avg (Ferguson, St Thomas like) 66

3.  Fleming Island - District 1 champs

4. Winter Park - District 4 champs, could be higher if they have both of the Coddington Sisters

5th and 6th in another close going with Timber Creek with front runner Amber Schulz and Lake Mary with M. Bodrato over Oviedo

Region 2-

1.HB Plant - wins district 6, easily with 22pts over good teams Wharton and Steinbrenner, how many district championship for that storied program and legendary coach,

2. Newsome - wins district 7 on home course, in dominating fashion, led K Scallon.  

3. George Jenkins - wins District 5, led by Alicia Ruiz sub 19 min effort, great job ladies.

4. Sarasota - wins District 8,  great improvement from last year, stay healthy.

5. Wharton - 2nd at District 6.

6. Steinbrenner - 3rd at District 6, close over Lakewood Ranch, they get in due to the fact that Alexandra Straumann, is running great right now, I think Lakewood Ranch, no 1. is hurt and  great coaching from Mr. Baldwin.

Region 3-

1. Spanish River - won Dist 11 led by super fast Rylee Pustilink 18:10

2. Park Vista - 2nd Dist 11

3. Douglas - won  Dist 12

4. Boca Raton - 3rd District 11, led by Pia Bielau  18:23

5. Palm Beach Central - won District 10

6. Jupiter - 2nd District 10

If Boca Raton is not eligible, put in Martin County as 6th and move everybody down a spot.

Region 4-

1. G Holmes Braddock - won District 16 without 2nd runner

2. St Thomas - won District 13, Coach Butler has her ladies rolling

3.  LOL - won Dist 15, with some good pack running, which coaches love.

4. Coral Reef - 2nd in  District 16  avg 22:05

5. Ferguson - 3rd in District 16   avg   22:00

6. Should be close but I'm picking Varela over Coral Park, for the last ticket to the state meet.

Individual Rankings:

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Grade School - Comments

1. (1) Mary Ellen Eudaley, 09 HB Plant - won Dist 6  18:24

2. (2) Alyssa Hendrix, 11 Riverview - won Dist 7 in 17:56, negated that wicked hairpin turn, on the Newsome course good job.

3. (8) Amber Schulz, 09 Timber Creek - won Dist 4  18:35

4. (6) Cadi Rowe, 12 Lake Minneola - won Dist 3   18:53

5. (4) Rylee Pustilink, 11 Spanish River - won Dist 11 18:10

6. (NR) Mya Bodrato, 10 Lake Mary - won toughest District in the state, my humble opinion in 17:55

7. (12) Elayna Bahr, 11 Winter Springs - 2nd district 2  17:58

8. (3) Ashley Klingenberg, 11 Lake Brantley - 6th disrict 2  18:32, too low?

9. (5) Caroline Lehman, 09 Manatee - won district 8  18:37

10. (9) Alicia Ruiz, 10 George Jenkins - won district 5 in 18:58

11. (11) Mackenzie Czurak, 11 Winter Springs - 4th district 2  18:20

12. (13) Pia Beaulieu, 10 Boca Raton - 2nd district 11  18:23

13. (10) Rebecca Bergnes, 11 Braddock - won district 16 in 18:59

14. (17) Chloe Hyde, 12 Lake Brantley - 3rd district 2  18:08

15. (15) Alexandra Straumann, 12 Steinbrenner - 2nd  district 6  18:49


1A Boys Rankings

by 1A Pollster, Ghost Writer HS - ryanraposo@gmail.com

Commentary: Things are heating up heading into Regionals week!! 22 boys have now run sub-17:00 on the season! Probably gonna take 16:30 to make the podium (top 10) at State. Also, 10 boys teams have a team average under 18:00, with another 3 between 18:02 and 18:06!

Team Rankings:

Rank. (Previous Rank) Team -- Comments

1. (1) Mt. Dora Christian - sit where they have all season comfortably at #1 with a team average of 16:51 (only team under 17:00) waltzed to an easy District title.
2. (4) Seffner Christian - biggest movers with a strong showing to win District 6 easily; have dropped their team average to 17:08. Have the best top 4 in the State. If 5th man could rally at State they could scare Mt. Dora
3. (3) Providence - Strong win in a tough District 4 - dropping team average to 17:34
4. (7) Oak Hall - Also an easy District winner with team average down to 17:33

5. (2) Admiral Farragut - backed up their performances of late with a District title and team average down to 17:37
6. (5) The King's Academy - Continue to roll with a solid squad and team average of 17:48
7. (6) Pensacola Christian - Toughest team in the panhandle with District title and 17:56 team average
8. (8) St Johns Country Day School - Placed 2nd in tough District 4, edging St. Joseph's Academy by 1 point. Team average of 17:44

9. (9) St Joseph's Academy - Placed 3rd in District 4. looking for revenge at Regionals ! Team average of 17:57

10. (10) Bishop Snyder - Placed 4th in District 4. tight pack .. team average of 18:02
11. (12) Indian Rocks Christian
12. (11) Father Lopez
13. (15) St. Stephens Christian
14. (13) Trinity Christian
15. (NR) Marathon HS

Individual Rankings:

Rank (Previous Rank) - Name, Grade - School - Comments

1. (1) Gabriel Curtis - 12 - Mt. Dora - 15:28, clear state favorite

2. (8) Austin Montini - 10 - Oak Hall - 15:59

3. (NR) John McKenzie - 11 - Seffner Christian - 16:14

4. (4) Joseph Anderton - 11 - South Florida HEAT - 16:20

5. (3) Ben Kailes - 12 - St. Johns Country Day - 16:27

6. (2) Ted Twyman - 12 - The Benjamin School - 16:28

7. (NR) Junious Brown IV - 11 - Maclay - 16:29

8. (NR) Paul McKenzie - 11 - Seffner Christian - 16:30

9. (5) Jackson Pruim - 12 - Mt. Dora - 16:33

10. Alex Fiorillo - 12 - Admiral Farragut - 16:39

11. (NR) Steven Cartwright - 9 - Providence - 16:41

12. (6) Philip Henderson - 11 - Admiral Farragut - 16:41

13. (10) Matthew Stratton - 9 - St. Johns Country Day - 16:42

14. (NR) Aydan Child - 12 - Admiral Farragut - 16:45

15. (NR) Mitchell Curtis - 10 - Mt. Dora - 16:47


2A Boys Rankings

by Carlos Maymi, St. Brendan / St. Thomas University, cmaymi@stu.edu

Team Rankings:

Rank. (Previous Rank) Team- Comments

1. (1) Bolles - Get your brooms out as Bolles sweeps District 4. Could they possibly score another perfect score at regionals? 

2. (2) Satellite - won district 13 with a commanding lead. 

3. (3) Bishop Kenny - second place to Bolles, at district 4.

4. (5) Fernandina Beach - steadily climbing up in the rankings this team won district 3.

5. (7) Cocoa Beach- getting second at district 13, beating previously #4 astronaut. 

6. (6) Lake Highland Prep - won district 8, I predict a win at regionals.

7. (4) Astronaut - dropped in the rankings due to their 3rd place at district 13 

8. (8) Lake Wales- easy win at district 9. Very excited to see what is going to happen at regionals. 

9. (9) Pine Crest - easy win at district, their toughest match will be regionals when they face the district 13 teams.  

10. (10) Bishop Moore-second place to lake high land 

11. (11) Trinity Prep-3rd place at district 8 

12. (12) Labelle- won district 12, 

13. (14) Episcopal school of Jacksonville - 3rd place at district 4 

14. (13) South Walton- won district 1

15. (NR) Gulf Hs - Back in the rankings after their win in district 7

Individual Rankings:

Rank. (Previous Rank) Name, Team
1. (1) Charles Hicks, Bolles

2. (2) Chase Rivera, Bolles

3. (3) Gabriel Montague, Satellite

4. (10) Troy Smith, Rockledge

5. (4) Gaven O'brien, Astronaut

6. (5) Justin Wilson, Satellite

7. (6) Benjamin Foltz, Bolles

8. (9) Jacob Hensley, Citrus

9. (7) Alexander Hastings, Bolles

10. (8) John Sorensen, Fernandina Beach

11.(12)Matthew Cummings, Cocoa Beach  

12. (Nr) John Jessup, Gulf HS

13. (11) William Brady, Bolles

14. (13) Josh Stern, Satellite

15. (14) Steven Durr, Fernandina Beach

3A Boys Rankings

by Carl Egbert , Gulf Coast HS, egberc@collierschools.com

Team Rankings by Region:

Commentary: The fun meter really gets cranked up this week as Region meets get underway. Some real good teams will get left home in Region 1 and Region 3 is up for grabs with places 2-6. Some folks are getting their knickers in a bunch over Virtual meets but us coaches know that head to head settles all the talk. We will let the athletes settle it over 5k and leave the commentary to those who like to type. The following are my predictions to come out of each region.

Region 1 -- This region is nasty as on paper it is the second hardest Region to advance out of. I guess by definition this is definitely a Region of Death for some as atop 10 team will have their season come to an end this week and wont be on the line on 11/10.

1. Creekside

2. Bartram Trail

3. Nease

4. Chiles

5. Niceville

6. Pontre Vedra


1. John Bear, Orange Park

2. Sebastian Kenne, Stanton Prep

3. Parker Woodruff, St Augustine

Region 2 -- Sunlake and Vanguard are the class of this Region and will move on easily.

1. Sunlake

2. Vanguard

3. Seabreeze

4. Land O Lakes

5. Gainesville

6. Matanzas


1. Aidan O'Gorman -- New Smyrna Beach

2. Griffin Cooney -- New Smyrna Beach

Region 3 -- This is the baby region of death as it's the 4th hardest to advance out of per the virtual stats. Many teams hopes rest in their 5th runner and you can see a few upsets if #5 has an off day. Robinson is clearly the class of the field and perennial powers Fort Myers , Naples and Estero look to punch their tickets.

1. Robinson

2. Gulf Coast

3. Fort Myers

4. Naples

5. Estero

6. North East


1. Jake Turner - Armwood

2. Christian Garcia -- Palmetto Ridge

3. Saindely Dorsainvil -- Palmetto Ridge

4. John Perez -- Port Charlotte

Region 4 -- Belen is the clear favorite here and will be just shy of a perfect score.

1. Belen Jesuit

2. Viera

3. West Shore

4. South Fork

5. Dwyer

6. Dora

4A Boys Rankings as of 10/30/18

by 4A Pollster - 4apollster@gmail.com                                 

Team Rankings:

Commentary: The weather is dropping and so are the times. Teams began "Playing for Keeps" this week as all the District Meets are now completed and the majority of the teams are done for the year. Here are some who are not done yet and a look at who is likely to still be running on November 10 in Tallahassee. I am only doing team rankings this week (no individuals) and I am taking a shot at predicting all 24 state qualifying teams.

Region Prediction, School (Previous State Rank) = Top 5 avg. PR's / District Place

Region 1

1. Oviedo, (3) = 16:06 / 1st @ D2

2. Windermere, (4)  = 16:37 / 1st @ D3

3. Fleming Island, (12) = 16:50 / 1st @ D1

4. Lake Mary, (13) = 16:40 / 2nd @ D2

5. West Orange, (14) = 16:37 / 2nd @ D3

6. Dr. Phillips, (NR) = 17:17 / 1st @ D4

On the bubble - Buchholz, Olympia

Region 2

1. Sarasota, (1) = 16:12 / 1st @ D8

2. Steinbrenner, (2) = 16:32 / 1st @ D6

3. Newsome, (5) = 17:04 / 1st @ D7

4. Plant, (6) = 16:51 / 2nd @ D6

5. Wharton, (7) = 16:56 / 3rd @ D6

6. St. Cloud, (NR) = 17:12 / 1st @ D5

On the bubble - George Jenkins, Lakewood Ranch

Region 3

1. Spanish River, (11) = 17:06 / 1st @ D11

2. Palm Beach Central, (NR) =  17:28 / 1st @ D10

3. Jupiter, (NR) = 17:33 / 2nd @ D10

4. Martin Country, (NR) = 17:38 / 1st @ D9

5. Park Vista, (NR) = 17:43 / 2nd @ D11

6. Douglas, (NR) = 17:53 / 1st @ D12

On the bubble - Melbourne, Boca Raton, Coral Gables

Region 4

1. St. Thomas Aquinas, (8) = 16:44 / 1st @ D13

2. Columbus, (9) = 17:05 / 1st @ D15

3. Coral Park, (10)  = 17:25 / 2nd @ D15

4. Coral Gables, (NR) = 17:52 / 3rd @ D15

5. Sunset, (NR) =  18:08 / 1st @ D16

6. Ferguson, (NR) = 17:49 / 2nd @ D16

On the bubble: Braddock, Coral Reef

Next week's Pre-State Rankings will include my prediction for the top 15 individuals.

Important Reminder:

- Please remember that all of these rankings are done by volunteer coaches and are meant to increase the overall enjoyment of the sport for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans. They are just for fun and should not have a lot of weight put on them. But if you have issues (such as a missed athlete or team), please email the individual pollster for your classification & gender.

- Please direct any major concerns to Flrunners Power User / FACA Rankings Representative: Ryan Raposo @ ryanraposo@gmail.com